hi guys welcome back to my channel I am so excited for today’s video because I am finally sharing my office reveal with you guys I cannot wait to walk you through this space and show you what I’ve been up to because this is probably my favorite place in the house right now this is the only room that’s fully completed and it’s just turned out way better than I could have ever imagined I really kind of went outside the box with this one that you actually see here in a minute you guys know I love my neutrals my blush pink tones and all of that but I kind of decided that with my office since I spent so much time editing editing videos can take upwards of like four to five hours and I edit at least three times a week so I spent a lot of my time there sitting on my computer editing videos for you guys and so now I have this space that I can come to you at the end of the day where I can edit my vlogs and feel inspired and motivated to make really fun content for you guys so I thought it would be fun to branch out a little bit just a little bit so without further ado I’m going to show you guys my office reveal I’ll show you guys a little montage of how it came out and then I will walk you through each and every piece and share where everything is from and I will have all the links to everything in the description box if you’re interested in anything that you guys see in my office if it’s not linkable I will let you guys know because a lot of this stuff is from home goods but if it’s not I will have a link for it down in the description box but let’s go ahead and get into today’s video [Music] marine everyone matter if I’m going God you know my weakness [Music] Oh for you I came on till it still feels like a pretend keep on driving [Music] just keep on driving [Music] made from a hot color horn I forgot if I’m going gardino my witness people [Music] should be [Music] you go okay so now I’m gonna give you guys a little walkthrough on my office and show you guys all the details and where I bought everything so we have these two big glass doors right here and as soon as you open them this is what you see so my desk is right off of the doors and the wicker chair is probably one of my favorite pieces in my office but the desk and the chair is from world market and I actually got this idea from Kaylie Monday on Instagram she’s so cute I love following her and her family and she has a similar setup in her office I styled mine like completely different but she has the same desk and this wicker chair and then these two shelves in her office so that’s where I got that idea from the two shelves are from Target and I just went to home goods and got a bunch of different things to style it but I’ll show you guys the shelves in a minute but I wanted to talk about my desk and how I styled that so these flowers were sent to me a while back from this company and I had them just sitting on our dining room table and I loved him in there but you guys and he saw my fault decorate with me I made a whole centerpiece for our dining room table so I decided to bring these in here and just put them on my desk and I love how it looks and then I got this pen I don’t know what you would call it like a pen holder I got this pen holder from home goods and then some of the pens in here I actually purchased from Etsy so the ones with the crystals on them are from Etsy and then this is so cute I shared this on my Instagram stories a few weeks ago but I got these coasters from Etsy and I got a few more I have a couple more in my desk drawer but I just thought this color was perfect for my office so they were like woven and I just thought they tied in perfectly with my office so that’s where I set my drinks or my coffee or whatever I’m drinking at the moment there and then in front of my laptop which my laptop case is from Amazon I always get so many questions on it I will at LinkedIn my Amazon storefront and that link will be in the description box like usual but in front of my laptop I have this sign that I got from home goods that says dreams don’t work unless you do and then I have this really fun lamp which I got from Joss and main I love it and then this is the view that you see when you turn down the brightness a little bit this is a view that you see when you’re sitting at my desk so I have these two frames right here with a picture of my kiddos and then I have this glass jar which I got from I think I got this from Hobby Lobby I can’t remember how do you love your home goods and then I have these little candies in there cuz you guys know I have a really big sweet too so I just snack on those and I’m editing but I got those candies I thought they were really cute from home goods they came in a big pack so I need to refill those so I have some in the pantry the kids always come in here and steal my little treats and then I got this pretty candle from home goods as well I loved the pink color on it it’s pink apple and pear so I haven’t lit it yet but it smells really good and then I got this notepad which is personalized with my name from Etsy and it has a little leopard print at the bottom which is super cute and then this desk did not come with poles on the drawers so I got these from home goods and Adam just installed them and now I have like a pole so it’s easier for me to open and close the drawers and there’s not too much in the drawers right now I just have my laptop charger and then I got this really cute tape holder it’s leopard from home goods I think home goods or Hobby Lobby I can’t remember I think it’s home goods but I need to get tape to put in there but I thought that was really pretty and I’m gonna put that on my desk as well somewhere I think I haven’t really decided it’s just sitting on my drawer this is actually what I use to film voiceovers so it’s just set up in here for when I need to film a voiceover but you guys have seen this pillow I have a couple of them on my living room couch but I loved the color and it ties perfectly in with these Ottomans which I got these Ottomans from Joss and main they’re like a purpley grey and they are velvet and then on the bottom they have some like really pretty gold detailing on them but if the kids want to come in here and hang out with me or Adam wants to come in here and hang out while I’m editing there’s just more seating in here because other than that chair there’s nowhere for anyone else to sit so I thought those were perfect and like I said it ties the pillow in perfectly and then that leopard pillow I got from Etsy it just came with the cover so I got the insert from Amazon and I had to buy the pillow insert so but the case is from Etsy and I love that little pop of leopard you guys know I’m obsessed with Shepherd right now which leads me to a wallpaper so the wallpapers from Rocky Mountain decals I will have their shop link down below but this is the same wallpaper company that I used for the wallpaper and Bailey’s room when we lived in saying so many if you guys remember her room there but they custom-made this wallpaper for me I really wanted this like leopard dot print that I’ve been seeing everywhere I’m obsessed with this print I think it’s so fun and it’s still pretty neutral because there’s already so much going on in here like with all the different prints but I don’t feel like it’s too much I feel like it’s dressed enough so that is where that wallpapers from and I’m so happy with how it turned out before I