NEVER TOO SMALL ep.16 30m2 studio apartment – TARA

NEVER TOO SMALL ep.16 30m2 studio apartment – TARA

Tara is a building that was completed
in 1920, in the art deco style. This apartment is a 30 square meter space. The layout exists primarily as it was, the client was very inspired by minimalist interior design and really wanted a very clean and crisp and contemporary product for
the design of his space. Our idea was to shift the bulk of the apartment to the perimeter walls or to the outside walls To create a really large open and fluid
space through the middle of the apartment. Running along one length of wall beyond the kitchen is a function wall and it contains a four seat sofa
and a fold-down bed. The function wall wraps almost the couch and the bed to make full use of the height and ensure that no space was left unused for
storage where possible. For the design of the function wall we wanted something very robust, which is why we decided to clad it entirely in metal. It’s a very very contemporary look and feel. It feels very sharp very bespoke and very unique. We’ve used a very strong white bench top because it’s located at the base of the
singular window to the studio. What that does is help to flood the space with light and the bench top and splash back reads a little bit like a like a giant
lantern, it has a glow. We’ve employed a number of compact appliances and everything in the kitchen is concealed, there’s a washer/dryer combination,
there’s a pull-out dishwasher, there’s a microwave. But also a very generous sized
fridge. We decided to use frosted glass for the bathroom door as a mechanism or tool to be able to borrow light from the window in the bathroom. And bring more light into the studio. All of the surfaces in the bathroom are
finished in the same tile. Creates a very unique geometric pattern it helps to make the bathroom feel much larger than it in fact is. The apartment overall
presents us a very simple solution but it’s in fact, there’s a great deal of
consideration goes into getting all of the details right. The way that the blind
rolls down just behind the tap or the concealed strip lighting in the shower,
right down to the small details like the push touch doors in the kitchen. Or the
concealed finger pull handles. Very important to be able to make use of
existing building stock and improve upon that so that people are very comfortable
living in our cities

100 thoughts on “NEVER TOO SMALL ep.16 30m2 studio apartment – TARA

  1. I have 43m2 studio apartment in Amsterdam and am literally obsessed with all these fancy design solutions!! Soo inspiring and sooo envious !! I love how all the walls are gone, and love the pull out bed. Basic morale of all these videos: keep it crazy tidy and absolutely NO CLUTTER.

  2. I love when I find a yt channel actually worth watching and re-watching, what a brilliant content, keep these episodes coming!

  3. Very nice. Just a note on fold out beds. I lived in a studio for 20 years and fold out beds usually stay out 97% of the time so while they look good folded up most of the time they wll be left out.

  4. Ive been in this apartmemt building…its in Rushcutters bay, Sydney near xcross…feels very art deco/museumlike when u walk in.

  5. I think you should insert the wardrobe quite often cause we would like to see how the small apartment could storage a lot of clothes, i mean like shoes, bags, etc

  6. Architects desing simple, cheap, economically, rationally, when they do it for themselves… but expensive, complicatilly, ostentatious when they desing is for clients

  7. every morning, it takes a lot time to clean and pack the bed and every evening you spend a lot time on open it. You will be late for work.

  8. How is The Clei bed Holding up, thinking of getting one, wondering og You hd had any feedback regarding it from the client ?

  9. 1- 30 m2 is not small.
    2- the living space is in complete darkness and the kitchen and bath are flooded with light.
    3- it's like living next to the entrance door.
    4- pulling out the bed while tired late at night is not practical at all
    5- and you'll be sleeping smelling the rest of your pizza in the oven instead of having a proper night stand.
    6- I'd be bored as hell with staring at my faucet as only activity.
    7- it looks nice though.

  10. I can't stop watching these videos, gives me so much inspiration for my studio! Btw, anyone who has an idea where the lamp (1:14) is from? Could absolutely use it!

  11. Like something out of a science fiction movie, where everyone seems to be happy, but you realize as you watch that it’s actually a dystopia

  12. I like this space. I would get better looking furnishings though. That table and chairs from IKEA cheapen the place

  13. Just 1 thing. For me I hate to do my bed every day if I live alone. So I would have to prioritize the use of either the bed or the sofa

  14. he must rarely use his microwave. if it was me, i would be so annoyed everytime i had to use it i'd have to open TWO doors…… = =

  15. These people can put a microwave and a dishwasher anywhere but never a regular size sink for some reason…

  16. The apartment does look amazing, but I don't see the point of spending extra money to fit all of the necessities into a smaller space when you could easily buy and furnish a much larger place for the same amount.

  17. The apartment design is so clean and deluxe but the chairs feel to normal, I would change them into a more high value product.

  18. a great place for someone else to live….. this would be horrific. and the window should be over the toilet or a high full length transom widow (like 2'x5') so you can have a mirror over the sink.

  19. Not enough surfaces to "leave stuff on". Also, how anyone would get any sort of work done just on that puny table is beyond me. Maybe as a sleep/sex only apartment.

  20. It's beautiful! The light colors really help make the space look bigger. I find that darker colors are good for large spaces to make them look smaller or just feel more cozy.

  21. Wait, it isn't a mirror in the bathroom? This is beautiful but I think it has a few problems if someone is really going to live there. Awesome for ideas, not for living it.

  22. Oh no, that bed will be a problem, open and closing it eeeeveryday … this small apartments architects have great taste for design, but apparently they don't sleep …

  23. Every time that I see a kitchen with chairs like that I imagine people like running to seat in the actual chair and not in the stools. But cute design tho

  24. I do ❤ the pull down bed over the couch but then to di have the return part of the couch as a extension of the bed very much like that alot!

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