My Houzz: Jenna Fischer’s Surprise Renovation for her Sister

My Houzz: Jenna Fischer’s Surprise Renovation for her Sister

Houzz, Jenna Fischer, Full, Gaurav, 23-03-17 Home means to me… family Home is the place
where I feel most comfortable It’s where I’m with the people
I love the most… …my husband, my kids
my sister, my parents My family are my best friends I’m Jenna Fischer
and this is “My Houzz” Even though I’ve lived
in Los Angeles for 20 years now… …when I say I’m going home
I mean St. Louis It’s a very cosmopolitan city… …but it also has those great people,
mid-western values… …and that’s what
I love about this town I grew up in a little
neighbourhood in Ballwin, Missouri… …which is one
of the suburbs of St. Louis Any Fischer family event… …a lot of times it happened
at my grandma and grandpa’s house This house was actually designed
by my grandfather My dad grew up in this house
with his brother Don At Christmas time
they would always put up a tree… …and my grandpa would put a train
around the tree… …and we would have like
a special grandma-grandpa Christmas My sister Emily… …had a particularly
special relationship… …with our grandpa …and so the house always meant
so much to her So then when my grandma said
that she was ready to sell… …her and her husband
bought the house… …and we were all really excited …that the house was gonna
stay in the family The house worked okay
for them at first… …because they were just
a newly married couple… …but now, they’re a family of four
and as each kid came… …that house started
to feel more cramped When I think of my sister… …I think of acts of service Emily is a school teacher She’ll stay after school
to tutor kids or… She works with this great group
called Girls on the Run… …that’s just all about… …trying to enhance the self-esteem
of middle school girls It comes so naturally to her
to put herself last I think that’s just the thing
about her that I admire so much And so this is all about really
giving to Emily… …like, giving Emily… …the type of renovation
that will make Emily’s life easier… …and Emily’s life more comfortable When I was growing up… …and visiting my grandparents
in that house… …they treated the dining room
like a formal dining room… …but that’s not how
my sister uses it The dining room
has really oversized furniture The kitchen needs new appliances
they’re from the ’80s But the biggest thing
about the kitchen… …is how completely closed off it is
from the rest of the house… …and there’s just kind of
a mismatch aspect… …to the living room right now I live in Los Angeles This house is in St. Louis It’s not going to help me to hire
an LA designer With the help of Houzz… …I decided to renovate
my sister’s house in St. Louis Houzz is a website… …and it has everything you need… …to redesign and remodel your house
from start to finish They have designers,
you can get ideas… …you can even buy things… …all in one place I was able to research… …all of these St. Louis designers
on Houzz… …and I could see immediately
from the reviews on Jenny’s profile… …that people loved
not only the work that she did… …but they loved working with her… …and I could see… …the thought that she put
into each renovation After I reviewed her profile,
I picked up the phone… …I gave her a call
and we just clicked right away Jenny told me
she was going to be in Los Angeles… …so that we could meet in person
and talk about some ideas I’m just so excited
to give this to my sister… …because there’s just no-one I know
who deserves it more Let’s talk about Emily There are so many little things about
my sister’s house that don’t work When Emily and her husband
are in the kitchen cooking dinner… …they’re completely separated
from their kids For them to be able to communicate… …between those two rooms
is starting to get kind of essential So one of the other problems
for my sister’s house is that… …their garage leads to a door… …where they’re entering
their dining room… …and so their dining room becomes
kind of the dumping ground… …of the backpacks… …the kids color
do their art projects at that table My sister is all about family She decorates with family photos
and with the kids’ art We definitely want to incorporate
that back into the new design… …but maybe in a more organized way I think that’s fine The living room works okay… …it’s being overrun with bins
of toys and art supplies… …that could really use
some closed doors Another thing is the front door The door knob
is in like the middle of the door All right, door, gone Okay, good Here’s my big idea I want to knock down the wall… …between the living room
and the kitchen… …and also the kitchen
and the dining room I know there’s a stairway there… …so good luck That is a great idea And I think actually,
we can fit in an island That would be great Okay, so let’s talk about the TV So that’s the other thing Right now
they have it like in this corner… …between their fireplace
and their living room window Does she have a preference
of where the TV would go? Well, my sister wants it
above the fireplace I think above the fireplace
makes it too high Houzz has this great feature
it’s called Design Dilemma You can post your Design Dilemma
and get advice from the community – So we can put the dilemma out there
– Okay – And let the people decide
– Okay So I went on Houzz
and I started my ideabook… – Yeah.
