NEVER TOO SMALL ep.23 49sqm Art Studio + Small Apartment

NEVER TOO SMALL ep.23 49sqm Art Studio + Small Apartment

this apartment is located in the inner
west of Sydney in a suburb called Marrickville known by locals as the
Warren because it’s a sort of rabbit warren of an area the apartment is in a
three-story walk-up built in 1960 and the unit is one of 18 in the building this apartment is 49 square meters the
client had a very clear understanding of what they wanted they wanted to carry
the same ambience that was in this place already over to the renovation however
he needed vast improvements to functionality the client is certainly
not interested in reductivism and he will continue to accumulate things so
ample storage was very very important we removed a series of walls that divided
the master bedroom from the rest of the apartment and we shifted the sleeping
space into what was the old bathroom the old bathroom went into what was the old
laundry and what was the master bedroom became an art studio and a sleeping
space for guests by removing the walls we decided to insert a really large
storage pod into the center of the unit the new insertions were realized in mirror
gold the reflective gold is really quite dynamic and that it reflects the light
and it amplifies the effect of all of the trees and the plants that the client
has dotted around the apartment inserting the pod enabled us to demarcate spaces and distribute zones and that pod contains all of his clothing
general dump storage the laundry art supplies and also a niche where he can
create art we used black in the art space niche it’s quite reductive it
doesn’t detract from the effect of the mirror gold it’s much easier to keep
clean with all of the mess related to the art and there’s some continuity
because the front of the pod is Imagine Italian black the sleeping nook is
where the original bathroom was were conducive to fit in a queen bed the gold
panels make the sleeping nook feel like a much larger space than it otherwise
would the sleeping nook is elevated by two steps so that we can store a pullout
bed underneath so that on the other side of the pod a bed can be pulled out for
guests and the room can be shut off with the use of a curtain that retracts from
the pod the soft light that emanates from the
junction of storage pod in the wall draws the eye through to the rear of the
space the client has a desire to have plants in every space within the
apartment and that included in the bathroom so we created a small soaker
tub cum shower and then a secondary tub if you like to house a garden we use the
reflective white tile and a white shower curtain to create a very light airy and
bright space which is offset with the polished gold tap where the kitchen has
all of the functionality and amenity of a regular kitchen however is completely
concealed all of the appliances are hidden because it was important that the
kitchen be probably the most recessive component within the design there’s an
under bench integrated fridge oven dishwasher cooktop there are no overhead
storage instead that space has been reserved for heart to again help the
kitchen blend into its environment we decided to paint the walls in a
semi-gloss rather than a flat paint and the paint continues from the walls up to
the ceiling even with all of the decoration there’s
a calmness and a continuity to the space because the tile pervades every space this sort of building stock has great
access to light and Tabriz and by removing all of the partitioning in the
apartment and starting the layout again the spatial organization again we’ve
unlocked a whole heap of new potential

100 thoughts on “NEVER TOO SMALL ep.23 49sqm Art Studio + Small Apartment

  1. I love how uniquely Australian it is. There were so many design elements that a lot of us grew up with and thought of as kitsch and tacky, but now we're embracing them. Those mid-century apartment blocks always looked so horrible to me, but they're actually pretty well built with good light and proportions. And it's great seeing how he's used greenery throughout the apartment – it adds so much character and charm.

  2. how can the plants be maintained. we all knew that it is really the leaves that needs to be watered and not the base…..

  3. 0:20 … I… the shorts, sandals and down jacket combo just blew me away. Is it hot or is it cold? You will never know.

  4. This is probably the most beautiful apartment I have ever seen! Can I move in? I'll sleep on the couch and do all the cleaning.

  5. Such a beautiful livable house. It's not written "interior decorated" anywhere. Simple and homely space . Very good designing.

  6. Paying a designer and doing major renovations to a tiny apartment in Marrickville seems like over capitalizing and you would be better off financially to just spend that money upgrading to a better place.

  7. How is there never any proper credit for these people? Starting to get frustrated i want to see more of their works, and how i can find such designers

  8. I feel like the designer was a minimalist or something they way he talked lol. This apartment is really beautiful and calm.

  9. HOly crap This place is sick! Amazing job. The gold mirrors are spectacular and I have suggested it to one of my clients. 🙂 Thanks for the Idea.

  10. I can’t figure out why someone would make such a tiny, uncomfortable bedroom, leaving such a big space for a “guest room”. Bad use of space in my opinion, bad still pretty bald. Besides that, love the design, love the gold mirror.

  11. There isn’t anything about this space albeit the smaller tub , that isn’t wonderful! The designer really made something ordinary into something amazing and I’m now trying to work that designer into my budget!

  12. While "minimalism" is very trendy right now, i like that the homeowner knew from the start that he has no intention of reducing his collection but instead revealed that he will be adding more to his collection. "There's a place for everything and everything in its place" seems to be the direction of the design for this apartment. Good job homeowner for being true to yourself and good job to the designer for integrating your ideas to meet the homeowner's needs and expectation.

    Thank you @nevertoosmall for yet another great episode!

  13. Really good transformation. It isn’t a small space tho.. i love the mirrors on the cabinets, but idk, i feel like they’re super dirty and would be full of fingerprints all the time

  14. Am I the only one who feel the 60’s vibe with all the gold miroir , sleek design and the black panther? But the tiny kitchen will be a turn off for me…i can live with the rest of the appart which is really well designed.

  15. Beautiful house. His idea is very creative and practical . All plants look healthy and well cared. And the space is also big enough.

  16. who wears a jacket inside their homes wear slippers with a pair of short?
    the bed took out the most room in the bedroom?
    their no space to walk over the side beds?
    plants are way to big..

  17. Absolutely love the design, but the hand and finger prints on the mirror surfaces would drive me bonkers 😣😣

  18. This apt is overwhelmingly awesum!!!! Better than multi million billion villas.kudos to the designer for his work especially when it comes to those reflective golds,glossy color & lastly the greenery.

  19. I LOVE this space. I think he did an amazing job keeping the style of the client, and he has a very relaxing voice to listen to lol

  20. How the warren got it’s name had nothing to do with it being a rabbit warren. It’s named after an old house that was called the warren. Sadly it no longer exists

  21. Love the apartment but the owner looks silly walking around in a parka on wth shorts and flip flops….probably a millenial thing lol.

  22. I like this tiny space design. Not only is it simple, practical and cozy, but it also looks fresh, artistic and all the rooms are blended seamlessly into one design. Especially love the gold mirror, it makes the whole house look vintage without having to house a lot of vintage furniture (like standard vintage-themed houses).

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