MOVING DAY! Moving Into Our New NYC Apartment | Lucie Fink

MOVING DAY! Moving Into Our New NYC Apartment | Lucie Fink

Hey everyone! It’s Lucie Fink. And welcome back to my YouTube channel… We moved! So here I am in my brand new living room. You’ve probably seen this on a couple other YouTube videos already… So now that we’re settling into our new space, and the move is behind us I wanted to take you back, take you on a journey… and tell you a little bit about our moving experience and the process of getting settled into our new home. This video is sponsored by Thrive Market, and they have come in major handy when it comes to getting a ton of new food, and household appliances, and cleaning supplies for this new apartment… so I’m gonna get into them a little bit later, because I have SO MUCH that I want to share about them. This is a company that I actually discovered kind of recently, and I am BLOWN AWAY that I did not know about them sooner. And I think you really need to know about them. This is not a joke. But more on that later, once we get to the assembly section. For now… THE MOVE. So, I’ve only moved one other time in New York, and that was from my first apartment where I lived with my sister and friend… into the apartment that I lived in with Michael previously. And that first move was NOT smooth at all. I just remember that we did things really poorly and it ended up taking us, like, four or five full days to move everything from one spot to the other. So, when we decided that we were moving this time, I said to Michael: “We are picking one moving day, and on that one day, we are taking everything from point A to point B. Besides that, we’re not moving anything any other day.” And I stuck to that. Michael and I also had to work together to paint the closet in our previous apartment back to white. So, if you remember the Lucie For Hire episode where I was an interior designer with my mom, in that video we hired a stencil artist to come to my apartment and paint this beautiful stencil on our closet wall. But, unfortunately, because we lived in a rental building, we were not able to keep it that way. So we had to paint it white before we left. Michael and I bought paint and all these painting supplies, and we turned that closet white again. One thing that I do want to add is that before we actually moved, we got access to this space. So there was about a two week overlap period where we had the keys to this new apartment, but we weren’t yet out of the old apartment, so that was when I had all the deliveries scheduled for some of our big, new furniture items. I wanted those big items to be in place before the movers came, and before the whole move happened. So that was when I ordered our new shelves, and had them installed against the wall… I also got a ton of the living room stuff that you’re seeing behind me sent and assembled before that big move happened. Same with our closets in the bedroom. I had these closets assembled against the back wall, and I wanted those totally built and screwed into the wall before we tried to bring a bed frame or our dresser in. And same thing with my office. I had a futon delivered… and there were just a few items here and there that came and were settled in before the move happened. That being said, nothing from our previous apartment came until moving day. So. Moving day… Moving day. Let me tell you about moving day, because it was a magical day. And I’m not sure many people say “Moving Day was a magical day.” because typically moving is stressful, and really a grueling process. But the thing that I love the most about Roadway Moving… which is the company we moved with, is that THEY PACK FOR YOU. Personally, I would say packing is the most stressful part of the move. Once you’re packed, it’s really just about getting the boxes safely from point A to point B. But before that, it’s the process of putting everything in boxes, making sure it’s safely packaged up… and also figuring out the most efficient way to box things up. And we didn’t have to do ANY of that. So, we kind of sat idly by in our apartment while five men came in rampantly started taping boxes and working really fast to wrap each of our items in paper, make sure everything was safe and secure, pack it in the best formation… and then get the boxes out. Today is the day, and we are moving out of our one bedroom apartment, and into a brand new two bedroom apartment that I’m so excited about… Lucie: How are you feeling about moving day? Michael: Feeling great. Lucie: Yeah? Michael: It’s going really well. Lucie: It’s moving day! Michael: Moving day! Lucie: Michael and I are just hanging on the couch… We have a lot of stuff. But it’s coming along really nicely… and there are five people working in tandem. This is just great. It’s really relaxing. Michael and I tried to help, but honestly we felt like we were getting in their way, because they had such a system and they really knew what they were doing. The move was so fast. It probably took about two and a half hours for them to pack everything up… and just like that, they brought it down to the truck… and we were done. We were out. The movers came in, they brought all the boxes up here, and then they actually started helping us unpack. Which I was really surprised about, because I didn’t know that they packed AND unpacked… They helped us start putting things away, and then Michael and I jumped in here and helped put stuff away, too. I did, or I’m planning on doing, an entire video showing our kitchen organization process on my Instagram TV… So be sure to check that out to see our finished, designed kitchen… But one thing I will say is that because by the time we moved in, we hadn’t done that kitchen organization yet, we had so much stuff piled all over the shelves across from the kitchen, the shelves in the living room, the shelves in the entryway… it was just clogged up. So now that the move is over, it’s all about organizing, settling in, making sure this home is livable… So, since the move, we’ve already done a few design things… I don’t want to get too far into it, because I am gonna do an entire furnished apartment tour video… but we put up a painting, we started decorating the shelves that previously were just clogged up with all of our kitchen items… But there is still a lot to be done in the house. So now that I told you about the entire move, and I’m talking about the settling in process, I want to tell you about Thrive Market. As soon as we moved in, this is when I needed a lot of new kitchen items like food, and household cleaning supplies… And Thrive Market is where I got everything. In case you don’t know what Thrive Market is, because I recently heard about them… I don’t know how I did not know about them sooner… Thrive Market is a membership based online marketplace So you pay a yearly membership fee, and then you can get anything from vitamins and supplements, to food, household cleaning supplies, beauty products, and so much more. For anywhere from 25 to 50% less than typical retail prices. And the absolute very best part about Thrive Market is the way you can sort items as you’re searching for things. They have layers and layers of sorting features, so as you’re going through items, you can filter specific boxes to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want. This was really helpful for us because, as I was ordering food, as you may know, Michael has a gluten allergy so I was able to sort all the food by gluten free items… Then I could go one step further, make sure I was getting gluten free items that were also organic… I could go one step further, make sure that the gluten free, organic items were dairy free… etc. etc. etc. We don’t always do dairy free. I was just filtering to see what came up. It’s really awesome to be able to filter things out by organic cleaning products, and things that are vegan, things that are cruelty free… Usually it’s so difficult to find this information about brands. And the fact that Thrive sorts it for you, just like that, makes the whole process of buying things so much easier. Some of the items I got to make our transition a little bit smoother were a bunch of gluten free snacks, some organic castille soap, extra virgin olive oil, which I knew we needed for our kitchen… and pink Himalayan salt because we were running low. Oh my gosh, this light is CRAZY! UM… Should I move? Let’s move. I moved to a new spot. I’m now out of the sun and I can continue what I was saying. Another thing that I love about Thrive Market is that all of their packaging is recyclable, and it’s made from recycled paper. They’re 100% carbon neutral. And as if all of that isn’t already good enough, they’re one of those companies that has a “Get a Membership, Give a Membership” policy. So every single time someone signs up for a yearly membership at Thrive Market, Thrive actually gives a free membership to a teacher, a veteran, or a low-income family. It’s so amazing to be able to work with companies but also USE services from companies that have amazing programs like that. And you can really feel like you’re doing good while you get the things that you need. So if you go to THRIVEMARKET.COM/LUCIEFINK you’ll be taken right to a page where you can sign up for a free 30 day trial membership to Thrive Market and you’ll also get 25% off your first order of already discounted prices. So, now that we are all settled in, I know that it’s going to be a slow and steady road to really put this place together. We’ve never had this much space before, so we’re figuring out how to best utilize it. In our previous apartment, our living room was also kind of our kitchen area… so I was used to just sitting and doing all of my work in one spot… Now I feel like I’m kind of used to sitting and doing my work right here in the living room… But I have an office. So I want to make sure I’m utilizing that space because we upgraded our space for a reason. And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed watching this video. I really hope you like our new space. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to see more videos of the decoration process, and the putting-together-of-things process… Give this video a thumbs up if you liked it. Click right here if you want to watch another video on my YouTube channel, right here to subscribe, and I’ll see you next time, right here. Always. I live here. Bye!

