My Furniture-Free Minimalist Apartment Tour

My Furniture-Free Minimalist Apartment Tour

Welcome to my Furniture-free Minimalist apartment tour! This is Youheum and thanks for joining me today my friends. I live in Austin, TX with my cat and my also minimalist sister in a 1 bedroom. I currently live without any furniture and I practice is a Sustainable Minimalist lifestyle. Here’s my cat for Boru hanging out on her perch 🙂 The mantel above the fireplace is serving as a bit of an altar for prayers and gratitude practice. I keep my mugwort smudge stick, Palo Santo, and a singing bow that I use in the morning for prayers. Instead of using a sofa, I use a jute rug. I also have plenty of straw cushions and buckwheat zafus. I don’t have to always sit on the ground. Most of the guests use this foldable paper stool. It’s completely collapsible and very space-saving and the awesome part is that it’s made of 100% recycled paper. This is my seed starting area near the window for growing my own greens. I plant these out in my local community garden when the time is right. The growing season is coming so I currently have some hardy veggies like zucchini, mustards, kale, tomato, eggplant, and a bunch of peppers. This is broccoli sprouts that I started about two weeks ago and it’s already grown this much. I also have some cat grass for my cat. I’ve been working from home for a long time. I’m on the computer a lot and I’m always sitting on the ground. So I need my movement gears for practicing yoga and doing gentle stretching throughout the day. Now on to my favorite place the kitchen area. I practice Zero-waste and Plastic-free wherever I can to minimize my waste and consumption. The pantry closet is where we keep a week’s worth of fruits because we’re both on a mostly Fruitarian and Raw Vegan diet. This is the cabinet and I keep the inside simple by just removing most of the distracting product labels and keeping it minimal. These are all the plates bowls and the cups that we own. No plastic cups or bowls and it’s mostly made of ceramic or wood. This is the inside of my fridge. It’s organized with glass bowls. I don’t use single-use plastic wraps or bags. I filter the water with a Berkey filter to remove all the harsh chemicals like fluoride, chlorine, and pesticide. These are the utensils I share with my sister. It’s made of mostly wooden materials. I keep my Zero-waste baggie and my handmade dishcloth in the next drawer. I try to compost whenever I can by taking it to the community garden. But because I live in our apartment there is no compost service in this unit. So I’m trying to figure out what’s the best way to deal with food waste and scraps. I don’t use any chemical detergent or cleaning products at home. I use a diluted vinegar solution or a simple soap bar for almost anything. I just use this hemp scrubby that I made to do the dishes. We don’t have a dining table or a chair to sit down while we’re eating. I do most of my work and eating on the floor in the lounge area. Onto my not a bedroom bedroom! It’s actually a dining area. It’s next to the kitchen and it’s been converted into my personal space. I also use it as just a spot to chill to sketch and read my ebook. This is my minimal closet, I have a capsule wardrobe of 15 clothes and I own 2 shoes. The shoes are actually kept in the entrance area. These are the two shoes that I have. One zero drop sandal that I made with paracord and a barefoot Minimalist sneaker. Now on to the bathroom. The laundry room is actually inside the bathroom, but we don’t have any washer or dryer. We use it as storage to keep my bike gear and the outdoor gears on the top shelf. The sink area is kept minimal without distractions. So I just have my soap, bamboo toothbrush, and homemade tooth powder. This is the cabinet above the sink and there’s nothing in there. The drawers underneath contain my hairbrush and body brush. The other side has my Scrubba which is like a dry bag for doing laundry by hand. I use it mostly for small batches like clothing rags and sometimes my towels. I have my chlorine filter on the showerhead to filter out all the harsh chemicals. The shelf area is also pretty simple. I just have my essential oil collection and some recycled TP on the bottom. My bathroom is also kept natural and Toxic-free. I often use candles and smudging to cleanse the air without using any kind of chemical sprays. For me, it’s really important to try my best to keep my home minimal and sustainable at the same time. That’s a full tour of my Furniture-free Minimalist apartment. I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll be adding more videos like this on Sustainability, Minimalism and how I went Zero-waste on my channel. So please subscribe and like 🙂 You can also check out my Heal Your Living Living Patreon podcast, where I share helpful tools on healing and Mindfulness. Thanks again for being here. I hope to see you again.

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  1. Thanks for being here! Does anyone else live Furniture-free? Or do you think that it's too extreme for you at the moment? Are you interested in giving it a try? Let me know your thoughts and any questions you have for me!

