NASCAR’s Kurt Busch Meets Johnny the PA – Lights Out with David Spade

NASCAR’s Kurt Busch Meets Johnny the PA – Lights Out with David Spade

-Can I ask Jay a question?
-You were good about it. You were good about it,
but it is hard. -About… This is serious,
though. -(car alarm blaring) -But…
-(horn honking) All right! What’s going on over there? -Sorry. I’m not…
-SPADE: Is this a bit? -Hang on, there.
-SPADE: I smell a bit. Carry on, man. SPADE:
Oh, good lord, it’s Johnny the P.A.
in Daisy Dukes. What are you doing a bit early
in the… in the bit? I’m sorry. I was just
installing a car alarm for my favorite NASCAR driver,
Kurt Busch. (cheering and applause) Yeah. I don’t think a-a race car
car alarm makes sense. Kurt, did you ask him
to do that? No, David, I did not. I’m sorry about that. -He just comes out
and does stuff? -Yeah. It’s-it’s all right.
I like to meet my fans. -Yeah.
-SPADE: Ooh, boy. Uh, you don’t want
to meet this guy. Just trying to jump-start
my car alarm business. That’s all, okay?
I’ll get out of your hair. Sorry about that. Sorry, Mr. Busch. Uh, here’s your bill. It’s just, uh, $8,000. You should be all wrapped up. -Johnny…
-Hey, Farley, by the way, the-the plugs,
they’re working perfectly. Thank you, Norm. Thank you very much. Hey, Johnny,
you’re still in the bit. Stay focused. Uh… Listen, everything’s gonna work out
there, Pennywise. -Did you have a nice time?
-Uh, this is the first talk show that I’ve been to with my car. And I think I’m going this way
from now on. That’s right.
Ellen will love it. Um, glad you had fun. And it’s been a great show. Wait, wait, wait!
Uh, Davey, Dave, Dave! -Yeah, I’m right here. -Can I
ask, uh, Kurt one more question? Uh, eh. Yeah, go ahead. Mr. Busch, I just want
to say it was an honor. Uh, do you have that $8,000? That’s enough, Johnny. No, I’ve got a hot tip on
a dog race coming up real soon. Just talk to me later.
Talk to me later. All right, talk to him after.
He might want in on it. Go back to being
in everyone’s nightmare.

28 thoughts on “NASCAR’s Kurt Busch Meets Johnny the PA – Lights Out with David Spade

  1. Leno acting like he’s too good to be there. Ironic thing is that Spade is too awesome to have backstabbing Leno on his show.

  2. Most I've laughed yet and I've watched every episode…wish I could have been around to see Leno's knocked out stripper haha…

  3. Its like a breath of fresh air to be free of the lame anti Trump political jokes that the DNC propaganda hit jobs masquerading as comedy shows are riddled with.

  4. God I wanted this show to work out so bad , I’m the biggest Spade fan but even Norm couldn’t help him out like he did Conan in the early days.

  5. This format sucks.

    Everything is so awkward and when it starts to get better or funny spade has to cut to commercial or then he is interpreted by stupid bits which eat into the already limited air time.
    I watched the the whole episode norm was delivering like always but got timed out by the format of the show.

    As any norm fan knows he likes to take his sweet time.

  6. Soooo this show is Awesome. Buttttt.. during the break it shows the writers giving them lines. Why?? You don't have to give Jay or THE BEST, Norm.. lines to say. They got it. Great show tho. I DVR it every night. Watch next day.

  7. Love ya dave. Great way to ease norm back into society. Kinda like spittin on it before penetration. But really got too many folks in 30min

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