Mr Prashant Shetty - Sarajapur Road 3BHK Flat Interiors [Final Update]

Mr Prashant Shetty – Sarajapur Road 3BHK Flat Interiors [Final Update]

hi this is uncap and we're sure we aren't mr. Prashant Shetty house to explain one of the three bedrooms flats which we have done and this interior was designed by mr. hanket I am here to explain it to you sir dear friends now we are in the foyer area the speciality about this houses the minute we enter we can see the living room also the dining space let me begin explaining you with a fire yeah indicate if you can see the foyer the way we have designed it is we have planted the wall a part of the wall with a stone cladding and bringing the stone Fatih there is a strip of the mirror which itself is adding an elegant look to the wall to lick the to lick your stone cladding what we have done is we have Nana penally provided with those spotlights and at the bottom we have design and yell shaped shoe rack with one of the door cabinet on the end where we can keep the pots and other accessories and the entrance of the living room is done with the nice family of around 8 inches anything coming to the ceiling of the we have used an inverted Russia with three spotlights on the ceiling and one nice hanging shine here on the top let me explain you what we have done in the living room now so before I start explaining you about the living room I want you to just have one close look of the living room basically the living room was divided into two divisions and towards my right hand side if you can see we have continued the same strict pattern of the stone cladding here also which is having the paneling all around four inches on the top were the spotlights at regular intervals to head in the work and same way towards the right-hand side you can see the TV unit the way we have designed the TV yridians we have used two different leather cabinets with a tint of brown color and a light brown color so in the entire house we have used only two colors so the theme is running tour I grow towards the bottom we have given three drawers where they can give their DVD PlayStation and other things and we have given a place for the over and the speakers and couple of wedges on the side to keep their artifacts so coming to this side of since there was an open space why from the way we enter the house and to the living and reclining what we decided while designing is we thought of providing a nice partition so it divides the living at that angle so when we plant about the partition has we always saying the fall ceiling in a different way so what concept we thought as we have given a strip of paneling in width and there are three pillars which are separating the living and the lining and three pillars are continuing to the singing to the continuity of the ceiling what we have provided this different different pieces of rectangle on the ceiling so that the same reflection of the partition is there in the ceiling if you can see here towards this side of the living wall so we have given strips of paneling on the ceiling and towards the dining hall so we have given two strips of paneling so that there is a continuity in the entire thing coming to this wall so coming to the proper unit grinds are the way we have designed the proper unit is we have given the chest of cabinets at the bottom and couple of dishes on the top and a top unit a tall unit on the right hand side the chest of cabinet is having your two glass cabinets on either side this licious have to keep the artifacts once they are lit it looks amazing so the beauty of this house is as I told you initially every space is open so right from the dining area we continue to the kitchen well well well guys as usual we are always having white color in your mind and here comes the white color favorite of everyone's that is white kitchen the way we have used this the way we have designed this kitchen is very simple we have kept two colors in constant one as shangri-la and the other one has white and coming to this side we have given couple of cabinets where they can keep their art ah Chava red sugar most of the times the heavy items we always suggest the clients to go over the shelves and next once the cutlery cup and saucer and the thali or to this idea we have given a provision for their cylinder actually in fact they have kept their author and the other things and towards the top cabinet so if you can see what we have done is we have divided the either side of the chimney with the equal cabinets and we are not given so many cabinets to keep the kitchen very simple what we have done is we have given two cabinets for the glasses and then kind of top left you can just see how clean and neat it looks similarly coming to this side again we have as I told you in the initially itself we have tried to maintain this kitchen as simple as possible we have given food tag numbers towards the right hand side and below the sink its – pin and the detergent holder towards the top cabinet there are a couple of storages and here comes the microwave and cabinet since the kitchen was very small in size and it was a parallel kitchen to get more storage form there unused utensils most of the time which use very really we have provided the loft on either sides so that's it about the kitchen let me explain you about the master bedroom so now we are walking towards the master bedroom walking towards the master bedroom on the way we had some narrow passage and I don't think we can use it much better than the way we have used it right now so the entrance of the passage we have got a nice paneling so that the paneling team has continued through and through towards this side the way we have planned is we have given nice and neat perugia unit with the storage cabinets at the bottom where they can keep their bags and other things ran on the top also we have given and drop so almost most of the puja items can come inside the drop on the top we have given couple of lectures where they can display the god statues and other things and on the top we have extended the ledge with the spotlight and in the ceiling the same shine here as to be here so coming to the master bedroom guys before I explain you I want you to just Tufnell on and see the way we have planned it a small cozy narrow place turning to a beautiful Auto as I explained you in previous videos whenever we feel the bedrooms are smaller in size we always suggest to go for a slight award room in this particular wardrobe we have used a combination of two laminates that is high gloss as well as like matte finish if you can see this wardrobe what we have given us couple of drawers in between and a hangar space on the top what the hangar space on the bottom too so on the other side of the Wardrobe they have given the shelves are the regular intervals so then they can keep their folded clothing and on the top we have provided a loft just above the wardrobe and this cot is having an head panel the way we have designed this particular bed is we have given and rectangle head paneling with a coal lighting in between so it looks like an ish inside the headboard and this is an king-sized cot the other size the other side of the bedroom we have given a dressing unit in the dressing unit there are a couple of cabinets at the bottom and a mirror on the wall to lick the particular mirror we have given a nice spot right on the top so coming to the ceiling we have kept it very simple and minimalistic and we have used an inverted C shape which is a reflection of the quadruped pattern which we have selected in this particular bedroom let me explain you about the other bedroom in detail servants now we are in the parents bedroom in the parents bedroom the room size was close to around or 12 by 10 so we had no nothing much to do other than designing a wardrobe under study table for the parents the Wardrobe we have kept the water very simple the two door clean wardrobe because on the other side they wanted to retain their existing of cadres bureau and on the top we have given a four door loft towards this side there is a unique and sleek study table and the colors also we have choose very wisely there is a combination of white and dark let me take you to the other bedroom now so dear friends we are right now in the last bedroom and the last bedroom is guest bedroom and the guest bedroom have kept it again the color theme – only two different colors and afterward on this side we have given a wardrobe with a folder wardrobe and even just have a look again – yes and on top of which we have given an inter n draft towards this side there is a dressing they go was the mayor directly fixed onto the wall the other side of which we have given a nice study table with one of the drawers on the table and three pigeon holes on there down towards this ceiling again now what we have done is it's a kind of a floating ceiling the ceiling is coming and falling towards the wall and to highlight the false ceiling we have given couple of spotlights that's it about this house for more photos and videos please lower into w double dot Bonnie – adore team bye bye okay guys see I'll catch you up on the next video bye bye

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  1. i would recommend that you check with your customers regarding their furniture before selecting the lamination combinations….

  2. One thing is trend and one thing is house. If u mix latest interior trends into a house…it starts to look like a hotel. A home is far much more soothing n calming.. bright lights wooden panels doesn't make a home look good….yes it can make a hotel look good thou. It looks premium yes for sure.. increases the status worth of the owner. But I see it the other way … It spoils d owners image from a true admirers perspective.. a home isn't this. It's just a SHOW OFF.. Sorry if I hurt any sentiments. You must c German homes for example..they have minimal interior they speak the owners heart out into their walls. And look elegant

  3. That’s too much interior… the apartment looks congested and stressed… home should be very simple and relaxing …

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