NEVER TOO SMALL ep.19 15sqm OPod – Experimental Micro Living Housing

NEVER TOO SMALL ep.19 15sqm OPod – Experimental Micro Living Housing

so one of the biggest problems about
living in a city like Hong Kong is that this is now getting very very expensive
and I happen to see couple of these concrete water pipes on the construction
site and I walked inside and I found that surprisingly they were quite
interesting to occupy OPod is an experimental low-cost housing
architectural design which is using concrete water pipe to create a house
which is about 15 square meters so that people can live in an affordable level
concrete water pipe is actually quite good for housing it is some kind of a
material that we are used to good insulation properties it is very
inexpensive so OPod itself is a long-term housing solution but this is
designed to be transient so what we do is we locate these OPods on spare
pieces of land to create fast housing for people and then once the land is no
longer available we move this housing to another piece of land and make it
available for other people to live so the OPod you see here is a prototype and
it is about 15 square meters inside it is about two and a half meters wide and
two and a half meters tall OPod’s design is based on a simple approach of
using simple materials to get the best out of the space now all of these
furnitures be made out of recycled material from my construction site in
this living area it is organized around this sofa bed which is able to be folded
out into a bed but then closed off into a sofa with some storage below
and then a series of customized shelving and plugs for people to put their own
possessions here so the shelving system is a clever reuse of our scaffolding
from site the main support is actually made out of cut scaffolding tubes which
have been sprayed black and then basically these shelves themselves had leftover
timber panels which we were again sprayed yellow we’ve got a recyclable
bamboo floor board system which creates a flat area of the flat the lighting’s
also very simple here but also very effective what we do is we’ve just taken
some fluorescent tubes and we use it to bounce the light from the ceiling of
the OPod to create a kind of wider more spacial effect otherwise we just have
some LED lighting under the shelves to accent the things which are placed on
display the kitchen is actually a very very small space towards the back of the
OPod it is just made out of a basin a fridge and a microwave as a kind of
story behind the OPod it was very much designed for young people and we think
that young people don’t cook very much these days they just reheat so the
bathroom the OPod is right at the back of the unit and basically it’s a
child a room which has a toilet and a shower in the same space we encourage
people to open the windows here at the front to open the door and at the back
of the OPod there’s also a very big large openable window you could have
nice air coming through the OPod through the front and the back and really
maximize on any cross ventilation the whole OPod comes in at about 150,000HKD now this is about one-fifth the cost it takes to build a
conventional apartment of the same size here in Hong Kong I think in the future
we must experiment more with the materials that we build
and I think as architects we must become more creative and bold in proposing new
design solutions that brings the best of of a city and solves some of the problems inherent to a city

100 thoughts on “NEVER TOO SMALL ep.19 15sqm OPod – Experimental Micro Living Housing

  1. As someone from HK i know that this would be much better than the cage “rooms” that a lot of poor people live in. I just hope this will be affordable for them to perhaps rent. I think the government should really invest in this project more to solve housing problems in the city. Not that I oppose reclaiming land in Lantau but innovative ideas like this should be endorsed.

  2. I Love the idea! But wouldn it be better if it was square shaped like a cargo container or something, instead of a cylindrical shape? I mean, you lose some sqm, especialy when stacking these things on top of eatch other

  3. Это ужасно.. разве человек должен жить в этом… ? Даже жильем язык не поворачивается назвать.. это просто издевательство .. это унижает человеческое достоинство .. собачья будка.. не иначе.. где социальная справедливость ? Почему так во все мире ? Богатые живут в апартаментах , где можно заблудиться… а бедный человек должен жить как собака ..в будке. ?????????

  4. 0:50 Concrete is well insulated? From my experience it has very similar temp qualities to sand. If it's hot as balls outside the pipe is also hot af unless it's under ground. Super cold if it's cold out whether above/under ground.
    Edit: Btw why so much yellow? Did you want to warn ppl the entire time they're in it? Looks awful as a color imo.

  5. Must open the window? No aircon?

    Also when he said open the window and he opened the door…is there no window…like how does that work for privacy

  6. I feel tired watching this. this is not for living, this is just for sheltering. anyone will definitely get depression after living in that pipe for more than 6 months.

  7. sorry but if this happens, the housing policy is moving backward to like 40 years ago where many people were living in some resettlement area. this is just a higher-class looking resettlement area. so packed for a small family to live, no storage, we need to open the whole door for fresh air, no privacy no safety at all…it is just a new era resettlement area.

  8. can you ship these to San Francisco and Portland and Seattle? I figure with all the garbage and homeless drug addicts shitting on their streets and sidewalks, these over sized sewer pipes would be a shoe in for the Nero Liberal to live in!

  9. Whoa! There's still much more space than I thought there'd be!
    I wonder if, by stretching the limits of minimalism, we can build a comfortable living situation within 10 square metres!
    That's the dream!

  10. I’d say this is an amazing solution – the only problem is that young people actually do cook (to save more money) so they need space to store their dry food and such. Throw in a mini fridge instead of the microwave, perhaps readjust the furnitures a bit for more storage. Since a small site is required for these pods anyway a good idea would be to put in a communal kitchen space with stoves/microwaves/oven for everyone staying there to use. Tbh this is an amazing idea its much better than people having to sleep in cages and share a studio apartment with 10 people in HK. Hope this turns out to be more successful

  11. 😥Feeling sorry for HK. Owner of Earth is God and He has given us so many space but we powerful people dont let others to even live happily though every ppl have right as they r part of earth right?…
    I cant imagine life in a small place and i'm grateful for what Almighty have given me, a big house. And also i pray for all of you, so that you can live happy healthy and wealthy life 🥳

  12. Pretty bad design in my opinion… Round : waste of space, insulation : none, shelves… they are a joke, the bed… Who would sleep in this..? A container would do far better for less money.

