My Phone Describes Weird Emojis To Me

My Phone Describes Weird Emojis To Me

I feel like the zebra in Madagascar I like to move it move it. *Happy Intro Music* Hey guys, it’s Molly here again for another video and today, we’re talking about emojis Because I like emojis and a lot of sighted peeps. You know you just like Willy-nilly go around using emojis without even sometimes knowing what they actually are Whereas I my friends me with my trusty voice over always know what every emoji means, and I did a video like this like probably a year ago but the lighting’s horrible So maybe don’t watch it, but regardless I’ll link it below just in case you want to and I had my phone described emojis to me So I’m gonna do that Once more I am going to have the emoji that my phone is describing to me like pop up somewhere on the screen Sorry to my editor Scott who is going to have to go through and find every emoji I talk about and put it here my apologies in advance, but thank you you’re great, so I’m going to Turn speech on I’m going to like turn the speed down so maybe you guys can hear I’ll turn the volume way up, okay It’s at 45% which nobody in their right mind would ever who you like uses voiceover regularly would ever like listen to anything on 45 speed But for your sake just in case you can maybe hear it, too I’m doing that and I also switched from touch typing, which is how I usually use my phone Which means like as soon as my finger hits it it automatically like uses it now I have like taken it off of that So I’d actually have to double tap so it’s gonna be easier for us to go through the emojis And I’m just gonna randomly go through it like I don’t know. I don’t know what’s on my screen, so we’re just gonna Explore the emoji world I like rarely use emojis. Honestly cuz it’s too much work. I use like in the red heart a smiley face Winking face with stuck out tongue. Ooo Activity, field hockey stick and ball field hockey we’re getting very specific. Sled I don’t know I guess that’s an activity. I’m gonna turn the volume down cuz he’s gonna annoy you guys his name’s Alex by the way in case anybody’s wondering. I didn’t name him Apple did so shout out to any Alex watching this my phone Shares a name with you. He’s very glittery American football not to be confused with A British football which is a soccer ball. Also I’m wondering if like emojis are different in each country And I know I have viewers from like all over the globe so tell me if the emojis that you’re seeing on my screen Which are like the North American ones are different than the ones you have also Really exciting apples decided they’re coming out with accessibility emojis, so they’re coming out with a guide dog emoji Which is the most exciting thing ever and I really hope it looks like Gallop my adorable guide up photo of him right here Man dribbling a basketball Woman dribbling a basketball equality thank you Apple Skier going downhill therefore he is not a cross-country skier. He’s a downhill skier. I myself am also a skier Yellow heart Oh Lord six pointed star with middle dot I don’t even have an image of what that oh Maybe it looks like the starbursts on my wall Star and crescent Scorpio Aquarius, that’s me. Let me know what your birth sign is below. Cucumber Kiwi fruit specifically a kiwi fruit not a kiwi vegetable Bread, but what type of bread is it pumpernickel is it whole-wheat? We don’t know it’s just bread Tangerine. I don’t know how a tangerine would look different than an orange Do they look different? Comment below and let me know I need you people to answer my sighted questions. A baguette ooh Now we’re getting specific with which type of bread Lemon Ooo melon but once again like what type of melon, there’s so many melon options. My favorite’s watermelon what’s yours? Animals in nature. I don’t think there’s a zebra. Which is like very sad so shout out to the zebras A bee oh my gosh my mom and I Identify by with bees my dad calls us the killer bees so bees are our friends. Cat face Lion face Monkey Rabbit face, so is the monkey like the full body of the monkey and the ones that specifically specify it’s a face It’s just like the head? Interesting Unicorn Bird head. Fun fact birds are my biggest fear if you’ve watched a lot of my videos you already know that Standing chick Chicken face, Oh monkey face, Caterpillar so fun Spouting whale Elephant my favorite animal Snake ooo Taylor Swift Running horse, which is like my Gallop Dragon head. I don’t know what a dragon looks like to be honest. Maple leaf shout out to my Canadians Flower There’s so many flowers. What like what is that’s not descriptive Ear of rice Globe showing America’s Globe showing Europe’s Last quarter moon Sun behind cloud Thunder cloud and rain Sun behind large cloud not to be confused with Sun behind cloud. It’s a larger cloud in this emoji here Snowman surrounded be snowflakes Now we’re getting into the deeply descriptive ones some of them are like we’ll just call it a flower and then others they’re Let’s get really into this. High voltage sign and somebody’s texting me. I never get texts it’s just because Iim filming Globe showing Asia and Australia Oncoming police car Mountain Railway Trolley bus Mini bus Oncoming bus Suspension railway. Some of these I honestly have no idea what it would look like. Carousel horse Western castle But is there an Eastern castle? Tokyo Tower Statue of Liberty Japanese Castle A department store. There’s a department store. What does that look like? Classical building A classical building. Again I have what is a classical building? Church with a heart above it. Ooo a love hotel Shinto shrine Railway track receding into the distance Fireworks pictorial card Sunset over buildings pictorial card. I don’t know what a pictorial card is. Silhouette of Japan pictorial card What is the pictorial card? Jake what’s a pictorial card? Oh, it’s like a Postcard looking thing almost like that one is… I like that you’re pointing. Thank you Moon viewing ceremony That’s interesting Speedboat Mount Fuji Snow-capped mountain I like the ones were they like really got into describing it versus being like it’s a carrot. That’s it it’s a carrot. Ooo a Japanese post office. I’m not even doing this for your enjoyment at this point honestly It’s just for me Mochi balls on skewer Fish cake with swirl design Cooked rice Rice ball, okay. Let’s finish this out with a taco That’s it. It’s not gonna be any toppings. It’s just taco. All right That’s it that was a whole lot of emojis that we just went through and if they Happened to not be up on the screen when I mentioned them That’s because Scott couldn’t find them and honestly we all forgive you Scott because some of those were pretty obscure And I don’t think I’d be able to find them so kudos to you for editing this video yay Thank you Alright, I hope you guys enjoyed this comment below what your favorite Emoji is as well as answering all of those questions that I asked you throughout this video I love you oh so very much. Give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed and found it interesting Hit that subscribe button if you haven’t joined the fam already because we would love you to and There’s some videos over there to click on. There’s some some links to my social media, and I will see you next time. Bye!

