NEVER TOO SMALL ep.18 26.5m2 Micro Apartment Design – The Bae

NEVER TOO SMALL ep.18 26.5m2 Micro Apartment Design – The Bae

my name is Alec Nielsen and I’m an
architect and my name is Liz Walsh and I’m also an architect The Bae is located in Sandy Bay in Hobart Tasmania The original apartment block was built in
1972 there are 12 units in this apartment The Bae is 26.5 square meters in total
the original services kitchen and bathroom were marginally bigger than
what we have now so one of the main strategies was to really consolidate and
couple the services to the back walls this provides more flexible floor
plate for however you’d like to use the space exactly for us the main driving
design idea for the apartment was looking at how we can actually increase
the sense of space through the addition of the two skylights and by adding the
two skylights we’ve been able to make the tiny footprint actually feel quite
spacious and generous also another advantage of the scarlet is that were
able to capture north light and by pulling out the carpet we exposed the
slab which acts as thermal mass for keeping the apartment warm during winter
we’ve retained a strip of the original 70s tiles at the front we wanted to have
traces of the history and of that 70s fabric that was really important in small spaces leaving one of the the things that seems to come up a lot
particularly in bed set type apartments is that the bed is always visible in
the living space so we wanted the flexibility to be able to fold the bed
up you know open the kitchen and actually use it as a living and we’ve
also pushed the kitchen back so it actually feels like it’s in a nook it’s
actually not flush with the rest of the space so it’s you know about delineating
zones it was really important that we provided a good sized pantry it was also
really important that the storage was deep enough and wide enough to
accommodate a full height fridge and oven that we could roast the chicken in I think it was also really important to
include the glass splashback so they extended the view while you’re in
the kitchen one of the advantages of introducing the
skylights and creating the pitched volume internally was creating overhead
storage it was really important that the bathroom and the main living spaces have quite
different aesthetics and one of the primary design drivers for the door with
that it felt heavy and private and acoustically separate from this space
you could close that heavy door it’s almost acoustically sealed it feels like
a cloister in there yeah so there was an introduction of a skylight within the
bathroom so that washed the wall behind the shower and we liked the idea of
bringing a little bit of 70s glamour into the space so picking up on the
color of the existing tiles pulling that into the bathroom we’re really looking
at how we can be economical and functional in our material choices but
the things that you touch and that a tactile actually have patina and have a
bit more glamour we really wanted those things to kind of yeah to pop and be an
experience in themselves retrofitting existing apartments is hugely
important for future living as resources become more and more finite
it’s so critical that we start to reuse adapt reimagine what our existing
building stock is with better amenity and I think a better sense of community
yeah I don’t think apartment living needs to be compromised I actually think
it can be a joy to live in

100 thoughts on “NEVER TOO SMALL ep.18 26.5m2 Micro Apartment Design – The Bae

  1. Looks good but you couldn't live in it. Where are the personal touches? Where are your books and hobbies? Where's the ironing board?

  2. I wasn't feeling it too much when it started but I liked it more and more as the video continued. Very nice. Awesome bathroom.

  3. It's kinda scary how they talk… in creepy little bits haha. Should have spent some time making them not feel so nervous.

  4. I think the overall design is super dope. I just think the plywood aesthetic is kind of off putting :/ seeing the space with everything hidden gave me a creepy vibe. When the kitchen isn't hidden, it feels more friendly (for a lack of a better term).

  5. It's a bit too sterile for my liking, but it's still an interesting use of space. If they can live with it, then that's great for them.

  6. Creative but does not feel warm, cozy and inviting. I would always worry about having things out of place. But again, very creative ideas. 😊

  7. I don't like it, not my style. The apartment feels cold…. not really a home. There are no family pictures, the way everything is hiding behind walls makes the room feel empty. Space is lacking in life, it feels and looks cold. It doesn't feel like a couple lives there, just like an oversized closet. There are no plants, no pictures, no library, and no fireplace. I would not be happy living in the space.

  8. The best part was the bathroom, except even w/the skylight, it was too dark as opposed to everything else which was too light & unfinished & what's up with Barbie Doll furniture? lol

  9. If I ever get to stay in this beautiful place, I will just fit it with sonos speaker, visualizer as a TV, Google home, a wireless Dyson and power mains.

  10. looks like it had a fairly high ceiling, shouldve just made it into a loft bed instead of that skylight.

