New Audi A3 S Line Sportback 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Audi A3 S Line Sportback 2019 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back today I will
review the new Audi a3 Sportback this is the new facelift version 2009 and we are
right here in the Audi showroom and I want to present you this a free and it
is an petrol engine tempest ae-35 it’s the model with 150 horsepower and
automatic gearbox so what I want to show you the difference from the four
facelift and facelift is this air diffuser down here the exhaust pipes are
the same also the LED light in the back in the front they are changed a little
bit in the back the design is the same in the front it’s a little bit of
changing here the S line you can see the price 49,000 all the other option that
come with the car and engine you can stop the video and read it if you are
interesting about these details also the front look almost the same only this
this front light it’s a little bit change here the four first facelift it’s
straight and this has this round corner there and also here we don’t have a fog
light because everything it’s right there the LED light new LED lights are
fantastic also here we have the rudder in the middle for adaptive cruise
control and emergency brake and all that systems also the air come here in the
front the air intake to cool down the engine and also these lines on the car
are a little bit different but I think is not so big difference if you don’t
know too much about car you don’t even see difference between
these four facelift and facelift also here are these beautiful rims
this car has 18 18 inch wheels and also the car have the same tires like I have
on my car Bridgestone tail 0:05 toranshah
those are the best summer tires this year on the market right now in this car
also have it down here we have this plastic a white paint to take the paint
up here and also the handles are almost the same like the previous model only a
little bit change and this place for a finger this car you can also have the
option to open it with finger mirrors are the same like previous model also
the change is this here this black glossy here around the windows at the
for facelift this is black but not glossy it’s matte black there and also
these lines are a little bit different here on the sides but they are they look
fantastic in my opinion this car it’s really beautiful and also I like the
back and I also like how this this rims 18 inch rims look on on this car also
here you can see yeah you can see the logo there for the tires they are pretty
pretty nice tires now going in the back to see this new light and new design we
have afridi here LED light and it look quite nice in the night time I think you
already see it before on the street also the sensors for sandal doors in the back
no sensors on the side and also we have this different line here on
back bumper and the diffuser for the air down here is different and to give this
the car a little bit of sporty style also this car come with back camera and
all the new technology that already has these days and also here it’s a little
bit different this upper part of the car – spoiler I could say it’s a little bit
different but everything else is the same like the previous model you can
even upgrade a lot of stuff to this model for the proof for previous model
so now going inside everything in the trunk it’s the same like the previous
model you don’t even know it’s the new model even the LED light here on the
side they look same like the previous model it’s a huge trunk here a lot of
space for for living your stuff only the difference here we have the thing to
repair your tired or to change your tired everything what is change here is
in the left side this is top there and also the trunk space it’s the same like
like before only that in this car we have a repair kit down here and not real
tired like 2013 version of this car even you can take this out and you can put it
back a little bit down and now you wind like five centimeters so and you have a
bigger bigger boot here can even put the all four tires here in the back you have
space a lot of space here so I’m quite impressed about the huge huge space in
this car it’s one of the best in the class
at the trunk space now this car interior it’s great we have soft materials up
here nice black plastic glossy Alcantara on the doors even the speaker there the
buttons nice here it’s soft material only the downer part it’s with strong
plastic and the speaker there here on the side we have some plastic strong
plastic and this very nice seat that I already see it on the new q5 they are
the same they are very comfortable and yeah all they make very comfortable
seats now here in the middle we have two center armrest with two cupholders a
little bit different from the previous model that have it in the front there
and yeah they are there do it with quality so anyway let’s try the space in
the back also the front seat with some plastic here now here in the middle we
have this air vent 12 volt port so no USB in the back and even this step it’s
kind of annoying now you can live this down
and you still have a little bit space down there and you have a huge space if
you pull that up you have almost a flat left a big trunk here in the back so yeah now going inside to show you the
