My $50,000 Designer Handbag Collection 2019 *20 BAGS!*

My $50,000 Designer Handbag Collection 2019 *20 BAGS!*

hey guys it’s Cassie welcome to my
channel if you’re new welcome back if you’re a seasoned subscriber today I’m
going to be showing you my designer bag collection that I have as of 2019 I’m
gonna do my best to run through these quickly but give you a little bit of
info on each one in case you’re interested I will link everything below
if it’s still available guys if you are new here my name is Cassie I’m a
self-diagnosed luxury addict clearly from this video I put out videos on
Wednesdays and Fridays so if you like luxury fashion then you’re probably
gonna like those too so head down there click the red button subscribe turn on
the notification bell become a member of our luxury addicted family when are we
going to rehab never guys are you ready let’s begin and the first one is the
Versace Empire palazzo bag in the large size this is in this glorious beige with
almost a neon yellow trim this color combination is truly spectacular to me
to be honest I love it I think it’s fun young I use this a lot
for traveling it has a lovely little erm shoulder strap moment I think it’s great
okay the next bag is this is a glorious Chanel blue bag from the cruise
collection that just went so that was cruise 2019 mmm
truly delicious look at this juicy color it almost has an ombre effect it’s
lighter in the middle darker on the edges it has this amazing gold top
handle with like 3 resin blue links and then she also has a crossbody canvas
strap love this sodding bag so much I love the gold against the blue just a
glorious Chanel seasonal piece you know just just a juicy juicy blueberry the
next one is an old favorite in another travel Jesus another travel favorite
and that is the Louis Vuitton artsy GM or something whatever it is the real name
will be somewhere this bag is one of those
throw in and go she looks a little bit crushed she’s been crushed a little bit
but this is such a hard wearing bag I featured her in my like most hard
wearing designer bags videos because she has been through it the next one is a
bag that I categorically hate this bag has been featured once on my channel my
boyfriend also hates this bag and this is this MCM limited edition bag gotta top
handled it’s got a crossbody strap that has this weird robot on the front of it
it’s the worst this is the Gucci Ophidia belt bag okay so this is the belt piece
and it goes through the hoops on the back and the belt strap is it’s the one
with the holes I think it’s great and it’s a great size it really snatches the
waist and I will insert some pictures of me
slaying with this bag I think it’s such a classic design and such a piece
you know this is my Celine Phantom bag in the grey which has gone through a
horrible bit of color transfer at the back there which to be honest I could
get off if I cared so this bag if you haven’t watched my video where I try
load of hot sauces and answer your questions I talk about what I went
through to get this bag cause I was obsessed with it at the time this really isn’t my
vibe now but you know we have so many good memories together this is the gucci
GG supreme belt bag and if you have been on this channel you know my love
for this belt bag okay it’s great it’s such a great price such a great piece
hard-wearing love it and transcendent magical never the same unique talented
brilliant incredible amazing show-stopping spectacular never the same
totally unique love this bag love this belt bag adjustable strap what a moment we
have this MCM X mini backpack in the blue kind of denimy lookin thing I
don’t really use her very often she’s cute and everything maybe it’s a
vibe that I might go back to with certain looks but it’s not really like a
vibe that I’m channeling in my day to day yeah not much to say about that really
is there did you I’m sorry did you really think that I would do this video and I
wouldn’t include my tiny Jacquemus whatever that sodding name
is this tiny mini petite Le Chiquito is it a bag is it just a necklace with a
tiny bag on it who knows but they sold it as a bag and Here I am including it
in my bag collection because she is amber and glorious and probably the most
stupid purchase I’ve ever made but what a glorious little adorable addition to
my handbag family my pretty new Fendi baguette in the medium size with the
neon trim she also has a crossbody strap that says Fendi Roma cause the collection
that she came from was the Fendi Roma collection she is loud and bold and
in-your-face and she’s taking names okay and that is exactly why I love this bag
and that is probably exactly why some people hate it next one is a bit of a
weird one this is the Lulu Guinness lips clutch in like a like a plastic it’s
completely lost its magnetic closure because I dropped it on a particularly
eventful night out and and yeah she’s cute and everything I think the vibe is
there I don’t really use her anymore because I don’t really go to events
