NEVER TOO SMALL ep.24 24sqm Micro Apartment – Boneca

NEVER TOO SMALL ep.24 24sqm Micro Apartment – Boneca

this apartments located in Rushcutters
Bay which is a suburb in walking distance of the city as well as Sydney
Harbour this apartment building was built in
the 1960s and there’s about 4 studio apartments in the block this apartments
24 square meters when we first got the apartment was
completely different to what it currently is when you walked in the
original apartment you enter through a corridor which contained the kitchen and
the living space was combined with the bedroom
we completely demolished everything within the existing apartment we decided
it was really important to have a strong divide between what’s sleeping and
what’s living so we contained the amenities of the apartment and the
sleeping space the smallest possible area so the living area could be as big
as possible so the design idea was to have a sliding
screen that could determine the function of the apartment at any one time during
the day the timber screen creates a visual separation from the bedroom to
the living area while still allowing light to pass through when the bedroom
space is closed and I it can slide over the kitchen
opens up a sleeping space there’s a little open shelf which acts as a
bedside table and includes integrated lighting
the beds raised up and includes drawers underneath it for extra storage one thing
unique about the apartment is the full width windows and we wanted to make that
obvious from the moment you walk in we angled the joinery unit next to the bed
so we can pick up light and a sense of space the material palette was kept to a
minimum the black bud timber screen is the same as a black bud timber floor
that added a softness to the apartment the bathroom and walk-in robe
are accessed via a hidden door combining the bathroom and you’re
walking road makes the whole space feel much bigger the gray tiles in the bathroom
complement the timber floor gives the whole apartment a really earthy feel a combined with concealed lighting create
a luxurious feel as well as soon as you walk through that door there’s a
full-length mirror beyond gives you a sense of a larger space the kitchen was
really carefully considered it includes a fridge and oven a dish drawer and a
narrow cutlery drawer the kitchen also integrates a little
appliance cupboard incorporate full hi pantry stack with the minimal material palette our
bench top and splashback are also a gray concrete cities like Sydney have some
amazing old housing stock that’s been solidly built and isn’t going anywhere
and repurposing that amazing housing stock to bring it up to the way we want
to live our life now or you know just given that refresh is one of the most
sustainable ways we can continue to grow our cities

100 thoughts on “NEVER TOO SMALL ep.24 24sqm Micro Apartment – Boneca

  1. Great design –
    but that sliding for me is a No – its limiting access ( especially when you got someone over )

    Great arrangement over all

  2. 2:28 combining the bathroom and walk-in WHAT??? his accent got really thick on that word. did he say "walk-in road" or "walk-in row"? – – this apartment was thoughtfully done. I hope this architect has trademarked his design. the entire building should mirror his apartment.

  3. it's insane I literally thought of a sliding door for my project yesterday
    not just for space separation, but also for ac saving
    and you're matching my color pallet , so much inspiration <3

  4. When you prefer to spend your weekend away from home, you don’t need mansion, but then the girl need extra wardrobe for shoes.

  5. These things costs a lot of money……probably should buy a bigger apartment with that money rather than spending on making a small apartment look big ; )

  6. Yeah, living in 24 m^2 is the "one o the most sustainable way we can continue to grow our cities". May you indicate me what do you understand for "sustainable way" and for "grow"? I'm having a real hard time to find proper definitions that make that sentence not an insult to "proper living".

  7. I see a lot of stories about tiny apartments. None compare to my first NYC place, a 153 sq ft. (14.21 sqm) apartment in Greenwich Village (17 feet x 9 feet) that I shared it with my BF at the time. This place is huge in comparison.

  8. I'll guess there is a proper curtain that hides you from people poking at your bedroom every night, otherwise, it will very annoying living like you're in Big Brother.

  9. For me the timber screen would be replaced by tinted glass as Asian cooking would be quite smoky 😂 don’t want my mattress to smell like a food court

  10. Being in the construction industry, I think the apartment looks great and I think the space is well used. But I don't see any available heating or cooling systems in place or area for them after the fact (Window AC). I also didn't notice any exhaust fans in the closed off bathroom. That moisture will build up and create issues down the road.
    Overall pretty nice, just a few extra functional items should have been put in place during reconstruction.

  11. Wow! My 1929 apartment is only 300 sq ft and still it doesn't have a dedicated sleeping area. My bed is in the main room. Does have a kitchen with a dining area, full bath and two closets though. 🙂

  12. I mean it's nicely done so kudos, but it's really sad that so people go by that false notion that everyone needs to live in tiny spaces for the world to work, that's not even remotely true.

  13. The concept of Dry and Wet area provided in Bath is too awesome.. But, I think the only problem with such dream house is that there were no any extra available area for utility..

  14. What I need in a home:

    At least an 11ft by 11ft bedroom per person:

    11ft by 11ft office

    11ft by 11 ft Kitchen

    11ft by 16ft dining room

    6ft by 11ft bathroom x2

    11ft by 11ft den

    11ft by 14 ft living room

    and then possibly a studio

    Overall, I need at least 8 or 10 different rooms minimum to keep the current lifestyle that I live and enjoy. And then if I have kids, I'll have a playroom for them, plus each their own room and an extra bathroom. Hate sharing bathrooms.

    Overall, that is the lifestyle that I want to maintain. If I get promoted, I won't go any larger, though I will upgrade the material and decor plus landscaping. Not even thinking about downsizing cause I filled each room with furniture.

    *side notes: if you own a cat, make sure it doesn't claim a room as a pee area. Otherwise, you'll have to limit the rooms its allowed in. If you have a dog, make sure you are fully aware of the extra lawncare as it will crap everywhere and possibly eat it

  15. Ok for young healthy active people. No good for older people with mobility issues (bed access, lack of storage, tiny fridge, no washing machine, two day storage). I couldn't live there.

  16. I hope the oven is a combination microwave & oven. The bathroom seems overly large, I would want more kitchen space although that could be solved with a table and I guess people would want a bit more clothing storage.

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