  2. Hi! Your lifestyle is very interesting. In fact, I am trying to reduce the use of plastic as much as I can and these types of videos are very helpful. But as a health professional I must make a small observation of course without offense, I would recommend having at least one chair and a table especially when you work or just use the computer or even to eat, because postural hygiene is very important to not develop early lumbar problems and especially cervical problems that are usually permanent and very painful because you are subjecting your lumbar and neck to so much tension to be positioned in that way, it is also advisable not to develop visual problems since the ideal for using a computer for so many hours is to maintain a 90º angle from your work area. Regards

  3. I think it looks cozy and it's impressive how you can live with so few things. You still seem happy and not "poor". I can imagine this for myself but not as extreme.

  4. I’m lying on my leather recliner going mmmmm. Aesthetically it is beautiful but I love my cosy bed and cozy couch. I could do without the rest! But then again when friends come for dinner…..

  5. Ya, but you have a cat… cats kill 100s of millions upon millions of adult and chick birds every year… never mind the disgusting crap they bury in gardens… destroying our food

  6. I saw you still had toilet rolls (but recycled). I’ve heard of bidets and they could save a lot of money bc then you wouldn’t need to buy a lot of toilet rolls anymore.

  7. Fruitarian?!?!? Proteins, calcium, b12, aminos, iron, vit D, ….the list is long on the deficiencies you are going to face!! You should really consult a professional nutritionist. Your bone loss, muscle, vital organs, your teeth, oh my g! B12 deficiency is very hard to come back from….Please reconsider.

  8. I also live in Austin and rent is so expensive no wonder people are going "minimalist" . . because most people can barely afford rent anymore here!! – -Unfortunately, this reminds me of some very dystopian future where most people are either forced to live like this because of lack of money or because of the State imposing its "zero waste" plan on everyone.

    If you notice there is no room for any art or any real self-expression with having to live like this. It's very dystopian and disturbing.

    There needs to be more balance here to address the need for the humans to be surrounded by pretty things and the need for a neat and clutter-free living space. More balance is needed here, instead of such a sparse, dystopian-style living space- as this has the feel of a prison! 🙁

  9. Hey love I absolutely love and respect your practice, but if I may, I recommend you please burn other herbs and oils other than Palo Santo as it is a highly endangered plant species due to illegal logging 😭💕

  10. I know people who freeze their compost so it doesn't smell up the kitchen and bring it to a composting station weekly or as needed.

  11. bruh , living with a hoarder mother my whole life- seeing your cabinet kitchen with strictly visible spices and the amount of space PLUS the drawer with only like what 10 articles.. my god.. …….. i feel miserable at home.. i need to move out so bad – it gives so much stress when i open the draw and see all this pile of unnecessary things – with like 10 spatulas – 10 spatula forks – 12 scoop spatulas etc etc.. a cabinet so packed you cant see anything and stuff that's been there for years. …. watching this video gave me comfort i never known of.

  12. You had me up until raw fruititarian! That is not a diet that even meets your macros. I would look up basic nutrition essentials ASAP

  13. Not buying it. She's so at peace yet wants to let everyone know how spiritual she is? And remember she mentioned she was praying. Which makes her delusional.

  14. Hello! Very interesting! But me with my fibromyalgia, bad operated knees and with 16 cronical deseases can't live furniture free! The two things we chare are: a hammock to sleep and read and me, watching TV and l'm in when having friends near and around me, they're sitting on a coach. And: l try to live without all the unimportant plastic, but l use it for plates etc 'cause it's not so big weight for me to carry. I only have poor power in my hands and, using my wheelchair, l can't sit on the floor 'cause l don't have the power to stand up. To get out of my beloved hammock l use a rope coming from the top of my room. It works great. And l cook as healthy food as l can buy having in mind how much l can use for food. I qan't work although 55, so it's not much money l've got every month but l try hard to do the best. You gave me more reasons to think of some more ideas to make it better than it is! Thanks! Be blessed, you and your sister!

  15. It must be so easy to keep the apartment clean! 😍 I wish I could get my family to minimize how much crap they hang on to.

  16. Am I the only one that wonders what happened when she became a minimalist? Was she raised like this? Cause if not, didnt she had to throw away a TON of things? And isnt that wasteful?
    Like I dont get rid of my plastic hair brush cause I would be creating trash.

  17. I love you. Because I'm starting a minimalist life and I was searching for this type of video. I've learnt how to build my own sustainable home dome, I'm vegetarian and I want to have a zero-waste free plastic lifestyle. SO thank you so much for this video, I needed a model, now I have one. I'm so excited to begin this new life. Lot of love ❤️

  18. Now throw away all your plates cups dishes pots and pans. And throw out your fridge and anything to cook with or cook on.