space it’s a lot of space for my feet here in the car it’s kind of huge it’s
very comfortable to be in the back so you can even drive long roads in the car
without any problems head space and leg space it is huge
now going in the middle it’s a little bit tricky because this it it’s kind of
back maximum in the back and I still can’t get in here without so much
trouble so the head in the middle is not so not so good it’s not so comfortable
to stay in the middle even if you for the short throws you can do this but you
don’t have such a good comfort for long rolls you can forget about it now the visibility on the windows it’s
good no complaining about that it’s quite good and also the new steering
wheel and dashboard quite simple and great quality and beautiful in my
opinion it’s looked pretty nicely now I want to go in the front to show you the
front part of the car for the driver seats here also the same like in the
back same great quality the buttons and everything is the same like the previous
model also Alcantara on the sides and leather speaker there in some space we
have two speakers right here in the front door also these beautiful s-line
logo here on the side so we have manually adjustable seat in this car not
shuriken if you can order the electric seat but this it is s-line
seats are awesome and very comfortable as well now just wanna go inside to show
you so here it’s classic the same buttons for the light for the headlight
and fog light and all other stuff pretty simple the vents are a little bit
different from the previous model they change a little bit the style there
and yeah now the pedals aluminium pedals and this
amazing s steering wheel the buttons on the side and leather quality also the
flappers for changing the gear manually we have the digital display here in the
front this is the new the new one that comes with almost all our D now on the
market it’s quite quite cool and yeah dashboard the navigation multimedia
system there here is the digital cockpit also the same here drive select and all
the buttons that you can control the settings from here in the middle you can
control the multimedia system it doesn’t have a touchscreen so you have to
control it from down there to have a navigation it’s work fast and he do his
job very very well so you don’t have to worry about that now start stop and gain
button now here I think you already know this if you don’t know it you can check
out my other videos and see it also as line s-tronic this is the gearbox stick
also two cupholders here you can also smoke if you want we have a new entry
here in the front finally and this is the normal the same climatic system like
on the old old a fridge from 2013 so the new a3 has the same sense only this
multimedia system is the new one and it look much better it’s it’s a little bit
bigger and you have much more option here to change into
activate all kind of stuff and it’s pretty pretty cool that you can hide it
under the dashboard and in the might it help your eyes also the logo and soft
material or all of the dashboard on here have plastic also multimedia system with
the sim there you can stick it and you have internet connection everywhere and electric break auto hold pretty cool
also here in the middle center armrest you can adjust it and you still have
space there to charge your phone and also another USB port pretty helpful if
you have music beyond connect your phone also the car come with the light on the
mirror the previous model didn’t have that light and yeah quite quite
comfortable here in the front if staying in the car pretty well and you have a
great comfort great visibility in the back too so this is a kind of the best
car in the compact area the best quality and also the best driving feeling you
also have different mode of driving from sport comfort efficiency that it’s
pretty pretty cool so I guess that was my review guys I hope you enjoyed it
please subscribe to my channel check out my other videos because I have a lot of
new cars that come on the market in 2019 and I’m pretty pretty happy to show it
with you so I hope you enjoyed my review with the new Audi a3 Sportback S line
so thank you again for watching and see you soon guys you you

16 thoughts on “New Audi A3 S Line Sportback 2019 Review Interior Exterior

  1. Arată superb, dar nu văd o mare schimbare față de cea anterioară, au băgat noi dotări că să-ți fure ochii. Mai bine dai jumătate din prețul acesteia pe una SH din 2016-2017.

  2. Nice video mate just make sure on your next one you wont have the "washing dishes" sound distaction 😀

  3. I love my 2010 A3 in Canada. But they’ve only been given the sedan version since 2015 for gas versions. Too bad. I’d upgrade to new if I could get the sports back.

  4. The interior looks so boring, my T -Roc looks better inside. In special considering the price difference…
    Really disappointing from my point of view.
    Thanks for the video, great review!

  5. The camera distortion (due to the wide angle lens) is very distracting to show off the exterior of the car, It's also difficult to tell the actual shapes. For interior it's good though.

  6. My heart stays with that S-Line perforated steering wheel forever !
    Informative and very detailed review. Thank you for sharing !

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