because that’s not the life I lead another Chanel we have this this was a
seasonal piece at the time have no idea our collection this was from this is a
great kind of grey blue with a perforated leather trim here all of this
is fabric and then this bits leather silver hardware she’s got a zip on the
inside look I still have all like the protectant stickers on the inside there
and she is just I love this bag this is one of those that is a tried-and-true
very casual ugh you gem of a bag you another clutch that I rarely use because
I don’t go to events because I don’t know who I think I am is the Alexander
McQueen clutch in this kind of fuchsia pink it’s got the skull on
the top there with little little crystals in the eyeballs and on the
head and you kind of swing the head to open it literally you can’t put very
much in there then again I don’t seem to be bothered about whatever I can fit in
my bag you’ve seen the size some bags I’ve got this is the mini diorama she is
this amazing patent gold but not like a brash gold kind of muted gunmetal gold
the diorama is a fabulous fabulous style the chain is nice and heavy she’s a cute
she’s a cute cutie she is like just the cutest little piece of candy you know
another belt bag we have a Dior saddle belt bag this is its little belt strap
that you again put through the loops on the back in the green oblique print love
this again a waist cincher bring something fabulous to the look you know
you know I have a serving fabulous looks and love this bag they have brought it
back for the current season in two colors one of which is an oblique but I
think it’s in blue and would highly recommend I’ve done a whole video on
this that will be linked this is the Versace empire palazzo bag in the
medium-sized black this has got a purple and green canvas strap again I love the
mix of casual but you know she can do professional with a top handle
completely detachable again such an easy bag and great style easy style to use
Black Caviar wallet on chain with gold hardware
this bag is hard wearing AF it’s got a glorious gold chain with the leather
woven through what a moment I’ve had this back for so long and she is in
great shape very classic chic she can do she gonna
do day or night versatility my friend we have caught my jacquemus le chiquita I believe because this is actually the one that has a movable
handle I don’t think they do this style anymore it’s just purely the Le Chiquito
I believe and similar style though and what a
moment look at this periwinkle just look at it
and be mesmerized by its absolute glory and love the color love the bag it has a
crossbody strap I’m such a fan so many people talk so much crap about this bag
and you know what until they hold it in their hands when
you hold it in your hands then come to me then come to me and tell me how actually
cute and how much you can actually fit in this bag because surprisingly you can
fit quite a bit oh what a classic my old basic friend the Louis Vuitton never full GM
massive size massive bag comes out travelling every so often there are lots
of downsides this bag did a whole video on the downsides very negative however
you know what there’s a reason she’s so popular but there we go
we’ve had some good times together this is my first designer bag so for
sentimental for sentimentality for sentimental reasons I will never get rid
of her the dior saddlebag if you have been on this channel long enough you
know how much I was obsessed with this bag growing up and then when it came
back I was like wow okay it’s back the opportunity to have this in my
collection is here and I must jump on it so of course I had to get the classic
oblique print love her I don’t have the longer strap because I love just her
just on the crook of my elbow just thrown over my shoulder like I’m Paris
Hilton Nicole Richie in the simple life a vibe and I have been living my best
life ever since here we have my Chanel boy bag in this gold gunmetal color
perforated leather on the front which was from like 2015 ish 14 ish and
love her again what just what a regal moment this is the medium-sized boy bag
it’s got the leather section of the strap at the top there and she just she
will just just I can’t even tell you how fabulous and chic this bag is just just
a glorious woman truly I thought that I should end it with my newest addition to
the family and that is the Louis Vuitton multi Pochette accessoires I mean just a
three-in-one just a three-in-one a versatile baby she is just utility and unique and interesting and I love her and she’s
great guys there we go I think that’s my full collection let me know what your
favorites were that I showed and what are the ones that you’re like not a fan of that
I will also link my video here which is the designer bags I wouldn’t buy again
to expose some of the ones I’ve just shown you and guys have an amazing
morning afternoon or evening wherever you are and I will see you in my next
video bye guys

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