My Parisian Bedroom Design and Paris Couture Week

My Parisian Bedroom Design and Paris Couture Week

Good morning Oh hello, nice shot of my bum Im just unwrapping the coving, cornice and dado rails Im trying to get my head around it where everything goes cause there’s a lot of pieces we’ve got
all these so much I’m showing it looks so cool isn’t it it’s really like
lightweight yeah let’s go break it it’s really lightweight so we’ve got a
decorated Justin he’s gonna come round and fit it all so he has to first of all
take off this core nice it’s coming whatever-whatever turn that off and it’s
all pretty much close to the wall with really really strong adhesive so that’s
gonna go around and then I’ve got dado rails we’ve got again it’s all night so
why but I’ll connect so that’s gonna go there I have the electrician 4 a.m. put
a light sources for us we’ve had all this plastered you might remember that
we had a bit of an issue with the placements which is gone a bit odd and
strange so now we’re ready these and my panel cornered how amazing so we’re just
working out where the dado needs to go actually these are the corners as my
panel panel sections I think we may be like bending them which IRA can you say
that yeah yeah it’s halfway between there
it’s like the lower you go the taller the I need you to hold it really yes
that’s a dado so now I’ve got the kitchen got all the kitchen conics in
there and these are like how beautiful of these let me kind of show you let me
show you the bad guys corners and then these like this so it’s not like we used
to cut down like this like that you know mean like sections good that’s great and
then they’ll be a dado and now I try to dodo
we need another that’s Bonita that’s fine if you like that and it’s a day job
it means that real cool that’s great I do think you should put them down that I
don’t trust you yeah these things like made a glass no I mean they’re not that
fragile but it’s not almost like plaster of Paris you know Sloane well be called
like meringue yeah but I mean how amazing is that
honestly I actually can’t wait to see this up it’s gonna look so majestic
isn’t it and they’ll have our beautiful wall lights on here beautiful in fact
I’ve ever seen these don’t think I’ve seen these after the new clean it back
up and going back on but I’ve got these amazing dimmers I got these from
Austrian punch the pricey another light you guys a pretty pricey but they look
freaking cool how cool it is with that narrow nailed
so they just stick in there and then I’ll have got the plugs down there as
well which are equally as beautiful and have them USB switches so we can charge
our phone super easy so this room is gonna come together so beautiful now I
think the only painter that’s all we’re gonna do right now so now we need to so
what just insects this is plaster he’s told us to use half primer half water
mix all over the wall and then after that strike to go over again with one
coat primer he said otherwise the glue when we stick these with glue the
plaster is gonna soak up the glue and then they thought literally fall off so
I was like okay women these these things our lower corner section so
I want to make the day smaller panels so these are going to be like this and
these are like made of porcelain yeah these feel a bit more porcelain in
yeah almost like no so it’s gonna be three big powers on top three small
panels dado all around the room picture rail all around the room and the core
nice awesome and everything and then the massive corner things got a very
flamboyant it’s gonna look so extra in fact I made a bit of an error I bought a
bottle chandelier didn’t I it’s horrible it’s so big I didn’t realize how big it
was it’s not just big it’s horrible it’s not nice it’s just a bit gold it’s like
really gold I thought it’d be bright it’s the kind of gold when if you bought
a crown one figure five year old sons aware a birthday but it’s that kind of
plasticky gold color yeah now I need Tony to repack it in the
box and send it back all that what do you think doctor so yeah we need to get
on to doing this wall then really yeah let’s get to breakfast time yeah job
done said that was one coat of saw fusiform ball wall and ceiling primer in
light tones half primer half water mixed just so it’s really really wet and the
plaster will soak it up and then when this is dry I’m gonna go over just
surprised and it so no water added just one coat primer and then hopefully
tomorrow it’ll all be dry and then our decorator can just stick our decor
pieces straight onto the wall and they will stick properly I know what probably
looks a little bit slapdash but it’s just about getting that water on there
so the plastic and soak it up so they look way better mean like look at this