52 thoughts on “MOVING DAY! Moving Into Our New NYC Apartment | Lucie Fink

  1. Love the new apartment, can't wait to see the kitchen organisation and furnished apartment tours! The Thrive Market sounds really interesting, do you know if it is only open to US residents or if it's available internationally?

  2. Love the new apartment fully furnished! Glad you had movers who did particularly all the packing and moving for you! Can't wait for the apartment tour with the before and after.

  3. Moving Day, Moving Day
    It was a magical Day
    Let me tell you about Moving Day
    Because not all people say
    That Moving Day is a Magical Day.

    – Lucie Fink 2019

  4. roadway seems like an amazing service, but am i the only one who would feel a little weird about strangers going through all of my stuff? hahaha

  5. You didnt took on the advice of putting the dining table on the other area. I think you could try it out! it would give you more sense of space.

  6. Thrive tip. If you're unsure and you sign up for the test period – it's a headache to cancel your account, you can't just hit cancel.

  7. The apt is looking great! One of my favorite things about moving is a simple thing really, it's when you come home to your new home for the first time after shopping or running errands. It just feels so freeing to enter a new space. I haven't moved for 30 years but I can still remember that feeling.

  8. Thanks for talking both about your movers and Thrive Market! As a teacher I just went and signed up for my free membership and I'm so excited to use this service to buy vegetarian goodies conveniently. I've also been at a loss as to which moving company to trust with my upcoming move. Super helpful video Lucie! 🙂

  9. Lol I also hired professionals for my moving day! Took them about two hours to pack everything and another two hours to unpack everything. They organized everything for me! It cost me about $900 but totally worth it.

  10. i love that you are happy and have this apartment wish you a happy marriage !
    btw i have a channel as well check it out if you want

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