100 thoughts on “My Phone Describes Weird Emojis To Me

  1. Hai I have a question 4 u molly I love ur videos and I’m new ♒️ (I’m also Aquarius) but how do u read comments does ur phone help if so it’s so cool 😎

  2. Emojy's are the same in every country but IT Has different styles in every phone… Like, a Samsung would have a different emojy to a Huawei or I- phone

  3. Some of the emojis you wanted more descriptors for
    Melon: a whole cantaloupe
    Flower: yellow flower with 8 petals
    Ear of rice: N/A. The emoji looks like a wheat stock (I'm from Saskatchewan so i use it as a wheat stock lol)
    Globe showing Europe: also shows Africa
    Suspension railways: a passenger train car fastened to a suspension system similar to a gondola lift used to go up a mountain at a ski resort
    Department store emoji: modern tiered square building with two sets of double doors that also has a billboard like sign on the roof above main door.
    Classical building: Ancient Greek like structure with a roof and columns. Looks like a mini version of Lincoln Memorial with a peaked roof and no statue.

    May favorite emoji is either the galaxy emoji or the ASL sign for I love you.
    The galaxy emoji an abstract emoji with swirls of blue, purple, and hints of pink as the background and white dots representing stars.
    I am curious to know how voice over describes the galaxy emoji (here) 🌌
    The ASL I love you sign is made by putting your pinky finger and index finger up with your thumb sticking out; rest of fingers bent. In real life this is one way to say I love you in ASL but the other (easier) way is to fists with both hands and cross your arms over your chest as of your giving yourself a small hug (you also smile as hearing impaired folk like me use facial expressions as vocal tones)

  4. Molly, have you ever thought about playing a game where you see if a sighted person can find the correct emoji using only the audio description?

  5. Favorite emoji? I don't think I have one favorite. Here's some that I use a lot though! 🧜🏼‍♀️❄☘🍀💖🙄💙😍😊😂😭🤓🧙‍♂️🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️👯‍♀️💕🌻 also, my birthday is July 14 so I'm a Cancer♋

  6. I am a Taurus. My favorite emojis are a mermaid with a purple tail. Unicorn. Fairy. Rainbow and, cat emoji oh and upside down smile face. 🤪😸🧚‍♀️🧜‍♀️💝🐒🐧🦋🌻🦄🌞🌈🎶🙃

  7. Hi Molly my name is Miguel and I am an aquarius as well.
    I am from Colombia and I enyoy your videos so much. I LOVE YOU.

  8. I’m a cancer (the sign hopefully not the yucky thing though am currently living with parents to get some health answers done) but we will say I’m a June baby, love me some water. Lol the first bread was Italian bread or white bread loaf cut in half. The melon I think honeydew 🍈 (it popped up so I think so lol 😂). Fun fact it’s just a a unicorn head not a whole unicorn 🦄. 🌻 . Suspension railway is a hanging train 🙂

    I worked as a tech advisor with a Mac as my work computer and we used emojis in our team chat. 🙈🥰 And it helped us find out what each emoji was called …

    but fun fact on iOS devices also when you type it will show an emoji for a word that an emoji is described by. Such as birthday shows a cake, present and cupcake (and lol shows laughing faces (it always gives you three options). Obviously not every word pops up but Hehe obviously 🙄 has one. Leaving work my favorite one was one I called poof but lol I had to search for the emoji for my team chat if not in my recents by typing smoke 💨

  9. So the classical building looks like a Roman type building with the big columns. The pictorials cards are like stamps they have the picture in the middle of a square box with white edges.

  10. Tangerines and oranges don't look different AT ALL I think the melon is a cantaloupe the flower was just a yellow flower

  11. Found you on Colleen’s channel!! Just subscribed. When I was in elementary school we had adults with different “disabilities” come in to talk to us and we always had blind people or people with tunnel vision etc, so I always thought I knew everything because of that. I’m so happy to discover how much more I have to learn!!

  12. 5:01 wow! I love you so much 😂😂😂💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘😂😂😂
    PS my favourite singer is Taylor Swift ❤️

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