  19. What I was wondering….if you would have a medical condition or issue that would need you to take medication that is (like most medication) packaged using a lot of plastic or foil… would you deal with that?

  20. You probably won't see this, but maybe this is interesting for you. I use egg cartons for my young plants. Also there are the same pots as you have, but made out of kokos fibre.

  21. This looks so calming I aspire to be this responsible for myself and the worlds future and tbh she looks like she truly enjoys her life being minimalistic.

  22. Thank you! BTW: For cleaning fruit & veg, Dr Greger at nutrition facts (youtube channel) has a vid showing evidence that salty water cleans produce well. Also, I hope you'll consider what Dr McDougall and some of the other plant-based/vegan doctors suggest for optimum nutrition … best wishes.

  23. I’m intrigued by the minimalistic lifestyle approach. The amount of money you would save if you applied, even just a few of these practices, is inspiring.

  24. If ur happy doing this, then great, I really have no problem and you are doing good for the planet but I have a question about not owning furniture. If you can have something as comfortable as a couch, why not just have a couch? Why sit on the floor just to sit on the floor?

  25. Its clean in you look happy, in peaceful,so your doing better then most,just by doing what makes you happy💞💞💞💞💞

  26. Why would you want to live without furniture lol.

    Be mindful of your wrists. If you are working on a laptop without it being at the proper level, it can cause nerve damage. Same with your neck. If you are always having to look down to use you computer or to read, this can cause neck problems over time. It's great you want to go minimal, but don't over do it!

  27. She has a very beautiful looking and peaceful lifestyle! But I wonder about the condition of her back? Because she doesn't have any backed chairs, or a mattress and using the wall gets uncomfortable after a while🤔

  28. Love it!! I live in a small studio with my husband, toddler and now we have another baby on the way…so it’s pretty much essential that we start striving towards this lifestyle more and more due to lack of space. I’m inspired to start de cluttering/donating stuff ASAP. Thanks for sharing your space. 💜

  29. I am not hating or anything but kitchen cabinets, shelfes, pufs are also categorised as furniture. I get the lifestyle and I have nothing against it but the title says 'furniture free' and that's what made me click so it's kinda a clickbait. Not hating or anything you do you girl!

  30. Wow! Impressive. I would like to be this good to the environment and myself, but I have been living as a slave to society for 60 yrs… I have, however, managed to change my ways in some small ways, ie, recycling, composting, growing a garden, keeping plastics to a minimum, using cloth bags, but Dang, you are living at the top level. If we could all live this way, the world might be so different. (P.S. I compost using a worm bin. If you do it right, it is not smelly and you can keep the bin in your apartment) Best Wishes to you!

  31. Truly inspiring and soothing watching your videos. You mentioned that you live in an apartment that doesn’t have a composting service. One solution for your scraps could be to freeze them and once you have a large amount you can boil them to make homemade stock. However I guess you still have the issue of getting rid of the boiled scraps afterwards, so it may not help.

  32. Media perverts either tracking your content or actually funding it, tag covert media feed so that it launches every time a video of yours is clicked , that obliquely threatens and subtly terrorizes target audiences, with horror story, and shock tactic warnings about how minimalist lifestyles require giant worm farms to degrade all the materials people dump. Including deceased peoples buried for giant Dune worms or Jabba the Hut type worm Lords to devour dead bodies and dirty secrets. Whether simply because funders are invested in ostentatious living and promote conspicuous consumption, or use such terror tactics to spur everything from psychiatric sector, to religious lifestyles. needless to say these criminals taint and sully all areas of life, and should be stopped

  33. When I first moved into a new apartment, I was talking to a friend about waiting for my furniture to arrive. Her dad overheard and said why do I need furniture? Just get a table and one chair. I replied then it wouldn't be a home.

    There's something to be said about being minimalist, but when you go and live like a nomad, why bother having a place?

    Also, you sitting on the floor to eat and do your work has to bad for your body, especially your neck. You look Asian. You're going to have some bad hunched back when you get older from sitting like that and osteoporosis slowly creeps in. This ain't no third-world country, why you go make yourself eat on the floor? You just look like a broke college student when you don't even have a table to eat at.

  34. As someone’s who’s mindful of her health, she would be wise to recognize that sitting on the floor hunched over a laptop for hours a day is a detriment to her posture.

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