NEVER TOO SMALL ep.7 Micro Apartment Design George

NEVER TOO SMALL ep.7 Micro Apartment Design George

How you experience space is marked by the sequence of moving through space through varying heights and through material change. It’s all about contrast, it’s all about depth, it’s all about layering of views The apartment block is built in the 1950s. It’s 28 square meters. we gutted the apartment completely and then we installed a couple of steel beams to pick up the loads from above then it allowed me to completely reorganize the space below The apartment is a series of small spaces The first half of the space is marked by three compartments, the kitchen, the bathroom and the threshold Having that black kitchen as you come into the space pulls your eye through the kitchen through the light it gives you a hint of what’s in the next room The bench top is a servery but it’s also mise en place. With the joinery went full height so there is deep storage, which accessible from both sides What binds the kitchen and the bathroom together is a threshold It hides all your plumbing and the wardrobe is camouflaged in this portal As you come in that’s that tile on the ground which continues on into the bathroom which continues up the wall it ends at the ceiling gives you the sense of continuity from one space into the next Even the organization of where we decide to place that full height mirror, layers the space even further The simple plane creates a space under and over so there’s that transition in height as well So the volume of the space is changed It’s about the range of affordances that come with this horizontal plane You know it’s a space that the bed sits on. The bed slides under put the table on the platform, It seats six comfortably The ply continues on along the edges of the plane with extra storage I suppose what I wanted for the main space is the simplest gesture possible, is a horizontal plane oriented towards the view.

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  1. It's the first time that I didn't like the small space. It's too gloomy and dark eventhough it looks so open on one side everything seems to be cramped on another side.

  2. I like everything except the cheap black Hisenssee fridge in the background – appliances are real important in any interior design so don't overlook that!

  3. Love it. But with sleeping place so close to the kitchen, I wonder if the mattress will have a heavy smoky smell coming from the kitchen after cooking…

  4. The black tiles with the red grout are stunning! Very hi tech effect and I loved the versatility of the bed space-living / dining area, very clever 👍

  5. Beautiful space for it being different. But hilarious that the beam was unnecessary for the fact it was buried in what could have been a structural wall.

  6. This must be the most intelligent designed micro apartment I've seen to date. Fantastic work of art!

  7. If I were to live here I'd honestly just slide the bed out and sleep on the floor because I couldn't be bothered to haul it up the platform hehe. Great home though! Really inspiring concept

  8. Awesome video. I could listen to his voice all day. He could explain how he would kill me slowly with a knife and I would still be calm and soothed.

  9. I la la lovvee this, come to my place you are so very welcome to make it all happen =) Now I have new work that inspires me 😉 Have a wonderful day/night.

  10. thats such an amazing design!!! legit put a tatami mat on the elevated space (where the bed is) and that is my DREAM apartment

  11. Don't like the step going down to the living room, black tile bathroom looks terrible and will get old fast, and you gut the whole apartment but don't allocate a space for a refrigerator so you just stick a mini in the corner! The old place looks better, more open, and you don't have that silly box you walk through in the middle of the house.

  12. Douglas if you could contact me I love what you achieved I am building a space in Potts point in sydney and I am looking for someone whom can think outside the norm I can be contacted on [email protected]

  13. How funny that the black/dark gray floor and other elements is what gives warmth to this appartment. The limited use of plywood has been a great choice.

  14. The creation and the creator's chemistry creates a soulful profound feel of elegance, simplicity and exudes tranquility which turns out into a masterpiece. Looking forward for more videos to watch and hear from this brilliant architect someday.

  15. Do apartments just work different outside of North America? When I had an apartment if asked to do a reno like this, I'd be told 'no' and if I went ahead and did it, I'd have been evicted. Are they more synonymous with 'Condos'?

  16. While the bathroom looks cool it's really impractical. You'll water stains everywhere and it's super dark. The rest of the apartment looks comfortable and inviting.

  17. Every time this video of George pops up I watch it, I love the lengthy one better ; I think I am crushing 🥰😍😘

  18. What I like about many of these videos of small spaces is that, they have elevation. It gives the space more character. Makes it look bigger & not cramped at all.

  19. The horizontal plane is quite a good idea for small places, it only lacks a mechanism to easily put the bed up and down as needed

  20. I saw him in an episode of Living Big in a Tiny House and I loved his apartment (and voice) then and I still love it now. Especially with only his voice being featured now 😂

  21. As a Malaysian, when he started talking and before his face came up on screen I was just like "OH Malaysian / Singaporean accent??"
    and then I saw the "Building Merdeka" book and and was so happy :')

    Still no idea if he's actually Malaysian but the design for this space is amazing!

  22. I see so many of these apartments being gutted or having major renovations. Are we to assumed the resident owns them rather than rents? Would anyone be willing to discuss costs?

  23. It's very nice, but unless i have tons of money, i can live with the original as well. I don't like the bed taking up all the room and in the middle of the room.

  24. This was the first video I watched in this series and I had to go through and watch them all. Thanks to you behind the videos.

  25. MEH. Just another hollow white hole. These types of places never look like they've been lived in by humans. I've seen some really elegant and versatile apartments with colour and vibrancy. Not this one. By the way, can you imagine the dust and cob webs and grit that'll gather under that platform? You might want to think twice about putting that sad little mattress under there after a month or two.

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