go into the details on my shelves I wanted to talk about probably my favorite piece in my office which is this gorgeous light this light is from Lulu in Georgia and when I saw it I was like okay I need to have this light in the space because I feel like it totally just brings that like bow Oh by that I was going for in here and I’m in love with it so it’s basically just a bunch of tassels and it’s just beautiful I hope you guys are able to get a good visual of this light because it’s hard with the light being on but it’s just a gorgeous you guys so yeah that is the light and that is hanging right above my desk so now I’ll show you guys everything on the shelves so this faux flower I got from Target I think a few years ago though I’ve had this for a while and I just didn’t have anywhere to put it in our house and it’s just been like sitting in our storage cabinet so I decided to bring it in here and I loved it and then these three books I got from Amazon Amazon I was really good coffee table books you guys so um yeah those three are from Amazon the book ends are from home goods and then this vase which is so fun I love that it’s also from home goods and then on the next shelf I got this fake plant from home goods and then right next to it I have these date blocks which I got from Etsy so this block has a bunch of different numbers on it so you can change it out to whatever date it is really cute and then right next to the blocks I have a picture frame with all three of my kiddos this is a recent picture of us when we were on our way to church and then on the next shelf I have my a hundred thousand subscriber plaque and then I just have this little jar which has nothing in it right now but I love the print of it I got this from Hobby Lobby and then I got this from Hobby Lobby as well it’s pretty much just a decor piece and then this I got from I think I got this from home goods and I have all of Adam’s guitar picks in there just to conceal them and then below that I have our chat books that I got printed recently with all of the kids in them and then on this next shelf I just have a vase I had this forever and it was just sitting in our storage closet so I decided to bring it in here just for another pop of pink because you can never have too many pops of pink I got this little file holder or paper holder I don’t really know what this is probably for paperwork and stuff but I just have these little note pads that say groceries and shop on it I got these from home goods and I got this from home goods as well and then I got these what is called clipboards from Etsy I think or no Amazon I got these from Amazon I loved them I thought they were really cute with the gold and then on the last shelf I have our printer okay and then moving over to the other shelf I got this dream sign from Hobby Lobby I’ve had that globe for a while I was sitting in our entertainment center on the shelves in there but you guys saw me decorate that for fall recently so I didn’t have a place to put it so I decided to bring it in my office that fake plant is from home goods and then this decor piece is from Hobby Lobby I thought that was really cool and then this is marble I think pretty sure I don’t know if it’s real marble or really what it is but I like the look of it and then these I got from home goods there’s paper clips tacks and I don’t really know what else is in there but office supply stuff and they had it like wrapped like this when I bought it so I thought I would just display it on my shelves I think it looks cute so over here I have this crystal which I’ve had this forever too and I just have it sitting on top of this pretty little box that I got from home goods and inside of it I have all of our memory cards and usually I have our batteries and stuff in that too but I’m using them right now and a couple of them are charging but that’s what is in that little box and then on the next shelf I just have this really cool like wooden bowl that doesn’t have anything in it right now but um below that I have a few of my other favorite books some of these I got from Target I think the top one I got from Target and then the other three below it are Amazon and then right below that is this cute little basket that I got from home goods that stores all of our camera equipment so just to conceal it all because it’s not really pretty to look at I have them in this pretty basket and then right below it is another vase which this was also in our entertainment center so I just decided to bring it in here for now and then on this wall is where I have these cool prints that I got from Etsy so the first one says be kind work hard and stay humble so yeah these are from at-sea I think there were like less than $10 and we just got him printed out at Staples and then the frames are from Amazon it came in a pack of three and I think they were like less than $30 so that’s where those prints are from and I love them on this wall and then right beside it I got this mirror from HomeGoods it’s a floor-length mirror and so yeah I’m gonna take lots of outfit photos and probably two more try ons and stuff for you guys in my videos hopefully now that I have a place to do it okay what am I missing this trash can I got from Target I have one of these in our master bathroom and in the girls bathroom as well I love this trashcan so much I think it’s so cute and it fit perfectly in this space I think okay and then if I turn around this is what is on this wall over here so if you guys are new here or you didn’t know Adam does play the guitar that’s how he kind of serenaded me and won me over when we were first dating so we have a few of them hanging up on this wall right here in the corner which I think looks really cool I’m really happy with how this turned out and then right next to it I got this acrylic calendar from Etsy I haven’t wrote on it yet I kind of just acknowledged that were in the month of September but I did write all of the dates though so I need to fill it out more but I didn’t want to fill it out before the video so that you guys could see like everything that we’re doing this month a little bit of an invasion of privacy but yeah fill this out soon and I’m really excited to it came with this marker but I just love the look of an acrylic calendar I think it’s really pretty so if I’m sitting at my desk working editing or whatever and I look up I can just see what we have going on for the day or the month or whatever so I thought this is a good place to put it I was initially going to put it right behind the chair but way too much going on on this wall so I don’t know if I’m gonna put anything right behind the chair I might just leave it blank you guys have to let me know what you think looks best or if you think I should put anything there just leave it as it is I’m not really sure I haven’t really decided yet but I think that’s pretty much it for my office you guys but yeah I think that’s it for today’s video you guys I hope you enjoyed it and like my new office let me know down in the comments what your favorite part is I am so so so happy with how this space turned out every time I come in here I’m just so inspired and that was the main goal so yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this video be sure to give it a thumbs up if you did subscribe if you haven’t already and I will see you guys very soon bye [Music]

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