NEW 2019 Hyundai i20 Interior Review

NEW 2019 Hyundai i20 Interior Review

so today we have right here the new
human dye e20 2019 models 1.0 tje engine 120 horsepower petrol price 22900 Frank
with discount so if you are in Switzerland you can come here to the
policy automobile check Hajj and in get a finger and you can buy this car with
discount of three thousand seven hundred francs so it’s a big great discount here
it’s also the key what we have new on the new 820 it’s this nice mirrors with
LED light but the front it’s almost the same like the previous model also the
LED light and the Shannon right there it’s almost the same like in the
previous model the front grille it’s a little bit different it has a nice matte
plastic here in the front that look much better than previous model and also
a little bit of shape down there it’s a little bit different than the lines on
the side also 50 inch wheels come standard great for the good consumption
and also nice rims the lines on the side of the car are a little bit different
than the previous model but the other things for example handles and are all
the same also the back it’s a little bit change I will show you in the back the
new light in the back it’s a little bit change and has a nice interesting design
there down here we have again extra light fog light and extra light there
and the back of the car looked much better look at this the other design for
the same car but with other design of the back light they look much better
this one in my opinion but yeah this boat our new 2019 model both cars so
which one you like more so now the back design it’s a little bit different than
the previous model of you buy into any also this car have a back camera
something that I didn’t see on the previous model also on the top arranged
so the trunk is huge it’s better than was rotten follow if
you have to compare this trunk the trunk form in the eighth one is much bigger
and it’s really cool because you can stick
your stuff under there to also the doors handle same like previous model plastic
everywhere the seats are almost the same also the
same and space here it’s it’s the same so it’s almost all the same like the
previous model just a little bit lines here and there change I like the way
it’s look with this black tinted windows so in the back of the space it’s quite
good on the head it’s good space fit it’s good space same like a previous
model everything it’s same around here same plastic here I like the fact that
this step it’s quite small and you can pass from side to another really easy
and really cool also a lot of space for a small car a class it’s really a lot of
space here in the back and I also like this new and rest here in the front with
some space there that’s really useful it’s really great it’s going the compact
zone of the cars with this front here is the same like previous model and brake
automatic here it’s on this car also there is the same like previous model
some useful place heated seat heated steering wheel the new chromatic system
and the navigation system here in the front same like previous models so also
place for glasses here pretty useful light mirror everything
you need it’s in the place and the design it’s quite nice
so it’s it’s I think it’s one of my favorite part in this class with a great
price big and nice The Doors same like previous model I think you know it
already from my previous videos you can check it out if you didn’t see before
inside it’s feel like the same everything is the same place buttons
order an assist here you can open the gasoline fuel to fuel the car also the
buttons to adjust different setting on the dashboard dashboard it’s a soft kind
of soft here we have these glow books with the same same space there to the
steering wheel is it’s the same like previous model and yeah the key are also
the same a previous model let’s open the car and I want to show you a little bit
of front display that it’s quite different than previous model it has
some new futures there that look very better much better
for example this fuel it’s right there to tell you how much fuel you still have
and temperature in the water engine it’s right in the other position also here is
the multimedia system infotainment system of the human eye it’s touch
screen glossy not glossy matte lct there we have we don’t have a navigation
system I think here I’m not sure about that I don’t know why it’s not installed
on this maybe you can install it but I didn’t find it right here radio and
image quality it’s quite good it’s quite premium so for this small car
it’s really impressive the quality of the
of the resolution so also I like that you have a great visibility in the car
on everything here also a different style of of digital display there in the
middle the previous model have not like that and I like this more it’s quite
interesting and yeah it’s much better than the preview model the engine I have
to tell you is the same engine the same seat you find on the previous model and
the engine is amazing economical and it’s pretty great engine I Drive this
previous model and I really like the car a lot the cards it’s really great and
the price it’s fantastic so also I wanted to say the space it’s huge on the
feet on the side great visibility on the windows it’s a it’s a very useful
cardboard city and for long trips – I did some long trips with this car – and
it’s quite quite nice to be in this car the only downside on the car is that it
has only 4 stars rating at the iran cop crash test so that’s the only downsides
that I don’t like about this car and but otherwise I love everything about this
car now I want to show you the light the lights this is the signal light and I also want
to show you the headlamps – so in the back now they are open and you will see
the design it’s much more beautiful than the previous you can see there you have
like around around this white and it’s look pretty nice also in the front it’s
the same like previous model this LED light up there and set on like in the
middle so it’s same like previous model nothing different the blinkers no power
this time in the middle no already right also but the design it’s much much
better in my opinion it’s much more beautiful
on this car so tell me what you think about these car guys and comment down
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  1. In the last ten days of December, I ordered the Hyundai i20, what will be the rear lights of my car? Why am I confused.

  2. why don't you speak as you are recording save you time editing your voice in and trying to sync it to the video overall nice car

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