22 thoughts on “Mr. Ajith Chandy's 3 BHK House | Interior Design | Sobha Habitech | Bangalore

  1. Damn Bangalore flats are so big

    I think I should relocate to Bangalore from Mumbai where rooms are like matchbox

  2. Few suggestions. First in India I have noticed too much emphasis is placed on bedrooms, and I feel the point of attraction should be the kitchen and the living room. Secondly in the bedrooms a lot of colors are involved so the beddings and the drapes should be simple but complementing each other.
    By the way do they have any open concept models in which the kitchen and the living are conjoined .

  3. I saw every video of bonito design and found them very attractive… Can you just tell me what is the estimate cost of the project?

  4. sir i am frm harayana gohana district sonipat so i want ur work can u plzzzz do designs for.my new home whuch we starteds soon

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