Nanoleaf Aurora Smart Lighting: Demo

Nanoleaf Aurora Smart Lighting: Demo

whats up guys mike here the detroit BORG with a really quick look at the nano leaf aurora modular smart lighting kit. so this retails for $199 but i picked this up on black Friday for $149. i actually bought two kits now each kit has nine triangles these are LED back light triangles that are designed to be used on the wall sorta as an accent lighting. and you can arrange them in a hole variety of different configurations. Their actually attached to the wall using 3M command strips which means they can be easily pulled of and replaced, so if you need to re position them. which means no tools and you wont damage your walls pulling these off. each starter kit includes this control module which connects to one of the triangles and then daisy changes to the rest of them. and this is what controls the lighting and connects it to wifi as a remote control we also get a power adapter and tones of wiring so you have lots of wire to work with put of course this does mean you have a wire going up to the module no these are very similar to other smart lighting systems like hue light, in fact this also works with home kit which means you can use siri or the home kit app to control these lights. now the triangles together using these little tabs which are modular, which means you can repossession them to what ever side you want them to connect to. this actually allow you to chain up to 30 panels and you can buy expansion packs to add on to what ever configuration you have now they do include a whole bunch of 3M command strips but what you might want to do here is actually overlap the panels so they hide the tabs that stick out. so you kind of have to plan ahead of time they also give you these paper templates which you can affix to a wall and experiment with the configureation you want but in my case i am just going to lay the configuration on my desk and then transfer that to the wall one piece at a time know the great thing about this setup is that you do not need to connect it to wifi in order to get a light show out of it so if you just want to throw it up on the wall and click a button to turn it on and cycle through the various programs you can do that you get several different light shows that you can cycle through which look very nice but of course the fun reely comes down to using this with an app which allows you to use voice to turn it on and of change the color change the brightness and much more now you can use the nano leaf app to customize the color for each panel you can also customize the brightness and the speed which those colors rotate their is a lot of really interesting patterns you can select from and of course the more lights you have the better and the great thing about this system is that it knows the configuration automatically so you don’t have to tell it what shape your nano leaf is setup in so if you ever change the arrangement the app will automatically update it you can also choose and customize a variety of lighting scenes so if you want to change up the colors you can go ahead and select the scenes and you can add your hue light bulbs under the settings now the great thing here is that i can control it in siri but you are limited here so you cant change the animation or the individual colors of the panels you can just basicly change the brightness or the color so for example i can change it to purple, blue, red, pink or what ever color that siri recognizes and it will change the entire panel of course i can change the brightness by telling it to ‘dim down to 50%’ or what ever now these panels are very bright to look at and they may not light the room effectively but they are defiantly bright when they are staring you right in the face so most of the time you’ll probably want to dim these lights to about 50% to get a nice ascent effect instead of lighting up the entire room now you can really dim these down so if you want a nice ambient night light you can enable that just by dimming it to about 10% now i actually think this could be a really cool setup for a child’s bedroom as it can act as a night light if you dim it all the way down the panels themselves are edge light so you will see the light sort off coming from the corners of the triangles i actually think it is a really neat effect especially when it dims in and out it also has a really cool on and of effect so each panel goes off at a random pace alright guys i hope you enjoyed this quick look at the aurora by nano leaf if you guys want to know more i will leave a link in the description below so you can pick them up for your self hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up to let me know and i will see you again in the next video

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  1. Do you need a hub to control the aurora with HomeKit? Or can you just connect the aurora to HomeKit without anything extra?

  2. They should make other shapes as well. It would be really cool to be able to make an Apple logo out of something like this.

  3. Watched your Surface Studio unboxing (and several others) then subscribed to your channel when I saw you were approaching one million subscribers. 😉 Good stuff here.

  4. The sheer amount of useless gimmicks that floods the market at extortionate prices never ceases to amaze me, neither does the consumers gullibility. Oh well, if it works for them then good luck to them.

  5. is this little gal worthy to buy spending $ 200 i don't think so mike.😒😒😒 any ways your most of videos are amazing beyond the words.

  6. Hi! Hope i win your giveaway! I really want an iphone but we cant afford it 🙁
    didnt get anything on christmas but my family made sure we'll be happy on new year and we were! best new year of my life Thanks for the giveaway! did everything!! FROM UR GIVEAWAY VIDEO

  7. I have a question. I am thinking about buying these to hang them on the wall behind my desk. My desk in were I do all my work so I need a good lighting there! But with normal light there's the problem that my monitors stand there but something's I need to do paperwork too.

    So my Question is: Are they good for lighting up your workplace?

  8. Nice video thank you for the review. I have seen some pictures where the pannels are bend around the corner on two walls. Is it necessary to buy two starter kits for each of the two walls or are the connecting pieces bendable and it is possible to make a around the corner form with only the additional kits?

  9. That looks really cool!! I had to give you a Sub & Like. Hope you can return the favor. I also hope this is an affiliate video cause you explain the product well:)

  10. can we program it? is there any SDK or API? for example, I want to change the color when I have new emails, change the speed depends on how many email, or change the color depends on room temperature, stuff like that

  11. Interesting, I literally was just interesting in buying them and reading the website for all of it's different specs. Nice timing, Mike.

  12. Oh wow thanks for the demo. That is an awesome product. I think indirect area lights are great to create much more natural lighting effects instead of the classical "point lights" that you need to bounce off walls to make nice.

  13. This thing is awesome. It can be also used as living room lightning too. I recommend to buy 2 starter pack since the expansion pack (only 3 panels) cost about 75$.

  14. No wonder the average american will die poor and deprived, buying all kind of junk. This crap costs $300, go swipe the credit card lol 😂😂😂

  15. Wish you could just control the fucking thing on your computer. Whats with this IOS and Apple only bullshit for apps. I want to hang one above my computer setup so naturally I want to be able to control it with the computerr.

  16. Available on at Best Pricing in the UAE!

  17. I will buy them too, but im not sure about the place where i will put them. Is it disturbing you over your desktop PC or is it okay?

  18. Hugely disappointed with mine, the app won't pair with my iPhone anymore making the Nanoleaf basically useless. Customer service with this company has been so frustrating because they hide behind email (no phone reps !!!) and just keep saying "Here, try this, maybe it will work" The flimsy stickers they provide for mounting couldn't hold a dandelion. I'm going to take it back for a refund.!!!

  19. Thanks for sharing!!! nanoleaf is nice but way too expensive though. I found these people are selling a cooler light with almost 1/3 the price of nano.

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