New Citroen C5 Aircross 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Citroen C5 Aircross 2019 Review Interior Exterior

so guys here we are with the new Citroen
C5 Aircross it’s right here in front and I want to make a review with it I will
show you the interior exterior and everything everything you want to seek
about this car I have to tell you my first impression it’s amazing it’s a
beautiful beautiful car but now let’s let’s show you the car so here we have
some new design LED light on the side I will show you in the moment they look
fantastic from here now I think and look at these
guys really like to look fabulous look amazing it’s really beautiful it’s
really beautiful design I really like it it’s special and nice and the car design
it’s amazing also I like this too fake exhaust pipe right here down they look
very nice they give the car a special feeling of power and sportiness in the
same time it’s kind of cool design how they do it but those those here are my
favorite they look fantastic also we have here two lamps for the folk when
it’s foggy they look very nice also the sensors here on the plastic here we have
some black plastic sensors right there and right here on the side also plastic
here on the side to protect the paint of the car
they do a really great job with this you try and always make a great job with the
protection of the paint so they also do it down here when you go with the car
offroad this will protect your paint and you can
change it very easy if this is damaged or something like that anyway it’s
pretty cool this car you can see it right here at PCA retail if you are from
Switzerland you can test drive it here is the address telephone and the website
anyway look at this car this car also have these beautiful rims from suit
right and I think those are worse I think they are not so 18 inch 18 inch
wheels are this tire this these rims and they come standard on this car it’s
pretty pretty nice also a nice design here not sure why they do this but look
nice look very nice also at the car have here an LED light for the night it’s
pretty great that illuminate down here on the door to see where you step in and
also the car have great big windows and you have a fantastic visibility and I
also like this nice chrome here on the side that gives the car a nice style
also up here we have this for the extra trunk up there also nice
design here on the side you can see the brake light up here and and from the
side look amazing it’s look really amazing and also the
car have a big mirror also blind spot here on the side three years for now
going in the front where is my favorite part
this new LED daylight right here if you can see it I’m not sure if you can see
it they look fantastic and also you have down here the new also you have down
here the new LED light that look amazing in the night I will show you in a moment
the car look awesome awesome fantastic LED light and you can see there Citroen
LED vision this is the newest technology from Citroen that put on this car the
new technology that situaion come in 2019 also we have down here rather in
the front to keep the distance from the front cars emergency brake and all other
great technologies also I like this front grill with this chrome here on the
side it’s like plastic glossy fantastic and also up there we have some
technologies it’s Lane Assist and the car can read the speed limit and all
other stuff that comes with the car so let’s go inside I want to show you
the doors and the quality of the interior here it’s soft materials
everywhere on the door it’s really soft materials and they design it really nice
here it’s kind of only this part here kind of plastic but up here it’s soft
material down here it’s also leather and nice nice quality chrome here on the
handle pretty nice and design it’s great also here black glossy plastic and down
here also plastic and you have a place for your stuff speaker right here the
handle also chrome and it feel like a great great quality going down here you
can see this see trend logo right here with this plastic on the entrance and if
you can see you can inches in the car very easy this doesn’t have a big step
right here it’s kind of small step also the car complete electrics it pretty
pretty useful you can adjust the seats from here we do awesome here you can
open the trunk and the seat are combination leather with fabric material
they are very comfortable and very good had a long journey if you if you make
long trips this seats are fantastic also here is the new lane assist
technology and here you can open the trunk pretty awesome the pedals are the
normal ones in this dream and car is not full option but going inside the car
right now and show you a little bit the interior and the new dashboard but first
time let’s show you that here it’s a speaker
and also you have a great visibility inside the car big windows and the tool
to position of driving also in the back it’s look fantastic
it’s great space big windows and nice passenger seats right there now going to
the dashboard we have right here leather I think something like a leather and
right here we have some plastic all the way on the dashboard up here we have
plastic material but good quality plastic and it’s look pretty nice I’ll
let you tell me what you think about it but in my opinion it’s looking great
and also this stitches here give a nice nice feeling of high quality it’s not
like on Mercedes or like an Audi but it’s great quality the steering wheel
it’s also nice at feeling it’s leather it’s great it’s good quality also you
have here all the buttons that you can adjust different stuff for example list
and you can adjust the multimedia system right there have you the list you have
here the the music and all that stuff that we don’t need to hear now so I can
show it like that and let’s close this because of the copyright so if you go
forward we can see we have a nice plastic glossy right here on the
steering wheel and also here is the adaptive cruise control here you can