– …which I sent you We’ve been collaborating on Houzz So an ideabook is a place
where you can save… …all of your favourite photos… …for all your home improvement
projects – It’s completely addictive
– Yeah I’m not going to tell you
how many hours… …I’ve spent looking at pictures Well, I know because I get an alert
every time you add a picture Oh, that’s right Emily loves the beach
and the ocean… …and so I kind of want to bring
that idea… …into the house somehow I like this particular picture… …in terms of describing
that beachy feel I love it that it looks polished
but it doesn’t look formal I sent you this picture… …and this is another thing… …I want for the overall feel
of their house That sectional, I love it
I want it Okay Houzz has this tool
called Visual Match… …that helps you find
similar products on Houzz… …and it makes shopping
a whole lot easier So when you click it… …right underneath,
the sofa comes up… Are you saying I can have this couch? – I’m saying you can have this couch
– Yes! I love it We’ll keep shopping
we’re still shopping – Okay, we’ll keep shopping
– Okay, let’s buy more things Okay So one thing I wanted to bring up
is my memories of this house… …when I was a kid
were sitting on the floor… …and so making even the floor
a comfortable place… …is important to me My grandpa loved to get on the floor
and play with us We’d play cards, we’d do puzzles… …unwrap Christmas presents… …and we still do that It’s sort of a tradition
of Emily’s house I found this rug that I think looks really plush
and comfortable Yeah Now this is not going
to be the exact rug… …because I still have to work
on everything… …that’s going in the room… …but in terms of texture… Yeah, like, I would sit on that rug Okay, that’s good What else can we buy? Oh, this table… …doesn’t that seem sort of like
driftwoody to you? It does seem driftwoody
so let’s add that baby to the cart Okay, good And one last thing, my dad Okay He has to tinker
and be doing things all the time… …and he’s got nothing
to build right now, and… What you’re telling me
is I can use him I don’t think you can’t not use him All right, I can’t wait to meet him Four generations have lived
in this house It’s just incredibly special to us
so thank you – I feel honored
– Thank you I want to do this for Emily… …because she does so much
and she asks for so little… …and… I always see people do this on shows
and I don’t understand why My sister is just my hero She really is Today, Jenny is meeting my dad… …in St. Louis
at my sister Emily’s house – Hi
– I’m Jenny And the work is about to begin I’m so excited
to get to be here today Same here This is a very awkward door It is awkward
it’s hard to open and close So we’re going to fix that In order to do this project… …we first have to clear
these few rooms out We have a ton of kids stuff I think
we can get rid of all this stuff Get rid of it? No So I’m a mamma bear I have little kids too… …so let’s not red tape it… …let’s just find a good
storage solution for it While we’re here
we need to talk about the furniture It’s too much for this little space – So what are we going to do?
– I think donating it is a good idea This house was built in the ’50s… …and the scale of furniture
was very small at that time… …and now, everything we have
is so oversized All right, let’s go over here
and look at the bookcase All right So I like the piece of furniture… …the scale is good for this wall It doesn’t really fit
into the color scheme, so… Well, if you like the basic piece
and the color is the only problem… …I can probably refinish this Okay, so you could turn it
into something different for me? Tell me what color you want
it can be wood grain… …it can be a color to match
your scheme, I can do this All right, I like that And then what about the kitchen? The very small kitchen So is there anything
that we can keep? We’ve got to keep this little guy Okay, I like him He’s lived in that spot forever He’s probably covered with grease Well, we have a lot to do – All right, ready to get started?
