Music Activated LED Strip Lights – DotStone RGB Music Sync USB LED Light Strip

Music Activated LED Strip Lights – DotStone RGB Music Sync USB LED Light Strip

Multi-color LED lights are really cool to
have in a media room and today I have my hands on an RGB LED strip from DotStone. What’s unique about this light strip is the
ability to sync to music in addition to having random color cycles and setting static colors. The strip light comes on a spool and the package
I have here is 2 meters in length. And you control this LED strip with this small
remote control. This is not a smart light strip so there’s
no Bluetooth or wifi control from a smartphone. The cool thing is that the DotStone light
strip is also waterproof with a silicon coating over the LEDs. The only part that isn’t water proof are the
ends and the power supply. I also really like that this runs off USB
so I can use a powerbank to power the lights. Setting standard colors is really easy through
the dedicated buttons on the remote. And I can tell you that the LEDs are bright
and the colors are really nicely saturated! Moving to my media room, you can see here
that I’m now powering the LEDs with my Xbox One X. You can set these lights to automatically
color cycle and you can either speed them up slow them down using the remote. The light strip also has adhesive on the back
so you can stick it to the back of your TV or other surfaces. And because the DotStone lights are USB powered
you can pretty much use this anywhere like on a boat or your car without being next to
an AC outlet. This is a 65 inch HDTV but this two meter
strip isn’t quite long enough to fit all the way around the screen. But you can still get a decent glow of color
behind the TV but I recommend having a longer strip for a larger TV. And one thing I have to mention is that the
white setting on the DotStone LED light strip really isn’t white at all. It’s actually a soft blue color. But it’s also worth mentioning that most LED
light strips I’ve seen have a problem producing true white. The Luminoodle brand is the only RGB strip
lights I’ve seen that can produce true white light. But going back to the DotStone lights the
best part of this light strip is the ability to sync to music! It works really well but the music but the
music has to be at a decent volume for the best results. Plus it helps when the music source is close
to the sound sensor. I’d recommend placing the sound sensor as
close to the music source as possible. But for about $20 this is a nice LED light
strip that can be placed just about anywhere because it uses USB power. Overall this is a great light strip and the
only thing I can think that can improve this is that if they use an RF remote instead of
an IR remote. That way you don’t have to actually have to
point the remote at the sensor making your mounting location a lot more flexible. If you found this video helpful please give
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7 thoughts on “Music Activated LED Strip Lights – DotStone RGB Music Sync USB LED Light Strip

  1. The DotStone LED you have linked does not have USB but an ordinary power supply. I bought that one and would like it with USB instead, do you know where I can get just the USB cord?

  2. COULD you Pls send your particular few videos of different strip with sound sensor for color changing to music operated by PC usb and pricing .

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