adjust different stuff the distance between you and the car and its work
with the other technology that’s on the car and with the camera from up
here it’s it’s really really great car that have all these new technology on it
the mirror it’s also great you can have a great visibility in the back and here
you have the clappers so you can change the gear manually if you want or
automatic on this really really nice shifter right here that look almost the
same like in page-off it’s one of my favorite on the market right now it’s
look nice and the hand here it’s feel fantastic it’s really easy to use
just push some buttons here and it’s worked fantastic I like it I really
really like it also electric handbrake this is really helpful and really great
we have here the different mode of driving for example you can change from
here normal mode traction mode you can see right there on on the digital
display this is the new digital display it is amazing and it has a great great
resolution with nice colors and I will show you this in the moment too here we
have all kind of different modes of driving the start/stop button right here
here you can charge your phone right there pretty awesome and you have a new
SB and 12 volt what it’s pretty pretty great place here and really useful and
also the car has a nice design down here I like it very much and it’s plastic but
it’s feel strong and it’s a strong strong high-quality plastic that I I
really like it I don’t know why but I like it down here two cupholders pretty
useful and now here we have a lot of space right here where you can put your
stuff it’s huge space guys I’m really impressed about that and it also have
and LED light but look at this I can stick my hand there
it’s huge space I never seen so much huge space only in electric cars maybe
but it’s it’s pretty pretty big space and kind of useful and here it’s leather
stitches very nice you can draw arm arrest your arms here
very easy and you have a great position of driving in this seat or fantastic I
love it hi I really really love it look at him
they are fantastic they are great they are big here and up here too and you
have a great great position of driving and for the long road are great also
interesting design here on the dashboard it’s kind of soft material here here we
have some plastic glass and all other cars huge space here down there it’s
huge space to put your stuff pretty awesome and now let’s go here here you
can adjust you have heated seat you can adjust different things for example this
air chromatic system you also have the navigation system here it’s work nice
it’s look nice it has great colors is not as good as
rowdy Metellus Tesla or other premium quality cars but with this price on this
car what he can do it’s fantastic and this navigation system work amazing it’s
work fast it’s work good so you can actually change different option here
the way you want it and it’s option it’s work fast I can’t complain about that
you can see when you touch this it’s work pretty fast you just change where
you want to go and the car it’s just yeah to work nice you can see history
here for example where the car was before and then just put this I don’t
know how yeah that’s right now what’s good look at this it’s just when you you
go here for example your choice shop charging searching no nothing here let’s
turn those tunas let’s Joyce look off for example
airplane airports 19 kilometers from here and the car is charging and look at
this it’s almost instantaneous how fast it’s work its work really really fast
and really great and yeah pretty useful so that was the navigation system on the
car and also you have all kind of information here I don’t have time to
show you right now here if you push this button you will go in car mode and you
have all kinds of information here about the car about tires about comfort about
the you can activate it or choice to not activated all kind of things from
comfort to security here it’s active safety brake if you want an active
safety brake all kind of speed limit or traffic and stuff like that
it’s pretty useful parking also you can activate or deactivate the light the way
you want to have it in the daylight nightlife and stuff like that also you
can connect your phone to Bluetooth pretty simple from here and here you
will go in application so you can connect apple carplay mirroring links
or connect the Citroen application it’s pretty pretty great and pretty useful
these days also I like to exceed hitting sit right here for the passenger so
that’s kind of this Citroen multimedia system in the middle I have to tell you
this screen here it’s much better quality and the light and the colors are
much better than this one from here I was expecting this one to be as well as
good as the other one from there but anyway it’s work fast I can complain
about that it’s work good you have you just push here and you have all the
information right here and it’s much better than the previous model also down
here chromatic system you can choice the music stronger louder or whatever you
want you have all the buttons here from chromatic system and all kind of stuff
that you can adjust with your air and this rent are looking good then you can
adjust it the way you want it in all the position now going here in the middle
you can see that as I tell you amazing display look fantastic you have all kind
of information there about the car you can also change it navigation for and
whatever you want to see right there and you can see driving help here you can
see the cars around you you can see the cars in front of you you can choice the
navigation system and the screen is changing and you can see the navigation
in the middle that look amazing also going personal you can see you can
adjust and do it the way you wanted here as personal you can see all kind of
information pretty simple and useful what is so so that the those are the
option from here you can also speak with me or by using our names
