NEVER TOO SMALL ep.13 27m2 Tiny Apartment Design – Darlinghurst Apartment

NEVER TOO SMALL ep.13 27m2 Tiny Apartment Design – Darlinghurst Apartment

The design of the apartment was all
about containing the amenities for life to the smallest possible area and to
provide a bigger space for living The apartments located in a building
called Ballina which is an art deco 1920s Heritage listed property. There’s 27
units in the this block I first moved into this apartment at the beginning of
2014 when I got the apartment there was a little kitchen in its own separate
nook we decided to be a good idea to put the kitchen or living space and a
bedroom where the kitchen was The apartment was really designed for two
people so the idea was that would function like a one-bedroom apartment so
the bedroom can be completely closed off we have this little pocket window
integrated into the storage wall so the idea is when you walk in the front door
and that window is opening you can still see out the view and the apartment is
significally wider than just the width of the living space. We built the bedroom
on a platform to delineate the space between the living and the sleeping area
that also allowed us to get plumbing to needed to go and install some shoe
drawers. There’s storage underneath the bed there’s storage on top of the bed and
there’s a little recessed shelf which acts as a bedside table and has lights
and powerpoints and those windows along with the windows
in the living space were left in their original condition so the external
facade remains untouched Below the TV there’s a little desk which can fold up
and allows you to use the TV as a second monitor and we included a 24 bottle wine
storage cupboard so we didn’t want the kitchen to feel like kitchen we hid all the appliances included in the oven behind the little pocket door we put a
drying rack above the sink so that you can put your dishes away to dry we’ve
got a blade wall which is made out joinery and integrates a spice rack on
the kitchen side and as you come into the apartment that’s got the intercom
hidden away inside the little key shelf to put stuff on so. We completely hit the
bathroom behind one of the sliding doors on the main wall when we first got it
there was a massive bath which we ripped out and was replaced at the shower and a
washing machine Good design is not only about making a smaller footprint work harder but it’s also creating a really great quality of life and a sense of
luxury in a tighter space and inevitably that provides sustainable solutions for
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100 thoughts on “NEVER TOO SMALL ep.13 27m2 Tiny Apartment Design – Darlinghurst Apartment

  1. these apartments have ultimate hiding spaces incase of robbers or murderers like, you walk in there and don't even realize there is a bedroom.

  2. leaving old window like that, isn't more cold air coming and warm going out during winter time?, looking at it, it seems that its not even double glass

  3. where is your personality?? This is the type of "MiNiMaLiSm" that is probably way more expensive than normal living.

  4. Great looking space! My only concern is that you have to be or to hire a very talented architect/carpenter to realise this. Also you couldn't do this in a rental apartment.

  5. Basically he covered everything which doesnt look nice behind a cabinet door.
    The washing machine and jackets, the oven, the spices…
    Thats expensive, impractical and maby looks cleaner but stops you form feeling home (because everything looks like its just refurbished and as nobody would live there and without your individuality).

  6. Lovely design but I hate the way this clip was filmed. All the scenes were too quick, no time for admiring the architect. I had to pause the vid several times just to take in what was going on in the design.

  7. I love this apartment and many others on this page. But the issue we have in the UK is that the kitchen cannot, under planning law, be in open space next to the front door. It must be in another room with a fully closing door. This makes creating incredible small spaces very difficult. It really sucks.

  8. i just discovered this channel and I'm amazed.I finally found something that's 100% usefull
    Keep up the good work

  9. Great design! Only thing I do not like is to hid the refrigerator. Every time you want something you have to open two times, pretty soon I would just remove the shelf and throw it out of the window 🙂 Other then that, looks practical in a long run.

  10. Really like this apartment. But it strikes me as weird that they would put a cabinet door in front of a normal fridge, effectively resulting in two doors you need to open, rather than using an integrated fridge that you can mount a cabinet door to.

  11. That’s great you were able to flip the bedroom and kitchen layout! Love the bright airiness as well as planned minimalism with hidden storage.

  12. Cheers for sharing 🙂

    Out of all apartments featured, this one remains a favourite of mine & many others who appreciate the impact of a small space – Living with less, so we can have a better quality of life. ♡

    Have a beautiful, blessed 2019 ☆ Xx

  13. Get a bigger house? Lots of land out there. Humans shouldn't be forced to live in such tiny quarters paying exorbitant prices. They give us what we collectively are willing to pay and live with.

  14. So you have to keep your cabinets open just to use your appliances? I feel like that would be a bit of a cleaning issue and a minor inconvenience for sale of a sleek design

  15. this could appeal to someone who perhaps travels alot or has a busy social life. clean, functional, uncluttered but sterile and unwelcoming it strikes me for someone who spends much of their time at home. an easy place to unwind in but short on personality or individual distinction.

  16. i mean … in ur head you know that this is supposed to look great but in reality the practical features are more playful then usefull and create a feel of overloading the space with "design"

  17. Lovely space, some small credits should go to the recurring cast of Aesop dispensers in these videos:)

  18. I'm guessing this is an owned apartment (condo), rather than a rental, and therefore can be re-designed as you have. Nice space.

  19. I have figured out how to make these tours more satisfying. At the beginning they showed the layout & the change – every time they change rooms, show the layout again & where they're going. +why are all the minimalist fold-out, hide the storage, slide the walls apts stark white?

  20. One thing I definitely understand from watching these is that … To be an architect you have to be an alcoholic… A wine rack and booze by the door… Come home first ting is take a gulp??

  21. This is one of my favourites, how he integrated so much into it. But the video cuts through fast, a tiny apartment video doesn't have to be tiny.

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