My Kitchen Tour – Great tips on Organization and Interior work details

My Kitchen Tour – Great tips on Organization and Interior work details

hi guys welcome to my channel the queen
bee today I am taking you guys on a kitchen tour here I will cover about
the materials used in the making of my modular kitchen also tips on kitchen
organizing ideas explored and tried by me and moreover what worked for me well
it’s a simple budget kitchen interior yet very functional hope it will be
useful for you guys who are looking for kitchen interior and organizing ideas
the size of my kitchen is 8 feet by 11 feet the wood that has been used for the
carcass that is the cabinets is waterproof marine plywood the shutters
that is the doors are made up of block boards I have chosen marino laminates of
shades black currant and white they are called tough gloss laminates tough gloss
laminates are more durable and scratch proof compared to the high gloss
alternate available in the market I have tried to match the water purifier and
the refrigerator as the same color of my kitchen cabinets my kitchen has three
partitions the topmost one is to store rarely used things like big vessels
and rarely used kitchen electronics the overhead cabinets are mainly for storing
regularly used groceries the lower cabinets are for storing vessels or
utensils and groceries which are used on daily basis the entrance of my kitchen
has a tall unit with an opening to place the microwave oven the microwave oven is placed on a granite in order to sustain heat. Inside of the tall unit doesn’t have
any fancy indoor fittings but still it’s very functional for my kind of usage the
top shelves holds the plates which will be used when guests arrive tissue
papers disposable cups plates induction stove etc the bottom shelf holds all my
cookers, hot packs, sandwich maker and rarely used bakewares and also the trays. Next to the tall unit at the bottom I
have four baskets the left two are plain baskets which can hold up to 10 kgs of
weight each the right 2 are tandem boxes which can hold up to 30 kgs of
weight each. In the left two plain baskets I have stored lightweight items
like lunch boxes ceramic bowls and the glass bowls for microwave, cutting
boards etc I have stored them in suitable carton boxes in order to avoid
the lids getting stuck in between the steel grills in the plain basket. In the botton plain basket I have stored big plastic containers like snacks boxes, fridge
containers water bottles etc. In the tandem boxes I have stored heavy grocery items
like masalas, rava ,Atta items the extra groceries that will not fit into the
containers in the shelf and in the bottom I have stored heavier items like
rice container,atta container and other grocery stuffs which are heavy. In the
right-hand side of the baskets I have a cabinet where regularly used vessels are
arranged. I have used chart papers at the bottom of these shelves it stays
longer and intact compared to the newspaper. Important area in a kitchen
which needs some planning. so here I have an l-shaped corner in one side of the
kitchen. so my carpenter suggested me to have a single door with a joint in
the cente.r but I did not prefer to go with it so we have used two doors with 180 degree hinges so that the door
opens wide and we can access to everything in the corner so I did not go
for any lazy susan fitting which is costlier. I have kept it simple with a
single shelf where I store my large vessels like idli maker or big pots or
something. This vertical space is being used to store rice sack and tall
containers etc the important three drawers of a kitchen which is mostly
placed below the gas stove. so this is a cutlery set this is a plain basket with
an additional cutlery tray which can be removed and cleaned. I prefer to store
all my pressure cooker weights here. I keep one matchbox for emergency
when the lighter doesn’t work and everything lighters knives scissors
peelers everything is being stored here. some plastic spoons and stuffs for some
measurements. The drawer where I keep my tumblers, hand blenders, small frying pans,masala box, grater, pot holder and other stuffs. The plate holder – so when we put
the plate in the provisions provided it makes more noises so we prefer to place
it like this. Oil pull out but I’m not using it as an oil pull out exactly I
keep my soaps ,shampoos, vinegar, other brushes and stuff here. Another corner shelf here it has a single door and it’s very narrow and deep inside so I keep all my unused
stuffs here and also I store the oils. we use different kind of oils like coconut
oil ground nut oil gingely oil etc I buy them in bulk and store
it like this in a carton box to avoid spill overs. Next comes a normal cabinet
where I store my Tawas, roti roller and pin and puri press and other stuffs. sink area so I’ve kept some plastic
covers which can be used for dust bins and other purposes then other laundry
and toiletry related stuffs are kept here. Above these baskets
there are overhead cabinets let me show you what all I have stored there. so here
I have a small snacks station, Jam ketchup, oil items are stored here and the tea
cups are stored here. This rack came along with the microwave I’m not using
it in the microwave regularly so I’m using it here in order to use a vertical
space efficiently. Here comes the interesting area that I like in my kitchen the
grocery store so here I have used sleek tall containers to store all my grocery
items like dal chana, fried grams, corn flakes, dried chilli and what not
everything is stored in a single place. This is a very nice idea to save space
and have everything in a single place .The cabinet where I have stored the salt
tamarind and masala powder items here . Above the bottom corner shelf I also have a corner shelf in the over-the-head cabinets. so this is a corner shelf so I’ve given
an l-shaped horizontal partition so I’ve stored all fresh mixer jars which is not
being used like juicer jar and an additional mixie jar , my vegetable
cutter , oil containers are put here. so which are not
being currently used , I might use it in the future – next to that is a cabinet wheren I keep some of my spices ghee salt pepper nuts and all that. so next to that
is the chimney also on the right hand side of the chimney also we have a
cabinet where I keep coffee powder tea powder sugar and all that and this is
the last cabinet this side and the other side I have a window so I keep
my mixing jars here and then decorative containers so so this one
thing I want to share here is like on the either side of the chimney I have
this cabinet so we have to be careful while planning the opening should be
this way for this cabinet and the opposite way for this cabinet so in many of the houses I’ve noticed the opening will be this side and it will not be very
functional so this has to be taken care while planning our kitchen so it’s
always good to go for a three feet wide chimney but since my kitchen is eight
feet by 11 feet I couldn’t go for a three feet chimney because the design
wouldn’t be symmetrical on either side of the chimney. so I’ve gone for
two feet chimney. From the kitchen this is the door to the utility so I have a very
narrow utility where I have kept my wet grinder below that is the washing
machine. I have a sink here and washed vessels are kept there above that I have
a cabinet to store the soap powder and all washing related stuffs. so since utility is separate
when the maid come she can just go and work in the utility. so since all main
wet works are taken care in the utility kitchen would remind neat and dry all the time. so this is my kitchen hope you would
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the queen bee thank you

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