  13. Wait, that's like $20,000 USD. I just finished framing and roofing my 1,300 sqft house for $16,500. The hell costs that much in that thing?!

  14. Just photogenic pipes won't make good homes. Since ages homeless people used to (and are) live in pipes in India and I guess in many countries.
    Control population, and everyone will have a decent 1 or 2 BHK home to live with facilities like garden, gym, medical clinics etc.
    We are abusing our planet.
    This is just an advertisement of (so called real estate) developers.
    Who want you to live in tiny homes for the price of real homes.

  15. I don't see a reason why they wouldn't just use containers of different sizes instead. The footprint is similar but the practically available room inside the apartment is much larger.

  16. No private life in this place, no possible social life in this shown area. It means that You are only supposed to work in this town. We fade to grey. The rest is not for you. It means you live outside all the time. Where …Food is expensive and not healthy. Here, You never cook what you want to eat the way you want. You never receive. As well. It is too small. You can't stay on this bed. It is not solid. So you can't even sleep. Well.
    The door in the bathroom is not a security.
    You can' t play piano, dance, sing , draw or write or even read peacefully. So you can cry.
    Each time you talk all the neighbors hear your conversation, I suppose. A human being needs at least 9 square meters of space or else gets mad, the living space is less than 9 square meters…Here.
    This won' t be a solution. And for the security. No way. The door is also the window.
    No, it is a sad idea…for humans… like prisoners ? no no no. We are not rats…. I regret. So…
    I don' t like it. Future can't be worse and worse.

  17. Despite for my love for cooking, I am in love with this idea. The innovation and the idea of re-use is amazing. =))) Knowledge for survival.

  18. The OPod is a good idea but I cannot agree with what the creator said about how "young people don't cook much these days". I think by getting rid of any stove in the kitchen there is a problem being caused. There should encouragement for all people to eat healthily and simply reheating food isn't healthy eating weither you're young or old.

  19. HORRIBLE. As a “young person”, I could not imagine living inside a curve-walled concrete pipe. Young people want to cook. Young people want to entertain. Young people need to form relationships and start families. This is a slightly more humane prison cell. Hong Kongers: it’s time to escape!

  20. Great idea but needs some work. Definitely needs a small counter in the kitchen area and at least a burner or two. People should have the option to cook. And a small closet on the outside of the bathroom wouldn’t hurt.

  21. I think this is very innovative. Using this as office space would be a very good way to go as well. For housing, considering you want privacy in your bathroom and a kitchen you can cook in, I'd consider putting two of these together. A longer house, with all the conveniences a person could want. I really think this guy's on to something great here!

  22. Why this going to fail ? , answer is simple kitchen , or lack of it , those "pods" are ment for young people , youg poor people, and food is very importent , you can save a loot of cash cooking by yourself , so I see that "pod" have no purpose , probably would work as cheap hotel , but for someone who want save cash , better option would be buying van and convert it to camper.

  23. ok but just microwave meals is really unhealthy and rice cooker>microwave. I actually manage to cook a lot of different things in my rice cooker I fried sausages, I cooked a stew, you can steam your veggies and manage stir fry too there are even recipes for making cheesecake in a rice cooker. and it takes up the same amount or less space. just take good care of it and the non stick is pretty easy to clean too

  24. Can we buy "Double" Opod with better kitchen, to me its the only down side or should i say "down size" haha. home cooking is cheaper and better for the health in most case.

  25. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  26. Uh… I didn't see a shower curtain on that back window. I for one both do not want to see a peepshow nor be in one. Perhaps the culture in Hong Kong is cool with nudity, but in the US, we're a bit puritanical about nudity.

  27. That is really innovative thinking. While HK is jam packed crowded, here in Toronto we could use this as an alternative to apartment rental downtown. Inexpensive, movable, flexible.

  28. Guys , this is in China .. some people there don't really have a nice house , a nice bed or anything nice in their houses .. so having this kind of opportunity to live in a affordable , comfortable and nice house/place is a blessing for them .. so please don't judge how they design the house , it's "affordable" , not something fancy perfect and expensive

  29. Living in one of these would feel way too claustrophobic for me as a home, but I'd put one in my parents' backyard for when I need my own space. Btw I'm young (if you consider 30 years old "young") and I like to cook.

    Due to the round shape of O-pods, I'm not seeing how they are as efficient as shipping containers as housing units. The rectangular shape of containers makes them easier to arrange in a row and stack. Nevertheless, whether it's containers or O-pods, I don't see these being long-term housing solutions, more like office spaces or university housing. Like another commenter suggested, a community kitchen and bathroom would be nice for a development like this. Maybe even a cafeteria and common lounge area!

    But then how would a few O-pods be "combined" to create a large enough space for the latter two? I'm no architect, but I would think it would be much easier to cut out and stabilize a rectangular structure than a curved one. With shipping containers, it would be as simple as removing the side walls off of two adjacent containers, then putting several posts where the walls once were to stabilize the structure.

  30. The front and back door need to be half doors. Opening only the top for a breeze. Make the glass more smoky for privacy.

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