this is these are ones I haven’t done yet I don’t know what these horrible a
big black your feet see you’ve done these but you’ve not done that one I’ve
not done all around the side of the house yet but this new jet jet wash
thing is that many favorite tool but I wanted to see what this thing
would be like yeah watch when we originally looked at this place I hated
this and you’re like no keep it yeah I didn’t like it but it was covered in
like fairy lights and what we should do we should maybe get some roses to wrap
up the front that’d be nice no that could be quite cool we have to paint it
though so you gonna jet wash the floor how it’s gonna lift so I suppose it’ll
look be funny if it doesn’t do anything it might not do anything I think what we
do is we do this and then sand it down eventually paint it and paint it oh yeah
or varnish it or something do like a nice varnish on it yeah a nice white so I think I have made a decision and
this is going to be the new floor now I realize it doesn’t look much different
isn’t that much different all actually to this but because this is coming out
but this stops here so we have to if we’re going to rip that out we have to
completely redo the floor unfortunately you guys wondering it’s project floors
French oak so it’s it’s but it’s a vinyl tile but it just looks amazing
Oh got this little bit once it’s hit it’s got this little gift from Philips
it’s just like a I could a light bowl it’s kind of thing you could take
outside if we can keep it on the table a mess outside or you can mix a few
different ways you can use it like yoga and you can just use it so anyway I was
like a little extra light which is cool is it Wireless right so thank you to
fill it good morning guys welcome to Munich we’ve kind of fast
forward in two days from the last time I saw you when we’re at the house do you
know decorating things and we spent the day after that as well doing lots of
decorating and we had people coming around to start the car nice I mean all
sorts is going on my entire week here we have so much so much happening now we’re
in Munich we’re Munich with bareMinerals for
literally like one day not even a not even a day because I’m here to record
with rosie huntington-whiteley my new in the know series even if you’ve seen
those videos they’re just more like conversation pieces it’s almost like the
point of the in the know series for me was to kind of create a bit of a podcast
because loads who admitted your podcast but for me I prefer watching videos
where people are chatting so for example at Joe Rogan I like to watch that I
wouldn’t necessarily to it that’s just me so I wanted to create a soft podcast
vibey chatty conversation piece that was filmed so that’s what in the know is for
me it’s kind of like if you listen to a podcast you can also watch it so maybe
for any of you guys who are like oh don’t really fancy watching it but I
would listen to it and able to stick up anyway I have been desperate to speak
with Rosalind just in Whitely about her career path just what she would
attribute to her success really so I thought I thought you guys to be super
interested – so come our way to Munich I think she’s here bareMinerals doing a
few other press things and we’re here – indeed so we’re just staying overnight
um I like used to spin out to buy some got some delicious like vegan bowls this
ones I could share a peanut butter in it’s absolutely delicious we’ve got bite
delight like the like of delight by listening and an oat milk coffee some
super yeah don’t go back tonight so super happy so if you guys do I don’t
think the rosy interview will be off yet by the time you see this vlog but I will
let you know when it is and it will be the other one should be up there yeah
there should be another in the know book before you see this if not I’ve learned
very soon but I’ve been really working into these in the no conversations
because because you guys that watch them you love them and the feedback is always
insane and I get so what you can credible feedback as well from different
brands as well a lot of people really enjoy them when they watch them so if
you never watched one then you know you never know you might like anyway I am
ready for the day I’m still in my row because I didn’t want to get this down
my white jumpsuit gonna get ourselves ready finish up getting ready and then
go for the interview if I don’t see you it’ll be until afterwards because you’ll
have to just watch the in the know okay I’m vlogging on my phone because I
don’t have Alex with me right now just finished up a gorgeous lunch for the bad
manner of team lots of German press I’m the only girl from the UK here right now
luckily everyone spoke in English Volvo which is really really sweet
we also got to have lunch with Rosie as well so it’s really nice on a chat with
