My (First) Design Portfolio

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  1. Q. Does that apply to interns? I am preparing a portfolio for multiple positions as I look for the option to learn through work, however, the positions themselves aren't so specific ( an 'x' team intern). In qualifications, they just ask for 'creativity' and 'passion' for art. Is it still better to provide a portfolio focused on one thing or rather show that I am capable of learning/developing various things as I want to grow inside the industry?

  2. Wow!, I'm 40 years old just graduated 3 years ago with a BS in Business Administration & Entrepreneurship. I have marketing experiences and looking to get into this space. You're telling me that you only look to hire young 20 year olds…..? Huh? Please clarify

  3. Is this for Computer Animation too? I just got certified in Computer Animation from my college and was just wondering that too, also: did 3D modeling, some basic-level scripting or coding, and made some games before in classes

  4. i am not a design student or anything related with the field but video editing is what i have passion and interested in. Its like a hobby that i would wanna make into career. Not that i have an amazing video work but i do enjoy editing videos and made some video edits for assignments. I too am interested in youtube. I i know i dont belong cus i dont have any work to prove, but i guess i have hope. In this industry I know i need portfolio even though i never done it. Thank you for this video.

  5. most companies want a "designer" to do multiple areas of work. Yes if you are going for a Firm that different. but when your being hired from a corporation they always seem to want web, packaging and so on. and for the most part marketing. All for cheap money. There is no value in design anymore unless you work in a firm and are creating not being a production farming machine.

  6. I appreciate the advices given and am very grateful for it! I just want to ask, what if I am applying into an ad agency for a junior art director role? You mentioned that for art directors it is slightly different, because I've received a couple of complains that my work makes me look lost because I try to do so many things at once. So what should I show instead?

  7. I also have a average time I can wait until a video gets good. I kept waiting but realized it wasn't going to happen. It's ok, my juggling skills are good.

  8. This was so helpful in how to not make a student portfolio but how to brand what I do and who I am, BE PROFESSiONAL!

  9. so if i like to "hang out" with myself, does it mean i'm happy with myself? throughout my life i only hung out with people for the sake of making them happy and it was a responsibility, i'm much happier staying at home with my family which is much older than me, so they have more life exp and, of course, The Futur

  10. You have to work the shitty jobs before you work your dream jobs. Some people become content with mediocrity, but some people want to skip having to gain experience in areas they consider menial, however, we don’t do things that we feel are hard or below us because it speaks to our initial talent, we do them for the sake of discipline

  11. Very helpful video 👍 By the way, the Amazon Affiliate link, Creative Market Link, and links are not working 🙁

  12. 17:49 I am interested n the skateboard graphic, and to see others references. What type of design would it be called?

  13. To make a personal point to many of the comments about the multiple experiences problem I agree with your statements but I think it is important to do your research on the “growth” of your field for example I do music production on the side and when I first ventured into the market i went in thinking all I needed to know how to do was make the music . This was true for producers maybe 5 – 10 years ago but now you need to be a bit of everything (music production, mixing and mastering , recording etc) I learned a important lesson that it is important to start with knowledge in multiple areas of your craft so when that craft grows you grow with it .

    That being said thank you for the video ! It was filled with helpful knowledge that I can easily apply to my own portfolio.

  14. Hi, awesome video and tips!

    got a few questions in mind:

    1) Is it important to pursue degree in graphic design? I mean there are many are self taught nowadays and they still earned lots and gain publicity.

    2) What is most important in design?


  15. Makes sense and I never considered it as so before this video. Hire a carpenter for your woodwork. Hire a plumbing for your water!

  16. Hy it's me mohd azharuddin this side and I'm a graphic designer or artists and you both guizs are inspired me again and again so thank you so much for this video .

  17. Thank you, “The Futur” for making this video. I personally am also extremely grateful for Chris for showing his first portfolio. It’s nice to see that even the pros start somewhere too. Even though Chris’s portfolio was light years better than mine out of college. Haha. Hopefully that doesn’t mean I’m eternally barred from being a successful designer. 😅

  18. Hi, wondering if you can give some advice (assuming this is not a topic you've already covered – have seen many of your videos and finding them very stirring and inspiring). Recently rediscovered an old love I have for drawing and want to start a journey to moving over from a technical marketing role to something in the creative field, BUT… where to start with someone who is somewhat overwhelmed by the varieties of the expansive creative job market? Understand that in order to open doors, one must play and be creative, practice the trade whilst learning concepts and skills as I they go along but in order to get a full time role what kind of key skills & work should someone like me focus my efforts on when it's unclear which area is the one I want to embark on? Thanks in advance.

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