MSI PS63 Modern: The 16x16x16 laptop

MSI PS63 Modern: The 16x16x16 laptop

Oh ms:i isn’t doing just gaming this year
in fact one of their other big launches at CES is this 15 inch laptop PS 63 and
this is the thing it’s sixteen sixteen sixty sixteen millimeters one point six
kilograms in American that’s about three and a half pounds and 16 hours of
battery life whoo nice front of course City here we come you’re looking at this
on video and you’re going oh that’s just a 13 inch laptop or fourteen inch no
this is a 15-inch laptop that is small bezel right there fifteen point six
inches camera on top narrow bezels 16 hours on about 80 watt hours and they
said they’ve tested this and I said well it’s just just video rundowns and no
actually just people use it they had somebody use it for 16 hours they got 16
hours of runtime and I gotta say as a 15.6 inch laptop it’s probably the
class-leading lightest that I’ve seen but here’s the thing a little different
you got to know you get discrete GPU geforce gtx 1050 max-q
cpus though in order to make it so light and so thin they went with a u class so
those 8th gen intel parts are fantastic so they say we’re gonna go with a quad
core Core i7 u part because if you really do want 6 cores you got to get
you know you to a bigger body more weight and everything and for most
people quad core is plenty if you don’t need all those cores and threads that
same nice a new trackpad yeah the new glass trackpad you’ve got
your Windows hello support and let’s look at the ports because there’s a
couple of cool things on one talked about we’re gonna start on I know we’ll
start over here type base gotta have your Taipei’s right microSD HDMI HDMI you get your barrel charger
which we’ll talk about in a second as well and us another type a audio and
this jack so this laptop does not charge over USB
see but it has a feature that I don’t think I’ve ever seen in a laptop before
and that is it has Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 certification so you take your phone
your Android phone you plug it in here it will charge for you will charge your
phone and a high rate you know if you plug into most other USB seaports you’re
not gonna eat that aren’t Qualcomm 3 certified you’re not gonna get that
turbo charge you know jump on your charge so that’s actually pretty cool
it is interesting they didn’t use USB see but I guess it’s because they needed
a bigger power supply it’s about 90 watts but if so is pretty small it’s
very small which I gotta give it to them looks like this is not gonna kill your
back no barrel charger so and of course the fact that it’s a dedicated charging
port means you’re not going to eat your USB C for charging of course the other
argument from a messiah is you don’t need it 16 hours of battery life and
this laptop means you can use it all day leave your charger at home practically
so awesome it’s an interesting pic and you know what not for gaming it’s for
productivity you need quad core you need discrete graphics you need it and a
light laptop MSI P s63410 K

37 thoughts on “MSI PS63 Modern: The 16x16x16 laptop

  1. meh. it looks like pc world has some problems with discerning the quality of it's employees. the bad employee syndrome explains the poor quality of what they print. typical to see nowadays, remember that most companies are run by really bad people and that stink trickles down into making the entire organization into nothing more than a skid mark on society.

  2. Does not look good at all especially for 1050 which is going to be overpriced by MSI. Sorry Gordon but that's a clear miss.

  3. That is a nice product, but I don't support Taiwanese, Chinese, and Korean products. I only buy American and Singapore's product, Razer. I boycott those three countries.

  4. The technology I would have been blown away by is if there was a company who'd figure out a new cooling mechanism for a laptop.

  5. No thunder bolt,the screen bezels is thin but could be a lil thinner, if it was foldable that would be great the keyboard could be a bigger, nice touch pad and 3 pounds is kinda heavy but it is a gamer laptop

  6. 1050 maxQ…… MSI cmon, I love you, but if you're gonna make mediocre productivity laptops at this price you need to stop.

  7. Their website, under the specs lists it as a 1050 Max-Q. But when you click on configs it shows as a 1050 ti, and there's no other option, at least it won't let me pick an option. If it has the 1050ti, I may end up picking something like this up for very light gaming on the go. But mainly for some music production when I'm not at my main PC.

  8. How to open it to replace RAM or SSD? Not so easy? So then thank you. Moreover HDMI signal has only 30Hz and not 60Hz like most of laptops. It's designed to look well and luxurious but in practice many components are not good enough.

  9. The charger is exactly same as my Asus charger hahahaha guess they are using the same company product and just change the name on top 🤣

  10. I hope it can charge with usb C. Coz, its power under 100W. You could only shared one charger for your smartphone, nintendo switch and your laptop.

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