– All right, let’s start So they got everything
cleaned out of the house My dad and Jenny are meeting
Randy, the contractor… …and they’re gonna start
knocking down some walls – Hey, Randy
– Hey Good to see you,
this is Jim – Hey, Jim
– Hey, good morning – Good to meet you
– Nice to meet you Jim is about to tear holes… …in the walls of his father’s house We’re getting started
tearing all this out today… …and I thought maybe… …you would like to strike
the first blow You can’t imagine how excited I am I’ve always wanted to be that guy I can only imagine
what he’s thinking… …and how he must feel
about taking a sledgehammer… …to something that his dad built Ready for this? Yes This is week four… …we’re halfway there… …and things are going pretty well Oh, wow, what a difference Okay, so we’ve got cabinets going in… …we’ve got some floor color
going down… …we’ve got a hearth
going on that fireplace… …we’ve got a mantle
going on the fireplace We’ve got windows going in… …we’ve got appliances showing up – Wow
– We’ve got lights being hung It’s amazing It just… it came to life
since the last time I saw it How is my bookcase coming along? It’s coming along just great I’m making progress I have a primer coat I sanded it all down, and I just
have to do the finish coat… …and then it’s done, and then
we can move it back into the space I think it’s going
to work great over there Well, I’m not worried I’m sure you’ve got it taken care of Hey, Jim, I was just flipping
through my ideabook… …and I realised that we can
use the Sketch on my phone With Sketch, you can pick
any of the photos on Houzz… …or take one of your own… …then you can draw
directly on that photo… …or add products
from the Houzz Shop It makes it very easy
to communicate ideas with my clients – Isn’t that cool?
– Pretty amazing Yeah, that’s super cool Should we send that to Jenna? It’s so hard to visualize
the stuff in an empty room I think she’d love to see that All right, let’s send it to her I can show it to Jim
I can send it to Jenna… …and they can really
get excited about… …how the space
is going to come together… …and what the furniture pieces
are going to look like in here It’s so fun – Phone call
– Okay It’s Jenna Hello Hey, Jenna
did you like the picture I sent? I’m opening it right now Am I allowed to open it now? Yeah, you can open it and look So that is the sofa
from Houzz in this space I can’t even believe that
that is the house like… So that wall that this sofa is on… …is actually going to have wallpaper
and then we put a new deeper mantel – Wow
– It’s gorgeous That’s great, that’s great She’s always been bummed that
she can’t decorate her mantel more… …over the holidays and stuff I am so excited I got the Design Dilemma update
from the Houzz community… …and I can’t wait to tell Jenna Do you remember we asked
the Houzz community… …about where to locate the TV? Yes, what did they say? The people of Houzz have decided… …that we do not need to put
the TV over the fireplace… …and we get to locate the TV
in the bookcase over here Thank you, Houzz people And this… I know, isn’t it crazy? Look at all the light
that comes from that door… …and from the kitchen
into the whole room I love it,
I think she’s gonna love it Thank you All right, well, have a good
rest of your afternoon Talk to you later – Bye
– Bye I’m finally back in St. Louis I’m about to go over
to my sister’s house… …and start putting
the final touches on this renovation Oh, my gosh, it’s gorgeous You like it? The color is perfect Yes, yes Hi Hey Oh, my gosh This wall is gone This is amazing It feels like it has that
relaxing ocean luxurious feel… …in like a homey home for kids I can’t get over how real this is This is like
a for real secret makeover… …that she has no idea Okay, what do we have to do? Let’s start hanging
stuff on the walls Okay, you can get the other side Oh, I love it This is the fun part I love this part Okay, bring it in You just told my dad, “Bring it in” I’ve got really good
at bossing your dad around Can you teach me how to do that? Now bring me the coffee table… Please That’s better I have these great pillows
that adds lots of color to the room – Oh, these are gorgeous
– Right – Ready?
– Ready Room’s done Okay, you guys go hide downstairs – So exciting
– Good luck All right, today is the day… …I finally get to show my sister
the finished space I hope she’s happy
and I hope she loves it I have absolutely no idea
what’s being done to my house I’m in a state of disbelief I’m anxious, I’m nervous
I’m excited I’m every possible emotion I think… …that I could be feeling
all rolled into one Oh, my gosh Are you alright? I think Okay, come with me Okay – So I have to close my eyes?
– I’m going to start crying already No, you can open your eyes Okay I love the door Wow All right, are you ready to go in? – Yeah
– Close your eyes All right, ready? Here we go Don’t open them. Okay, step up Keep them closed still – It smells new
– Does it? Okay, now keep walking Like it’s, it doesn’t have… …that grandma
and grandpa’s house’s smell Oh, well, that’s good
because this is your house now Okay, open your eyes Oh, my God Doesn’t even look like my house Oh, my God I love it Can you believe it’s your house? Thank you so much Oh, my God I don’t believe it This is your house, Emily Look how they hung up
the kids’ artwork Yeah, I love that photo
of me and Eddie It feels so homey I like the openness of it I think it’s just gonna make
life so much easier You guys love being a family
so we put that in here The bookshelf behind you
this is your bookshelf, Emily – Is it really?
