36 thoughts on “NAUTICAL WALL DECOR ~ Dollar Tree DIY~ SUMMER HOME DECOR DIY (2019)

  1. I absolutely love this
    It will go so well with my beach decor. Had to subscribe to your channel and pass it along to me friends. We all live at the beach, so we love this type of stuff. I would love to see any more nautical or beach items

  2. Where is the habitat for humanity store at in each state or where could I begin to start at. I luv to shop there if I could. Vintage is my thing with natical. Luv ya Traci

  3. Really like what you did my first time to find you so glad I didπŸ¦‹πŸ’•Happy Birthday to your sonπŸŽ‚

  4. New sub, I love anything nautical or beachy looking. Also love that you say Mod podge & not Modge podge. πŸ˜€

  5. I just love this! So happy i found a new channel to subscribe to.unfortunatly ive deleted a few cause there diy's started losing my interest,im excited to go watch more of you videos! Have a great day!

  6. What section in dollar tree do you get the package of nautical wood pieces? I've been to 2 stores and haven't seen any. Thank you, I absolutely LOVE this idea!

  7. Brand new to your channel. I love this .I'm a huge nautical decor .fan this is absolutely gorgeous. I'm hoping to find those frames at my DT. T4S 🌹🌷 🌹🌷 🌹🌷 🌹

  8. I’m so happy YouTube suggested I watch your video! I love this project! My house is nautical/farmhouse! Thanks for the habitat reminder!!!

  9. New subscriber/bell notification pusher thingy here! Giggle YouTube recommend this video for me & I'm so glad they did! I absolutely love the style of your videos (I just finished the 3 vase/rocks/candle centerpiece, too!) & especially the way you explain everything & what not to do & why! I can't wait to see what you do next! Thank you for inspiring me (& reminding me to go back to Habitat Restore!!!) & take care of you & yours! ~ Lindy

  10. Love your frames. I like the cut outs. This turned out so cute. TFS I agree with your hubby and subbies.

  11. I'm new to your channel. That is such a cute DIY. And thanks for reminding me about Habitat for Humanity stores. I haven't been to mine in a long time. Take care!

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