Motion Sensor Wireless Closet Light 💥 Stairways Hallways Under Cabinet Lights | Review 👈

Motion Sensor Wireless Closet Light 💥 Stairways Hallways Under Cabinet Lights | Review 👈

I got some new motion sensor lights.
They’re LED battery-operated lights made by Anbock. These are great for
particularly for closets but they can be used in pantries under cabinets and
in dark hallways there had come three to a pack for these the motion sensing ones
and as I mentioned they’re battery operated and I put some batteries in so
in the pack then there there are total of 12 batteries that are included and
there it came on there is no on/off switch it’s it’s motion sensitive so
that’s what it’s really great for um I think particularly for closets and dark
hallways you can also put this under cabinets but I think I’d prefer one with
an on/off switch for under the cabinet they are 7.5 inches long and 1 point 2
inches wide this is a good size each one has 10 LED lights and that provides 80
lumens there is a hundred and twenty degrees sensing angle the LED motion
sensor light of them is Auto on within 10 feet of motions detected and then
it’s auto off after 12 to 18 seconds when there’s no motion detected now it
says that these will come on only with motion in the dark but I’ve found that
it doesn’t have to definitely does not have to be completely dark for the
motion sensitive aspect to work so the way these work is there is a backing
that has 3m tape and you place that wherever you want it
then to take the light on and off it’s very easy if you want to take it off and
change the batteries to do whatever there you can see the 10 LED lights and
in the middle that’s where the motion detector is there’s the we peel off the
3m tape and I’ll do that when I get ready to install it some of these lights
do you come with a little instruction manual tells you everything you need to
know okay I’ve got one of the lights here in this dark hall closet and I’m
gonna open the door and see how the motion sensor works there it is plenty
of light to see the contents grab a jacket or whatever from the closet
how much are light somewhere else in the house I’ve got it now resting on the
counter on the side of the counter and a hall bath
it’s a windowless bathroom let’s see what happens as they approach their the
light went on and that is providing enough light to use the room without
turning on the main overhead light if you didn’t want too much light at night
or didn’t want to disturb anyone so I’ve got it resting on the shelf in the
pantry and the light went off immediately like I would have it
pointing down of course if I were to install it there and let me
turn out the main lights you can get an idea of how much light it does provide so I’ve got the kitchen light off and
it’s a fair amount of light I mean you’re not gonna be able to read or
anything with that but certainly enough to see away around
okay now what I really wanted these four was along the dark stairway I’ve got a
couple of dark stories actually let’s see what happens as I approach it’s
fairly dark in here right now so as I approach they both went on providing
just enough light to see well enough to make it up and down the stairs and they went off please check the
description section below this video for more information thanks for watching

8 thoughts on “Motion Sensor Wireless Closet Light 💥 Stairways Hallways Under Cabinet Lights | Review 👈

  1. Kinda look like junk. Search for high Lumens. Outdoor spotlight is at least 1000 lumens, so 400 or so should be pretty bright.

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