100 thoughts on “NAMM 2019 Behringer RD-8 Rhythm Designer

  1. That hand clap sounds phenomenal… if you had told me in 2002 that this would be Behringer now, I would have laughed…

  2. Jetzt muss man nur den Nachwuchs von FL Studio weg, hin zur Hardware kriegen. Schwierig, schwierig…! Uns älteren "Elektroniker", gefällt das Produkt. (Einzel Ausgänge, für Life Action am Mixer – immer gut und unabdingbar :-))

  3. Behringer 1
    Roland 0

    Should've given the people what they wanted. Now you're crying because Behringer did.

  4. I would Love to see a MemoryMoog replication!!!!!!
    Obv This is Great, also somebody should do a great Simmons sds 5-7 replication!!!

  5. bet you anything we havent heard about the release because stupid roland is threatening them and trying to reclaim the design, so we can get more of their garbage new emulation hardware. they already went after propellerhead what reason do we have to believe they havent gone after behringer?

  6. Come on Behringer…can you please come up with some innovative gear…your just copying everything that already exists…you even copied the font of Roland TR808

  7. Behringer is killing it year by year. Amazing units build paired with affordable prices. This looks neat af again tbh.

  8. I would immediately order a RD – 707 …The RD-808 with a LCD Matrix! Makes life easy for those of us who are Rhythm handicapped…But in the interim I'll buy the RD-808

  9. Seems not much point spending thousands on the original 808, which was quite cranky when I used it 15 years ago

  10. Need to get Mr Magoo out of the screen printing department. The labelling above the step buttons is all over the shop.
    Nice machine though.

  11. Omg behringer thanks so much for MS 101 and this its a dream for me ! When its available in france please (the RD 808)!

  12. Yeah, but WtF is it now?, as it was promised by Mar-19 @ NAMM… And the cash is burnin' my pocket Uli!! 😎🎹👊🗯

  13. when does this come out? and can you load your own samples or like do u have to use the kit it comes with?

  14. Impressive. I wonder if behringer will start producing Sid chips again and give us some of that goodness

  15. i can remember,not so long ago,people told me not to buy Behringer Hardware…..
    whats going on now?
    Why this change of sense?

  16. Hauntology : The Business of Future-Retro
    Moog or Behringer, Roland or Korg, analog or digital, a spectre of hauntology is present behind most of these competing brands. Instead of giving musicians and public the access to advanced synthesis and new audio-technology, these institutions are mostly engaged in regurgitating vintage charm via low-cost instruments (which don't last half as long as the instruments did in the 70s and 80s)

  17. Go Behringer go and don't forget Jupiter 8, Voyetra 8, Matrix 12, and the bob Moog and his Kosher synth Memory Moog,.

  18. its never coming out is it because roland renewed thier patents and what not in germany. its NEVER coming out guys we can thank roland. they want to force us to use their crap new products.

  19. Great work, Behringer! Now, if you could just release some of them already! The Pro 1, Odyssey, MS-101, VC340, and what not….. will these be released sometime this year?

  20. Really need to know about pattern chaining on the RD 808.

    It's what really lets the TR8 down.

    Can you program complex pattern chains?

    For example a sequence as follows; Pattern 1, Pattern 1, Pattern 1, Pattern 2, Pattern 1, Pattern 3, Pattern 3, Pattern 4?

    People may see this as unrealistic but you can literally do something this simple on a Pocket Operator which costs £80.

    This sort of flexibility is essential in a modern drum machine as is probability.

    Such simple mathematical features make these machines into real instruments that twist and turn in beautiful, creative ways.

    Here's hoping….

  21. Hey guys! When it will be released? There was the info about march 2019 – but still nothing! 🙁

  22. This is all very well and good, for those recordists who want that synthetic-sounding classic drum machine vibe, especially for the price. I prefer a natural-sounding drum machine, so I'll stick with my Alesis SR-18.

  23. despite announcements made it would be availble in march for 300 , its june and its still not in stores… as far as i know.

  24. I want one😅. Gawwwd, just bought a vintage mixer … love those indivual 1/4s out just like the original…handy 4 detailed production work. Bet they’ll b a “sqintillion AUD” here in Oz.

  25. it is nice to recreate a roland old unit but I wouldnt buy this. Their actual TR8 I think is better as it allows to download more kits. As this is not a pure 808 I wonder why this feature is missing with a 2019 product?

  26. Damn – I can’t wait for mine to arrive. Gear4Music recon 1st week in November, but if I’ve got it by Christmas il be a Happy Bunny.

  27. @ 1:50 the poly mode, could you set it to un even step lengths too? As in a 12 step hihat pattern in an overall 16 step pattern?

  28. "… the classic 808, which was launched back in 1983 …"
    At least get your dates right. The 808 was launched in 1980. Production ceased in 1983.

  29. Behringer has literally become the best. Thank you for actually making products we want. Especially for making quality affordable. I bought the deepmind 12 and I am in love. I hope you make a 707 or 505 (or hybrid) and i will purchase immediately lol.

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