100 thoughts on “MOVING + CHRISTMAS Set Up🎄

  1. Hello j house vlogs this touched my heart to see your family develop through the years is a astonishment all thx to Kendra and Jeremy for having such polite and well behaved children that are a blessed for all. I really hope you see this love from a 10 year old British girl who has followed you and your adventures through the years. 😘

  2. We had fake trees most of my life so to make it easier fluff the branches as you add them. And once it is complete you can see where you need to fluff. Happy Holidays! 🙂

  3. The last time we had a real tree, my family quickly found out I was highly allergic to it. That wasn't a fun Christmas 😂

  4. i hope you guys get settled quickly in your new house! i love you guys sooooo much!❤️❤️❤️ me and my cousin love sending each other little clips of janae being adorable!!!❤️

  5. Good luck in your new home. I have moved a few times too. It's always stressful but love decorating a new home and putting your own stamp on ut

  6. I am allergic to Christmas trees but if I act OK with this Real Christmas tree then next year I will have a real Christmas tree again but it’s not I will have a fake 🎄

    Yes happy Oreo late merry Christmas

  7. What was the reason you guys moved again because I liked the other 🏠😀🛋️🧸love the 🌲 beautiful and pretty the ornaments are good Janae is predicting just wondering.i say every house you move into are great.

  8. Hi let me get this straight are you moving really I kind of didn't want your videos because I didn't know because okay stop saying because my name is Wanda and I really like your videos Dallas family and even I want you to make t-shirts like when you have like a t-shirt you make a T-shirt and sell it to one of the to your face even I didn't got one before any one of the YouTubers okay it's time to say goodbye to me bye by J house out

  9. I love your new house! It's amazing and I love the TV! I would love to go to Puerto Rico to meet you guys! I'm Leanne 😁 from Great Britain 🇬🇧

  10. Tomorrow is Christmas for you?!? For me it’s Dec 8 TwTTTT ‘w’ also happy Christmas for you guys!!!💕💕💕

  11. As a person who's had a artificial tree since I was born I cringed at the start when you didn't know to separate the tree branches! Lol, love you! ❤️❤️❤️

  12. We always have And artificial tree but this is the first year having a tree skirt and all it says is Merry Christmas and it’s great and happy Christmas by the way hope you have I lovely year

  13. I just love how kind and caring your family are. if you read comments tell your family how awesome and inspiring they all are including whoever has read my comment

  14. Someone commented did you find a church in Puerto Rico? Please give this one a try: The Caparra Terrace Church Of Christ at San Juan, PR Puerto Rico

  15. Just beautiful to watch. The tree is lovely, so thoughtful of your friends to send you love to hang on the tree. Sending blessings to a wonderful family.

  16. My friend’s family only puts the star on their Christmas tree on the midnight of Christmas Eve and say, “20__ years ago Jesus Christ was born.

  17. The fact that janae admits to wanting a nap is amazing most two year olds would probably whine and cry about a nap but she is just incredible!

  18. Is there anyway you guys can make a update video like why you guys keep moving and where you’re at bc im getting more confused every vlog lol thank you!!

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