My Accepted Art Portfolio + how to get in to Art School in France

My Accepted Art Portfolio + how to get in to Art School in France

hello everyone welcome back to my channel thank you so so much for being here today’s video is super special for me because I’m gonna be doing an art tour of my portfolio I wanted to first will give a shout out to the great courses plus for sponsoring this video I’m sure you guys have noticed I don’t do sponsored videos ever because it really has to be in line with my beliefs it has to be authentic so for once this is something that I actually think is really cool and I can’t wait to talk to you guys about it later on in today’s video so as you can already see I have some of my art hanging up behind me this is a screenshot from a video I made I’ll be talking about this and a little bit but since I’ve had it and like poster-size I just wanted to put it behind me so you guys could already see my world think that when you make a portfolio the one thing that really has to stick out is your personality and everything has to look like it was made by you even if you make art that’s unconventional if you don’t do painting if you don’t do all you still have a chance you know my art is a bit unconventional so I just want to encourage you guys the evening you have kind of a different style that that’s cool and that’s okay and tell them you as they say in French [Music] so as many of you know I am in an art school and France it’s a public school but what you guys probably don’t know is that there are only one or two public fine art schools in the Paris Area and even though they are practically free to get into them it’s extremely extremely competitive so in France since the schools are so competitive most people do a foundation year and those can either be public or private schools where you just spent a year working only on your portfolio our first subject at this foundation school was opposites and the opposite that I chose was public and private so I made a video I’m gonna show you a clip right where I wanted to do private things in public places to kind of talk about that limit to kind of help us explore the different mediums if you’re gonna do a video you would also have to do three sculptures or didn’t necessarily have to be integrated but I was like well why don’t I make giant sculpture accessories to go inside of my videos and this just started this huge thing for me I just fell in love so much with making a sculpture which is amazing because when I start going to the school I only thought I was gonna be doing painting I’m gonna show you the ones that were from different videos and then I’ll show you clips from those videos this is the razor and then from my video monami imaginaire which is about a girl her imaginary friend [Music] [Applause] and this video had one girl riding on this horse that I made and then another one of my other friends was wearing a green screen costume so that when I filmed it you just saw silhouette so it looks like she’s flying to the sky with this light silhouette so this is the piano this is from my video spaghetti because I hold it and it was about my relationship with food and you have me laying in a bed of pasta I would say I love video so much because everything can exist in video poetry sculpture so much can exist and this one is from my film Cadillac on 22s again actual size of a car and it was all made in karting cardboard and then this is from my film I made the cult sisters I made like some funny props [Music] so now I’m going to get into my actual standalone sculptures which I think are probably better in the sense that you can look at them and not need the context of you don’t need the context of the films this one was made in wood and in cardboard and plastic it’s actually nice to be able to sit here and show these because when you have your actual interview you work so hard on this portfolio for so long and then you only have like two or three minutes to talk about everything and you can’t talk about everything so you really have to pick issues what you want to talk about I would say that my cultural practice is taking an object and kind of evolving it to the point where it’s almost unrecognizable almost like an alien object yeah I hope we like the plaster it looks like some like stuff has overgrown on it and things like that okay so this is s Cooper you do a little socks on it like it’s just it makes me happy because I did a series of these with kind of like Carrie s with like milk falling on us in midair the last thing that I want to show you that I also included in my portfolio was this book that I made and it’s a book where I show all of the real close ups of my sculpture work because in the photos being that it’s far away you can’t really tell all of the little details and the color and the fur and that everything so yeah so show my research and material and my interest in that that was a quick look at my portfolio if you follow me on Instagram I post stuff about what I’m making and the new stuff that I’m doing so now I’m going to talk about really getting into art school because it’s not enough to just be talented unfortunately [Music] I think the most important thing is in their interview to show that your work has potential for growth that there is potential for discovery during the interview they will ask you like what do you actually want to do when you’re here the interview is the most important part I think because the jury are the teachers that you’re going to be working with you have to kind of have a really good reason to want to go there a lot of references but they do like diversity there’s people in my school that have way different stuff than I did one of my best friends Elizabeth she did some stuff on music you know performance it can be anything it just has to be really you also if you want to come saying you fancy also really need to have a level of French that it’s at least intermediate because all your interviews are going to be they require it already but all your interviews are going to be in French so I would say get your French game right before you come and study anything else and also it will help you adapt a bit to the city other than the big interview I know their thing you’re definitely gonna get tested on is drawing in general culture or at least that was my experience so that was why I was so excited to partner with the great conscious plus on this video because they actually have a lot of services that I think could be beneficial to you for the test for preparing for the test so the great courses plus is a subscription on-demand video service with a huge variety of different topics and content they have like yoga classes and self-help classes to our history and drawing and photography they also have amazing teachers from top-notch universities the best part about in my opinion is you can watch it from anywhere in the world so being that they have those or history courses and drawing classes that could definitely help you prepare for the entrance exam I really did the course on approaches to European art and it was really interesting to me he’s majoring in aura but to necessarily have that background in European art because I grew up in the US so it was super interesting and also kind of helped me think about the way that we judge and critique our and also they have French classes so since this is a bilingual Channel some of you are interested in French could definitely get help with that as well you all know how I’m like a self-help junkie so I’m definitely gonna continue watching them because I love self-improvement and just learning in general so I wanted to share that with you because I think that it really could help you and they were kind enough to offer my subscribers and anyone who’s watching this video actually a free trial so all you have to do is go to the great courses plus calm cycle Palace which is linked down below in here and get your free trial so thank you so much to them for offering that to us today that about concludes with my art tour I really hope that you guys enjoyed seeing a little bit more inside of my portfolio and got kind of a better idea of the preparation process to getting into an art school as well I try to include some of my own personal advice so I hope that it helps don’t forget to Like and subscribe follow me on Instagram if you want to see more of my art and get your free trial if that interests you so I’ll see you guys next time thanks for watching [Music]

100 thoughts on “My Accepted Art Portfolio + how to get in to Art School in France

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  2. what an artist! your vision shows in everything you do. the way you dress, every element of your films. very very inspiring

  3. I think that you have to have at least a B2 to study in France (at least if you're Canadienne)! I have my B2 since I'm great at reading but terrible at speaking which is a main component of B2 vs B1 which is mostly written

  4. Forever in love with your artistic vision – honestly wish I could live inside your colourful world that you create in each piece ✨

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  14. Hey! Im an art student too and I was wondering what paper you used for printing your work upon for the portfolio? I do painting mainly as well as sculpture and just dont know how to professionally present all my paintings in the interview for art school. Should I photo copy them on some nice thick paper all one size or just show them my work as it is? Ugh just need some advice!

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    ( edit ) i loved how it wasn’t so serious because a lot of videos about getting in to college/uni are so serious

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    Should I definitely have my portfolio in order to get into school? And I haven't heard about the entrance exams xd It's my fault, yeah. Is it the same everywhere? I mean, exactly the existence of it.

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