NEW Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing || Deep Cleaning Car Interior

NEW Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing || Deep Cleaning Car Interior

welcome back to Stauffer Garage guys
today’s detail is of an f-350 super duty lariat edition that is used as a service
truck to work on tractors so it is super dusty on the inside but the good news is
with this one we’re gonna be busting out the extractor we’re gonna have the steam
cleaner we’re gonna have every tool you can possibly imagine clean the pressure
washer to get this car completely clean on the inside it’s going to turn out
incredible by the end of this video after we are done deep cleaning and I know you guys are gonna enjoy all the
different steps that I use to make these cars look clean again so if you are new
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staff or garage I post content that you don’t see in my videos but let’s go
ahead and roll right into this detail we have our work cut out for us holy I
didn’t know what that was that just moved behind they scared the crap out of
me Wow Wow now the first thing with any detail is
to remove the floor mats remove anything inside the cupholders the door panels
the side sills anything in the car that is larger than what your vacuum is able
to suck up now because this car is as dirty as it
is we will be removing the front seat which if you decide that you want to
remove the seats for your vehicle in your detail typically most seats are
only held in with four bolts there’s typically a wiring connector
underneath the seat that’s easily disconnected for you to remove those
seats for easy cleaning and as you can see here if I did not
remove these seats all of this dirt and dust that I’m seen in these carpet
fibers would not have been possible to get to if the seats stayed in the
vehicle and since I’m going to be extracting the
carpets I highly recommend you wear protection on your harness connectors
and putting a glove over them some sort of baggy anything to kind of protect any
moisture from getting inside those connectors always protective now that we
have a ton more room inside the vehicle I’m gonna go ahead and vacuum up any of
the dirt any of the loose particles on the surface of the carpet I’m also using
my bristle brush to get any of the caked on dirt on the pedals on the door sills
on the carpet itself by lightly scrubbing them it loosens them up from
the surface and allows the vacuum cleaner to suck them up very easily now I didn’t remove the rear seats
because the bolts in the intricacy of the whole mechanism for these seats was
a little bit too intense for me to remove it also did not have a ton of
dirt underneath him because of how the seats are shaped it doesn’t allow a lot
of dirt into the back of him ideally you would remove him but in this case it
wasn’t necessary make sure when you’re doing your
vacuuming you get underneath your seats like in these cases these seats have
cargo bays underneath them so by lifting them up vacuuming those areas in between
them in the seat belt buckles and then when you’re also vacuuming your seats
make sure you’re pulling apart this seems a little bit to get any of that
dirt in there now to clean the door sills in the
doorframe here I’m using an all-purpose cleaner and I’m using my bristle brush
on the frame and then I’m using my drill brush on the actual door so plastic
panel because it has a lot of different textured surface areas and make it hard
to get to and it makes it a lot quicker to use the drill brush in a microfiber
towel just to wipe it clean same applies for the door panel frame
I’m using my bristle brush an all-purpose cleaner and an all-purpose
cleaner across the entire door panel and the bristle brush for the switches and
all the different intricate spots that are hard to get to that you wouldn’t be
able to with a microfiber towel because the seats are removed working on
the pedals working on these side panels of the center console it makes it a lot
easier not having the seats in the car and get him a lot of those stains from
spilled drinks and other things they kind of get in between the seat in the
center console area that you wouldn’t typically be able to get to if they were
left in the vehicle also any of the products that I use in
my videos I always try to link them in the description box below for you guys
so that way if you want to pick up those products you can as well when it comes to cleaning the dashboard
the bristle brushes that I use are always highly recommended especially
trying to get into the air vent creases getting into the steering wheel
intricacies all of the different pieces of the dashboard especially or the side
panels a bristle brush really comes in handy now one trick if you’re trying to get in
between the airbag or between the steering wheel and the actual plastic
cover one thing that you can do is spray your microfiber towel with an
all-purpose cleaner and then kind of like flossing the towel in between there
it definitely makes it so that way you can get into those spots even when you
turn the steering wheel you’ll still miss them but by doing this with the
towel you can get make sure that you got all of those areas the front windshield is definitely
getting a lot of overspray in this shot but that’s why I always wait to do the
glass last because there’s always gonna be a chance that you’re gonna spray your
top coat your cleaner or anything’s gonna get on there and that’s why I
always wait to do the glass last now for this headliner the headliner had
