Munich’s Most Authentic INDIAN Restaurant: MADAM CHUTNEY!

Munich’s Most Authentic INDIAN Restaurant: MADAM CHUTNEY!

Hey everybody and welcome back to another
episode of Triple P with me Surya Sridhar. So today I have a very exciting foodie episode
for you guys. I’m going to be checking out – hands down
– the most authentic Indian restaurant in Munich: Madam Chutney! We’re going to be looking at the cozy, authentic
interior design, of course trying out the delicious food and we’re going to have a
small Q and A session with Prateek Reen, whose the manager of Madam Chutney. So, let’s go folks! Alright guys so we are at Madam Chuntey with
the amazing Prateek Reen! And we’re going to have a fabulous lunch
alright. She’s going to give us some recommendations
and then we’ll talk a little bit about Madam Chutney. Sounds good? Yes. So what do you recommend here? So this is the menu. We have a variety of chaats, and few kathi
rolls, and thaalis, we have Pau Baji. So many varieties guys! Oh my god. You have to tell me what you’d like to have. I think I would go with the Paneer Khati Roll. What do you think? That’s a good choice. And maybe I’ll drink a Jeer Lassi. What about you? I’ll take a Chaat and take a Mango Lassi. Okay cool, sound good! Cheers! Thank you! So all our food is home made. From scratch! The papdi’s, the wraps. Wow! It’s so different because your food is more
street food style versus you know if you go to other Indian restaurants they are little
bit more posh, more fine dining types. I think it’s great! No we really want to have a concept where
people can be very casual, enjoy their food in a much relaxed environment. Alright guys so let’s find out more about
Prateek. So tell us a little bit about yourself. Who are you and what were you doing before
you came to Germany? Look I’m like just this girl right next
door. I started my career in the corporate world
back in India, in marketing. And then I moved to Munich. When did you move? How many years back? It’s been 3 years now. 3 years! So similar time as to when I came here. Alright, cool! And I’m a girl with big dreams. I always had an entrepreneurial thing in me. I wanted to start my own business, and when
I moved to Munich, I really thought its the right time to you know – hang my corporate
boots and really do what I really want to do. That’s fantastic! So that’s how Madam Chutney was born. And me, being a foodie at heart, this thing
is really close to my heart. And I love food. I have a lot of passion for food. That’s something what really motivated me
and made me start this. Alright that’s fantastic. So, tell us a little bit about the interior
design idea. I can see there is a lot of personality to
this place. I’m a very creative person. Im kind of an artist – I would say. I paint a lot. This place is I think my playground. Every piece, every little thing I’ve picked
I have some thought behind it. Whether its a painting or whether its a small
stool. So I actually enjoy doing it and put in a
lot of effort. Alright, yeah I can definitely see that. It’s so colorful, vibrant and its very cozy. I like colors. I like the place to be very inviting, very
vibrant. It should be a happy place. It’s the entire experience that matters,
along with the food. So I really want the place to be vibrant. It up lifts everyone’s mood and people enjoy
the food as well as the ambience. You know I really liked your table at the
back. The fact that it’s long, lots of people can sit on
it. It’s like communal dining. Yes, that is something we have put intentionally. Like in Indian street food, you don’t get
a separate table. It’s not a formal setup. It’s casual. You share a big table or you just sit on the
road side. Sit on anything. And it’s also such a cool way to make more
friends and get to know other people right? So when we added this table, after a couple
of days we got this feedback that lots of people have actually made friends on this
table. Because people share the same table and sometimes
their peeping into others plates and then they say “Okay so what are you trying? Can I try this?”. So I think it was a very good idea to have
the communal table. Alright Prateek so tell us what are some of
the favourite foods over here? Some of the recommendations? Insider tips. The most popular one I would say is Samosa. People love our Samosas. Samosas, Pau Baji. We make our own bread. Our home made Paus. So people really enjoy that! Garama garam pau. Can we order a Samosa by any chance? Yeah why not! Let’s do that. Perfect. Within 3 seconds we get our Samosas! Alright our Samosas coming! Fantastic. It looks so yummy. Golden brown and swimming in this yummy chutney. Alright let’s both try some! Alright you go first. Looks so good. I love Samosas. It’s amazing. It’s really yummy! Alright so are there any additions to your
menu that you are thinking about or something interesting? Yes we actually keep evolving our menu after
every few months. So we keep adding few dishes. Few dishes we have actually even removed because
we want to give more variety. To keep the menu not too long. To keep it crisp and fresh, and add more variety
for the people. So we keep changing it. Recently we added Lamb Pau and Pau Baji. So I think we’ll have few more dishes in
the future. And I see that you also have a Daily Special
and it keeps rotating everyday. Yes we keep changing it everyday so people
can get fresh food for lunch. Like especially this changing menu is for
lunch. Our lunch menu. Because people when they come from work they
want to have a quick meal instead of a bigger menu that will take ages to prepare. So we just have a limited menu for the lunches
– the curries we make it fresh. People just come fast, the order is quick
and they have their meal. And people can also take away here right? That’s an option? Yes. And what about – just asking as there is a
big South Indian population over here – out of curiosity is there any chance that you
might be bringing in some South Indian flavors? All my South Indian friends have asked me
the same question, and its something that is on our radar. And we’ll definitely have that on the menu
sometime soon. Okay Prateek so I noticed that there are so
many people flocking into Madam Chutney, so do you have any expansion plans? Yes definitely. That is something that we’ve been working
on. We are looking at a bigger concept this time. Where we can cater to a bigger audience, have
a more creative menu and create even a better experience. How can you leave Madam Chutney without having
chai? That’s true that’s true. I really like the container its so fantastic. Did you bring this from India? Yes. We got this made. Oh you got it made? That’s even more fantastic. Alright folks , I really hope that you enjoyed
that video and that you’ll head over to Madam Chutney very soon to tantalize those
tastebuds. Thank you for watching the video and I really look forward to seeing you at Madam Chutney. Bye guys!

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  1. You'll be doing your taste buds a disservice if you like Indian food, you're in Munich and don't visit Madam Chutney. I'm a fan! How often does one hear a restaurant owner talk about food, art and people bonding over food? Thank you for capturing the essence of this beautiful place, Surya and thank you Prateek for Madam Chutney. 🙂

  2. It was really a great place. But the restaurant is closed since several months… any idea where their new address will be??

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