MrJWW presents the A-Class 2018 (Part 4): Interior design

MrJWW presents the A-Class 2018 (Part 4): Interior design

The interior has clearly been designed as a revolutionary experience as well. The moment you step inside this it just wows and engages the passenger immediately. So obviously the first thing you experience when you get in the car is of course the seat. Immediately you can tell it is made from gorgeous leather and it hugs you nicely. And then your next point of contact is the steering wheel which has a lovely reassuring feel. And then, what hits you next is the harmonious wrap-around design which is clad in luxury fabrics. So the dashboard actually appears to float. It is split into two distinct sections with the air vents being down here and the display screens on the top which sit in this beautiful trench which acts as a stage for the screens. Well, my favourite feature is actually the way these turbine air vents look. One other great feature is this: You can choose from 64 different ambient light colours
to suit your mood or even the theme of your car. You know sitting in this thing you’re aware that you’re in a compact class, but the quality of it makes you feel like you’re in something at the next level.

16 thoughts on “MrJWW presents the A-Class 2018 (Part 4): Interior design

  1. Sorry, I'm not a big fan of these new interiors. Nothing about this interior says luxury to me. Could really be any brand of car.

  2. The design is very, clear, luxury, young, tecnologic and comfortable at a time, making you feel well, and it continuos clearly being a Mercedes interior but evolutioned, love it! Thanks for the great video!

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