not any staining but it had more dust handprints you can see here there’s a
one handprint but a more just of a dusting what I’ll just be using is my
all-purpose cleaner on a microfiber towel just to wipe it down to get that
clean now for the rear seats I decided to try
the 303 all-purpose cleaner which is good for fabrics and all different types
of materials I wanted to see how well it foamed and how well it cleaned the
leather before I conditioned them and I was actually really impressed with how
good of a job it did since it is a multi surface cleaner you could actually use
it for plastic and all different types of panels and that’s actually what I
used on the headliner as well and it does a really good job at being an
all-around general-purpose cleaner that doesn’t cause any staining now that we got the general cleaning
done on the inside of the car it is now time to focus on the floor mats which
vacuuming is always the first step and I’m using my bristle brush to kind of
get any of that caked on dirt especially in these extra floor mats that the owner
used trying to get all that dirt out and vacuumed up is definitely priority
number one now for the solvent that I’ll be
spraying on all the floor mats for cleaning in the extraction process it’s
actually a fabric carpet cleaner that’s diluted slightly to attend to one ratio
and I’m going to be spraying it across the entire floor mat and then use my
bristle brush to agitate the carpet fibers and the actual rubber floor mats
here and inside my extractor I’m just using
water now because the owner had both of these
floor mats inside the vehicle I went ahead and cleaned both sets but I
actually only put the carpeted floor mats back into the vehicle with the
extra rubber ones into the back of the bed so that way when the owner gets the
car back he gets to appreciate the cloth floor mats first and how the car would
come from the factory and then when he wants to put the other ones back in for
his work he could put the other ones back in tomorrow now that the floor mats are done I’m
going to move into extracting and drill brushing the entire inside carpet and
here I’m going to be doing the front driver floor well and like I said earlier the water being
poured out of the extractor isn’t super dirty compared to other details but it
is dirty and definitely cleaned up the vehicle now that all the actual cleaning is done
it is now time to take our top coat which in this case is the Chemical Guys
silk shine that I always go to that you guys know I love and I’m using that to
coat all of the interior panels in the steering wheel in the dashboard of the
vehicle now for the front driver and passenger
seats I’m going to be using the Lexile cleaner with my bristled brush to get
into all those different pores the fibers and those different stitching to
get that seat cleaned first and using my microfiber towel to wipe them off once the seats have been cleaned I’m
using the Lexile conditioner in a applicator pad to completely coat the
entire seat first with the conditioner and then wiping it clean before I even started the detail looking
at the type of leather in the color of it I knew that after doing the
conditioner and a cleaner combo the seats were gonna turn out really really
well and they certainly did not disappoint before I put the seats back in I always
try to do a final maintenance vacuum which you can see here there are some
dirt particles that have been carried into the vehicle from when I was doing
the dashboard and everything else so do one final maintenance vacuum before you
put the seats back in now I like to when I bolt the seats back
in take a little bit of Loctite and put it on the bolts before I put them back
into each of the holes that way I can ensure that they’re not going to back
out and then they’re also back to factory spec now that this seats are into the vehicle
go ahead and put all the floor mats back into the car and then for the final step
in stage of the clean that I like to do last is always clean the windows when I clean the windows I’m using
invisible glass and I always have two microfiber towels the first microfiber
towel is used for actual cleaning and removing any of the kind of Dammann ins
or dirt that’s on the surface and then the second microfiber towel is used for
actually buffing and cleaning and getting any of the rep leftover
chemicals off of the glass always remember to crank the window down
slightly to get that top edge and then I always try when I’m doing an interior
detail do the exterior of the windows as well because when you return it to a
customer if the outside is dirty but the insides clean they really cannot tell if
it’s been done or not so I always try to do the inside and the outside as well and here are the before-and-after shots
at the entire detail and I’m telling you guys the car turned out beautiful I was
super impressed with the leather on the door panels on the glovebox and the
front seats just everything was transformed in the car was honestly
impressive I was actually thinking that on the way home when I was driving home
I definitely could own one of these it’s actually a beautiful truck and it turned
out amazing and if you guys enjoy today’s detail make sure you give this
video a thumbs up let me know in the comments below what was your favorite
part of the detail and thanks again guys for watching today and I’ll see you guys
in the next detail bye guys

100 thoughts on “NEW Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing || Deep Cleaning Car Interior

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