rosie about the day in an ambassadorship with bare minerals and the power of good
ambassador ambassadorship so it’s been really an insightful we had a fantastic
interview a really amazing I’m feeling extremely inspired so I think you guys
gonna love it I’ll let you know as soon as it’s out on
stories and Twitter and all the in fact I’ll probably put on Instagram the
picture of me and her together and Alex got a pitch with Rosie you a soup that
you had so now I need to go check out and go get a fly over to Paris it’s been
a whirlwind trip superfast in and out the community and the weather is taking
a turn for worse which is a real shame but it’s just been it’s been really
fantastic and just so nice to meet Rosie so yeah this is what I’m wearing by the
way nothing I got to show you my jumpsuit and my humungous belt oh and on
my lips as always slay by bare minerals you know it’s my favorite shade I love
it it just makes your lips so mountain plump nice don’t mind me checking out the in-room
any young for that healthy option not know okay need to update you guys last
time I saw you I was I was just finishing up with the lunch with bare
minerals and rosie huntington-whiteley and which was such a such a fantastic
conversation wasn’t it she’s brilliant she’s yeah she’s
fantastic she’s so inspiring she was so chatty and just have so much
to say it was almost like I don’t need to even ask any questions because she’s
kind of she says things so eloquently I didn’t know she was a boss boss yeah but
now we’re in three it is Couture week so we are here with Victor Ralph for the
couture show and I’m doing some really special filming shooting with Victor
Ralph as well and then I’ll also be able to tell you about tomorrow night when it
happens as well but first of all I’ve got a big shoot of Hitchin off so we’ve
just got to the hotel like Alex your nerves you so friends I’m so so I got
something so we’ve got bum licious perfumed shower gel flower bomb midnight
Oh de Parfum you might remember me and Alex did a campaign for this it’s
probably I feel awful saying this but probably my favorite flower bomb now
actually Phil are you betraying last one feel like I’m betraying my my flower
bomb in tents which I’ve loved since I was like 15 and then I’ve also got a
flower bomb load the buffer what can you going on you’ve got special
things oh it’s my seat seat for tomorrow show time this is new
oh is this a new one I don’t think I’ve seen that before night vision and the
plastic let me try this up quick this green always good oh wow I love it it’s
great thank you I’m not managed to capture with me yeah
Bonnie so we can’t really show you what’s happening it’s all a big surprise
coming out later in the year but it’s just a massive shoot the victim off
fragrantly and I’m wearing this Viktor market sure but I can’t really tell you
much guys but just a quick sneak peek of what we’re doing okay guys I really
really quick check in cuz I didn’t get to say hi because I was in a mad rush
trying to get ready for tonight we just got to head to the Lancome party I will
reveal all at a party but something very very exciting is coming to Lancome is a
huge huge launch I’m currently wearing it I’ll tell you more later we we going to the lagoon as well and
then during this one we will dings even Rouge heat same French this is absolutely a dream come true
this is my first time being the face of fragrance campaign which I have to say
is definitely in treatment isn’t it many be the thinnest bottle it’s beautifully feels so tiling it
feels like a foam I smell
I’m a huge fan of mine pumping it now look how much people go crazy are you not a loving scoffs truck right
now I mean she’s what she’s won before I
don’t define go I don’t really find girl but you have watched great showman Fangio right you are or who but now I
think the main thing but I’m just not really a fun girl my sweety balls still
but fun fresh and light is useful but still have a choice now what’s so great about is you can
stick to any comeback so easily so this is like the biggest launch or like and the cool thing about these BOTS as
well if you can take them to any counter refill yeah well that’s really cool so
forward-thinking take it right in analyst Jonas’s definitely want to try guys I’m
not saying it honestly I think I’m wearing it’s very you it is very very you I think in three days then everywhere
you spend like 12 hours we were at the house is what we might we’re at the
house yeah on Monday morning and then then we were in Munich tragic midnight
and then we were in Paris and then we moved around a couple of rounds in Paris
so I hope it’s kind of made some sense but we thought it was a few days so I
hope you enjoyed it you

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