ignite all drive to Copenhagen we connect any meetings on that ceiling
Haven any way you can talk with the car if you want I we don’t have time for
this right now but I want to show you in the back of the car so it’s pretty great
here the screen and the car look amazing the doors are closing amazing it’s feel
like a good good quality and they make a great job with all the the quality of
the materials also in the back the door are it’s the same like in the front also
we have here a little bit plastic to protect the car and the great free seats
also my favorite things on this car is that it’s like an electric car and you
don’t have any step here in the middle so you can stay in the middle without
any problem also we have a new SB port and vent right here in the back also I
like as well the fact that here’s no plastic and it’s only leather it’s a
great great quality and they do a great job also LED light up here and the grid
head space the car it’s huge it has a big big place in the back here you can
also adjust the car and the seats the way you want it you just pull it in the
car the the car is going almost flat and you
have a huge huge huge space huge space back here also quite amazing you have
two different modes of adjusting this seat in the back
but going inside you can see I have a huge space on my clean huge space on my
legs it’s really cool look at this it’s quite directly here quite tall quite
amazing also head space it’s not big it’s huge head space and
have a great position of staying and a great visibility on the windows also
almost no blind spot back there so it’s really really great going in the middle
it’s very easy you can stay with your feet even together it’s quite quite nice
also we have adjustable things from the seat right here the visibility in the
front of the car it is it is great and huge head space not big huge head space
and also huge arm space also a lot of space in the left right for other people
that want to stay here so the car look amazing guys I don’t know what you think
about it but I love it and it is a huge huge huge huge huge huge space in this
car and this sit are very very comfortable and very very soft I like it
one of my favorite for long trips this car it’s fantastic and also the door are
are closing fantastic great quality very good strength now opening the trunk we
have a camera back camera here and also electric lift gate up here you can see
we also have this button here if you want to close or open this stuff here
and you can put your feet down here and the car it’s opening or you can touch
this button and it’s automatic clothes pretty pretty
nice so just push the button and the new aircrews c5 it’s opening so up here you
have the triangle and the two buttons and down here you can see you can load
all the stuff in the trunk it’s just just very easy because it’s almost flat
down here as well as you can see down here you have a huge space if you take
out this extra wheel so it’s really nice also we have a 12 inch 12 volt port
there a light some vents here and it’s quite great quite huge space I really
was expected to be a little bit bigger it’s quite it’s quite ok I was expecting
to be a little bit bigger the trunk but never mind the car look fantastic look
at this and it’s almost flat and you can load a lot of stuff right there and it’s
pretty pretty nice also so that the car guys it’s fantastic
if you are in Switzerland or around here you can come to see the new Citroen c5
air cross SUV right here in band at Citroen bear here’s the address and all
the information you can test it you can see it they have a lot of car here
around five cars different option leather no leather digital screen
cockpit like you see before or not or standard also they are very helpful and
they are very nice people and they will help you with pleasure so the car looks
fantastic I love the exterior of the car I love I love the new technology on it
that has the new technologies and I like that it’s very comfortable and very much
big space inside also the thing that I will like to see change on this car is
just the multimedia screen right there I wish it was a better quality but it’s
ok it’s work perfect is do a job the seat fantastic the space in the car
it’s amazing it’s huge space and I’m pretty happy with it better than other
premium car the space is fantastic and only the multimedia system and
the trunk I wish it was a little bit bigger but I guess it’s big enough if
you don’t want to carry a lot of stuff every day so guys that was my review I
hope you enjoyed it please subscribe to my channel if you want to see more
videos soon I will come with more review with the newest dis car on the market
please write me and tell me what kind of what new car would you like to see and
check out my other videos from Geneva Motor Show – and thank you again for
watching my videos so bye guys see you soon you

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  1. Outstanding review!
    I recently became a "SDA Dan Cars" fan.

    Not only he makes excellent car presentations,but he also seems such a nice guy.
    Yesterday night while i was watching one of his videos,i sent him a message asking if it was possible to present C5 Aircross.
    He promptly replied telling me he will do it as soon as he can.
    And here it is today!
    It just doesn't get any better than that!
    I can't thank you enough my friend!
    Wish you the best!
    A pleasure to watch your videos!

  2. My advice, never buy a Citroen!! They can look pretty, but bad seat, not stabile on road, and suprise with technics, i had have many citroen, only shit all, and belive me, just now my wife bought a new C4 Cactus, bad, bad, small seat, and the stering become hard when drive over 60km/h, noise from road, and start and stop buttom dont exist, need everytime go inside screen and deactivate it, is not good solution, and if u drive over a dump, the back go up and noise when he come down, hehe, go from citroen!

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