NEVER TOO SMALL ep.6 Container House Design- House 28

NEVER TOO SMALL ep.6 Container House Design- House 28

The idea was to create something that had minimal impact on the landscape House 28 is made from three shipping
containers which is about 44 square meters The large volume is two of those
joined together which is the living and kitchen and the smaller one has two
bedrooms with a little bathroom The house is shaped like a boomerang so that
it hugs itself and the deck forms the sort of space between. The structure of
the house is a series of concrete piers and then above that there’s a
lightweight steel structure which then provides a platform for this house.
When you do actually go inside the house it feels immediately as though you’re up
amongst the trees as you walk along the house we go right out over the hill and
the boomerang shape faces the ocean House 28 is wrapped in a skin of
galvanized metal sheet this sort of a robust material it also takes on a
really nice quality over time as it becomes part of the environment and
landscape around reflecting some of the colors and then on top of that was a
green roof so that allows water to then be harvested from the rain and it
provides thermal mass for the house The interiors is about a sort of a
really intimate warm tactile experience Using a Marine DesignerPly was pretty
much key to them to the entire sort of scheme It just creates that seamless
feeling of space The internal linings provide another layer of insulation you can sort of come in here take shoes off and feel timber underfoot which is
really cozy In the location which is next to the ocean it needs to be durable you know it can be maintained over time I mean the wonderful thing about timber
you can sand it down and recoat it With the project it’s also trying to be honest about what it’s made from so the containers aren’t really
concealed and it’s quite fun I think – to reuse the way that the doors work It’s literally a box we’re in but I think it’s fun to try and break out of that Try and add some dynamic to the interior space to add excitement to
make things connected The living and the bedroom actually connect through the
container doors which can be opened at the ends break that up a bit and to have
these different configurations It’s about connecting everything so using the
island bench as you know part kitchen part workspace part dining
space and the geometry breaking away from this sort of rigid box
the lighting and the quality of it it’s a sort of a whiter light to pick up the
ambience of the plywood that creates that warmth and that glow at night So I suppose it’s a sort of a minimalist
type design and it’s all about sort of framing those views from from the
interior out because it’s about being part of this landscape and connecting to that.

100 thoughts on “NEVER TOO SMALL ep.6 Container House Design- House 28

  1. That's so beautiful! I'm excited how simple and minimalistic it is. Incredibly inspiring project, thanks for sharing!

  2. Very pretty but then: rain – wet ground – not stable – the cement blocks will slip – and then bye bye pretty expensive house

  3. “i suppose it’s minimalist” well let me see, now is it | kidding, i really love this home and having the doors connecting is a really cool feature

  4. This house didnt feel minimalistic to me, it felt unfinished. Almost like it was a building site and that lots of details was missing. Maybe it is the all plywood finish with no contrast or the metal scafolding holding the house up or the overall finish of the house?

  5. why would live the container door like that without painting it or ever changing the handles,that a Big mistake,that ruined the simple beauty of the house.

  6. Am I the only one that's reminded of the glass house from Ferris Bueller when seeing this? Just the way it hangs off the side of a cliff in the woods

  7. Nice. Not over-done. An element of rawness in the interior construction details and fit and finish is kind of refreshing. Ditto the slightly buckled exterior panel joints. Looks livable and not overly quirky. The containers make sense as an underlying structure not for their "containerness".

  8. Recently I started watching these videos. They’re remarkably well done. Interesting subject matter to be sure, but the quality of the videography and the editing shows real mastery of the medium.

  9. Now this deserves more views . It touches the earth lightly. I like idea of wrapping container galvanised steel sheets to maintain life of containers and conceal the awful look. Also the boomerang shape is brilliant to create large balcony facing the sea.
    Simple, robust and low cost I guess perfect for a summer house.

  10. Beautiful! I bet you the smell of that wood inside the house is heavenly! Love the fact that you didn't try to hide the container and the galvanized metal is cool…adding environmental blend. Bravo.

  11. "built to have minimal impact on the landscape"
    Ok then, let's put randomly 3 shipping containers in the middle of the forest

  12. Minimalism often bothers me for the overly stark pallet that it presents (I'm American, in case you didn't notice from my comment), but this house is stunning and done so well that I don't mind the slight character inside. That view is worth everything. Besides, if I lived there, my entire life would be spent on that gorgeous deck or in front of that cozy wood burner.

  13. Would it survive a storm or typhoon? I would be so scared living in a steel box like this – and all the rust n shxt on the metal just look dirty to me – nice as a concept demo but awful as something for real living!

  14. Same thing – please write more information about architects ( FB page, insagram, website) in your videos, don’t care just about yourself. It is really difficult to find them just by name!

  15. All the colors he incorporate in are my fave ones; mint, sky, gray, beige..the glass walls and good terrace space are cool.

  16. Another too much plywood place.

    I swear I have nothing against this guy… but really don't like his work here nor in the first video of the channel…

  17. I couldn't live in a secluded area. I need neighbors. If a maneating monster ever comes by, it'll have a chance to eat them first so I can get away. 😅

  18. I'm worried about his design of his structural support . . . The location itself . . . Something wrong . . . Spacious interior . . . Thank you for sharing.

  19. Wouldn't it also be a good idea to have solar panels on the green roof? That way you could still collect rainwater as well as generating your own power!?

  20. This looks really nice! A very creative solution with only a few containers and also environmental friendly it seems. More houses should be created like this.

  21. I Love this design and the scenery is stunning…Where is this Wye? We have a Wye in Kent UK, it's not there is it?

  22. Love this but there’s no way I would feel comfortable in a location like that, it’s like I’m in the apocalypse or post apocalypse

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