  11. There's some great concepts, but personally I don't like folding beds and kitchens.. It just makes it a little "more" inaccessible. I want to grab something to eat and crash on my bed all the time!

  12. Must be a drag when your tired too drunk coming home. It should had been atleast automated with a press of a button. But cool idea nonetheless!

  13. I LOVE small spaces. But, this space just isn’t doing it for me. Can’t quite put my finger on it. But, my face was scrunched the whole time I watched this.

  14. Очень футуристично… но мне бы там было не уютно, как мне кажется. Будто я в космическом корабле нахожусь.

  15. I would much rather that the bathroom opened onto a small corridor than the living area. Always having to make the bed daily, another no. A kitchen with no work space. This all seemed emotionally cold and badly planned.

  16. On a day to day basis, a person living there would let the kitchen and the bed exposed all the time. It's not practical to fold and unfold everything all the time. I study on my bed, use the kitchen all the time to make coffee. And I actually think the apartment looks prettier and cozier with the bed and the kitchen exposed.

  17. Feels like you're inside a plywood box. This doesn't look like a cosy home, it looks like the concept for a Scandinavian prison cell or something

  18. The objects that remain visible when everything is closed up are all striking, but only on second, third, and fourth glance. I did not initially like this space because of how sterile it initially seems. On second glance, the table is interesting. On third glance, the remaining 70s tile is striking. On 4th glance, the light on the wall, and other visible objects all have the appearance of delicately picked fruits.

  19. I would like very much to know how you get permission from the strata to knock the ceiling so you can extend the right to the roof and add skylights. and if you can claim that space, why not creating a loft in that pitch?

  20. I like the simplicity of this. Instead of something like transforming furniture, this is just a kitchen hidden in a closet. Simply open the door and you have a kitchen. Some tiny home designers over complicate things, which kind of takes away from the liveability. You don't have to do a lot to actually access the functions of the house. Just open a door and you're done. Very nice!

    Once you add some plants and paintings this will look way less bland.

  21. Love this apartment. It looks simple bit I know every inch was well planned. Congratulations on a wonderful build.

  22. I don't really like this. Wheres the personality? If I walked in and was to guess what the people living in it was like, what would I say? Nothing to derive interest here. I get the minimalist aesthetic, but this is sort of missing the "aesthetic" part of it. The beauty of minimalist comes from the simplicity and individuality of the so little amount of things you have. Those things say a lot about who you are. I just see some bland furniture with everything of potential interest hidden away behind the homogenous walls. Its like sitting inside an egg. I do like the bathroom though, and I like the heavy soundproof door

  23. Nice but it's a bit sterile. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a very minimalistic look, but this looks like a waiting room or office space. I can't imagine myself getting cozy there

  24. the thing about this build is it wouldnt look so uncomfortable if the walls were painted any color other plywood, the table was bigger than a plate, had more interesting flooring, and had a more comfortable couch. how do you live in this? no clutter is nice but i cant imagine having that much floorspace and not like, actually using it

  25. The over head storages are useless if we are too small. No ladder, no special way to put things easily in these spaces. Another problem if the things are to be brought and are too heavy. Or heavy volumes. We need an access. To these places. Now, when the weather is too dark outside the colors are not warm enough inside. And i love wood. So it needs a touch of color from places to places. Good idea for the acoustic protection in the bathroom…the color of the walls are for me too dark. It is a style. But if someone depressed comes here. It is absolutely impossible… the windows they must be changed. At least to warm the studio. And In winter… an idea is asked to warm correctly the space. I appreciate the space. Good to practice yoga, or dance rehearsals. I would add a big mirror for instance and a barre for the classical exercises. With point shoes. I love the balcony. Good to eat outside in summer or as soon as sun comes. For the intimacy, Japanese rolling white or colored curtains can come from the ceiling. Near the windows or not too far. Welcoming sun and warmth.the colors may come from these panels. After all. Some of my creative ideas. 🤷🏻‍♀️😘🌷i like the idea that everything is in the walls. I loooove . Everything furniture on wheels in a little space, is required. Of course with a system to fix when needed.

  26. ok i actually would love to live here. i don't think it looks lifeless when the bed and kitchen aren't out, it looks calming and relieving to me without any cluster. i think living spaces are very individual things that depend on the residents' nature and character.

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