100 thoughts on “My Bedroom Studio

  1. Hello, I just wanted to say you seem like one of the kindest most generous people ever and I hope you become allot more popular even though it's cool being one of the only people I know that listens to you

  2. okay so this is probably weird but in your sock basket you had these yellow cactus socks and I have the same ones which makes me happy thanks for your time

  3. This is my absolute favourite video on youtube and i have seen it over 15 times. Could you please make an updated video of this or an entire room tour or perhaps talk about possible upgrades you want to do to your studio? Thankyou you are amazing, cheers

  4. i love how wholesome you are. Watching your vids and listening your music always puts me in a good mood and makes me feel hella zen (which is rare cause i’m just a trash can full of anxiety 😅)

  5. i've been listening to Lemon Boy album on Spotify for the last 24 hours and just LOVE the production sensibilities…(and of course songwriting and performance) Just utterly amazing work, i am in awe, at age 54 and a home recordist all my life. GAWD i wish i had come out of the gate like you have.

  6. welp now I have literally zero excuse to not produce my own music because I have all the things in different version except the pedals and a bass guitar. Go me. Now I actually have to make my dream happen… yay (I swear I'm more excited but creative dread is a thing that happens)

  7. Whenever I go back to old Cavetown videos, it’s such a strange and good feeling. I remember vividly when this video came out, a year ago. I got the notification and I was so excited. I can’t believe it’s been over a year now

  8. Saw this on my recommended and the profile photo / logo made me click, and I’m really impressed with the audio and video quality (cause most people don’t know what they’re doing these days). For all this I hit subscribe and can’t wait to see what you’re content is like!!! Keep it up!!

  9. Man u handsome handsome handsome 😭😭😭😭💕💕💕💕💕
    Love from first look 🌚💕💕💕💕💕💕

  10. Please come to chicago i would love to save up and get tickets to a show ive been listenimg and watching for the longest and ide love to get the chance to see you💓

  11. this is the future of guitar and it depresses me, faggy kids with glasses playing telecasters. goodbye rock and roll 1950 – 2000

  12. thankyou this has now inspired me to make my own bedroom studio also i met you in ldn and gave you that lemon that you used! i was rlly shy but you were rlly cool!
    and then you used it for a festival show after so i was proud hahaha (thankyou for inspiring me to make music)

  13. I’m so glad I found another Louie Zong fan so I can just listen to his music while you talk. Even if there’s no way I can talk to you, it’s great to hear.

  14. I know this video has been posted a year ago but I'm watching it now and man its a heap of help😊 thank you Cavetown.💥❤

  15. As an aspiring artist, it's really inspiring to see someone who's successful without a massive, expensive music studio. This video definitely solidified my thoughts of investing in a bedroom studio.

  16. I'm thinking of getting a channel for music because I like to write music and to sing but I have NO idea of how it works. Studios, apps for my melody, equipment, and all the things I NEED to know. This helped me figure out the studio situation.

  17. This really grabbed the inner me which was idk fading or getting dusted out maybe because of that feeling that I have to grow bigger rather than be who I really am and the joy of making music.

  18. love talk to me playing in the background. that song is honestly one of my favorites from you besides this is home and fool. keep singing and making your amazing music robbie and have fun with your catto and cham.

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