– Dad refinished it and painted this The fireplace, we painted the brick You have a deeper mantel now And your television cabinet I have lights in my ceiling You have lights in your ceiling – Isn’t it just so much brighter
– It is I mean like we had
the two mismatched floor lamps Yeah Look at your kitchen Oh, my God This is my house? Yeah, this is your house now Did you ever think
you’d have a kitchen island? No I think the biggest difference… …is just how these walls
are down… …and how when you’re standing
in the kitchen… …you’re going to be able to see
the kids wherever they are now Wow – Your magic chef
– That was grandpa Parts of them are still in the house It felt so good that she loved it It seemed like everywhere
she looked… …she was getting
more excited or more moved I love the light, I love the green – Pop of color
– I love it – I love this new table
– And it fits One of the reasons
it fits in the room… …is you had like
the double hutch and buffet… …now you just have this
one big cabinet from Houzz And let me show you one of
my favourite things for you, storage I love that All of these… Look in here There’s a charging station
art supplies Oh, my gosh And then these too,
games, toys, all over here Oh, my gosh Oh, it’s gorgeous It’s just the perfect space
for a family with young children… …and it’s very practical Well, I didn’t do this by myself In fact, the people who did most
of the work are here Here’s Dad who provided
all the free labor Thank you, Dad – And Jenny…
– You’re welcome, you’re welcome – How do you like it?
– …the brains behind the operation Hi Jenny and my sister
did a fantastic job All right, so Dwight and the kids
are going to be here any minute… …so let’s for them but let’s relax – Okay, let’s sit here, behind
– Okay All right, you want
to sit on your couch? I do I think the big hit was the couch Do I have to let
my kids in this space? But the whole space is a home run Oh, they’re here They’re here Hi, guys Why do we have a new door? Oh, my God What do you think, guys? Wow, wow – Holy moly
– A pretty new house What’s that? I absolutely love it Oh, my gosh This house looks awesome It looks absolutely nothing like
the home that I left two months ago Oh, I love the table I mean, check out the table So this is all ours? Yeah You’ve got to be kidding me Without Jenna
this wouldn’t have happened This is the biggest gift
I’ve ever had in my life It’s absolutely awesome… …and I couldn’t have asked
for a better sister-in-law This is pretty crazy I can’t believe this is happening – Mamma
– Yeah I’m just going to probably
fall asleep on this The cool thing about the couch
is that this is a sofa-sleeper This is sweet – A book “E”
– It’s a book “E” That’s right I can truly say that Jenna… …is probably one of the most
important people in my life This is just beautiful If I needed advice about something
I go to my sister We just have that
kind of relationship… …where I know that she will be there
for me any time I need her Are you responsible for all this? I am, yes And I bring party favors – Oh, sweet
– Hi – Nanny
– Jenna Doesn’t that look so good? Oh, it does – This is beautiful
– Oh, my gosh I know Doesn’t it look so good? Oh, man Look what we did
we did what we said Everyone’s in the kitchen – I know, right?
– Except now everybody fits Okay, so I just want
to make a little toast It’s been a two-month renovation You guys have all been
living together… …and you’ve been putting
in a ton of time… …and you’ve been
putting in a lot of labor… …but I just want to say thank you It looks awesome, Jenny
and cheers to your new home Congratulations – Cheers
– Cheers The future is going to be
much easier for Emily now I love thinking about
her family doing movie night… …cuddled up on the couch
with a fire in their new fireplace One, two, three, oh This renovation
would not have been possible… …without the technology of Houzz Thank you for helping me find
a great designer, a great contractor… …and all kinds of amazing products So how are you going to like, watch
Cardinals games from the kitchen? – Oh, that’s going to be awesome
– Yeah They’re doing okay, right? I think we need to
pick up another bat So it still hasn’t sunk in that
this is my house Well, since we stole
your football team… …we’ll go ahead
and give you that batter Oh, she went there, huh? Oh, man Four generations of Fischers
have lived in this house… …and now, it’s ready
for more to come

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