...New Construction Options | Prison Architect #3 - Let's Play / Gameplay

…New Construction Options | Prison Architect #3 – Let's Play / Gameplay

generic greetings and welcome back to prison architect and the previous episode we begun construction on our work facility and as you can see we're actually in a fairly advanced stage now we have a temporary kitchen and canteen plan we just have to furnish that a little bit more the Dhamma tree is in there as well as the shower but obviously we do need to well complete the shower and other such things in this episode we're gonna continue on we're again working on grants and probably expanding to like Dhamma trees and all the such things I think we need to get this section of buildings here put in as well as the ones appear but we'll see how we get on we're gonna put it to max speed and I'm gonna go ahead and oh you see a lot of stuff is being unlocked here through the bureaucracy stuff I'm gonna go ahead and place some some more benches and tables now I would be tempted to clone it quick build it let's just see if I can Circle on that it will it will clone up but the problem with that is it will place the lights in which I don't want so I'm just gonna have to place it in from from here so will tables and we'll pull all the tables in first apart from the ones that I miss out naturally and then we will go ahead and probably put in some phone booths we haven't got any extra security things so we haven't got any CCTV area like we haven't got a security room we haven't got any phone taps or anything like that that was just not part of the original requirements for the facility it is low risk after all but I think we will go ahead and that was a massively low water so it'll go on past my house yeah I think we'll go ahead and place those in probably when we go for the expansion which the expansion will be sooner rather than later it'll probably up north get that done but that is 20 grands or something I don't really want to splash out on just yet I'm gonna play some more capacitors in here and it is after all gonna have to be powering a lot of things we'll have this coming down to well I think what we'll do is because this power plant here is gonna be following a lot of things we'll probably have the program of this power the kitchen as well as this I wish I had built I wish I'd built this Dhamma tree in this workshop first because then the other ones will connect up to the the different sections but if I don't if I build it as it is now it's probably gonna be all over the place so what I'm gonna do instead is go up to there that should be fine and run to they're gonna do with that all right and then probably for the time being I think that's all care but we'll have to get rid of that eventually because this one will power that and that and then for a lot of their the next one will go up to these two and then this one okay it's just gonna have to be redone I should have placed that there and I should have placed that there missed your oh well okay it's gonna require just understand there's gonna be some rewiring later on in the in the series what I'll do is run for now this across like so just to power the remainder of that I'm speaking of power we do need put in some more cookers that is now complete we'll do the same for fridges and sadly we won't be able to put a double drawer they're just the nature of the beast put triple there quadruple there even that should be about right that's also gonna be running quite hot eventually and there is something gone was that that's just done short term investment model for it so we do have inmate health and well-being we have prison maintenance we're gonna go for inmate health and well-being simply because it gives us a nice advanced payment which we can use to build some of these buildings in and around here and then we will go for a staff tour actually do we want a stuff door there I really don't know Jill door there Jill door there Jill door there and quite frankly myself what Jill does there because this is where the this is where the visit is going to come so we might as well have it as secure as possible I mean that could be a jail door as well anyway there's always these little tweaks you can make an you see after the fact on human I guess so we'll put some metal detectors in there and I think a metal detector in there that was gonna make it more secure but now I think metal detector is probably the way forward otherwise it will just be a bit of a nightmare later on because I've probably forget so there's the kitchen I still haven't done the little toilet but I'm probably gonna do that later on once we put in the extra stuff here we do need to run some water and before we do that however I think we'll go ahead and finish the shower so the shower is fairly fairly small but hopefully the right size I can't see the wood for trees here where is the showerhead there is couldn't see him and this is gonna be our shower area that should be about right and then we will run some pipe work across like that and that should be all that powered up it's been a pipe work we do need to the sim there that should be about right we'll place another sink a couple of sinks in actually make that that's not too bad and that should hopefully be enough to clean that speaking of cleaning we definitely need some of that let's go over to standard doors plus a standard down there diver dauber that'll be that completed and we're gonna go to staff Ghana one of those two janitors and a psychologist because we are focusing on this health immediate health and well-being so we're gonna make the September II medical ward then we'll build it and close it and do the usual stuff but the workers do have a lot of stuff to do not cleaning apparently although that's not really their job is it speaking of their job I really want to play some more brick wall in here but do I you know I'm gonna cancel our time to build this to there and there and I'm going to dismantle these Jill does because I think a standard door would do the job it just makes it simpler for the simpler for them to come inside oh we won't place it there that will place it on the edge and the reason for that is it means that we don't have to have two metal detectors anymore so it just cheapens it out a little bit for us and we'll definitely get some savings where we can solve that I'll be in there obviously we'll have to the planning somewhat like that but we'll put some planning back in metal detectors there I'm not gonna play some knocks it'll be a bit too much so this is now done so we'll be up put the walls in not yet powered up but we will probably run cable in then and down reason for that is the wash basins are stuff going to be in here wash basins the washing machines are in here right and because obviously pipeworks gonna need to be placed as well so preemptively first in the pipework – right so these are now pretty much sorted let's go over to rooms and we'll place a cleaning cupboard in there will place a parole which might not be this bit here but we'll see and we want an infirmary in infirmary in here for infirmary you just need a medical bed no Igor can go right in the center followed by two staff members of doctor one two and then that should be another grant completed and you can see now the facility is getting cleaned 33 grand in the kit EOC that's slowly going to go down I'm gonna dismantle that infirmary there cause this infirmary is not in its final position this is the laundry which will go in there and we'll place that stuff later on however we do need to get we've got prison maintenance we've got visitation rights Prison met and it's probably the way to go because we've already come so we have 15 grand there was a 15 grand that was it more yeah it was a 10 advanced as I su 5 advanced and then ten grand after that security procedure tensor okay pursue D 0 D that's a word now can't even speak let's try that again a security procedure certification which requires the hiring of a chief hiring of 10 guards or looking patrols and assigned through patrol routes the majority of that is already done I will go ahead and unlock patrols I don't think we need anything else do we and heightened guards signed patrols so that's fine in terms of this here as well I Bank alone I think that's always a decent thing to do remote access we're not going to bother with just yet and I'm gonna go out of foundations building brick and yes we are going to build the workshop back here because as I mentioned in the previous episode our focus is getting a workshop right from the get-go making sure that we have people able to work from day one from day one when we expand which is sooner rather than later I would imagine it is going to be a case of getting all of the extra stuff in and classrooms probably classroom on either side because we're all about the reform here even though that we're all about the reform but in actual fact we don't have a lot of the stuff that we need let's just see if this is right or visit Cyril didn't use to be wrote it you couldn't wrote it all the way around the bench of us either one bench on the bottom there it didn't used to go all the way around so that's on the right that's on the top and that's on the left yeah it works you works its way around okay even not actually rotates the other way is that right yes Irish turning it clockwise TV that's going clockwise yeah that's clockwise visit the table of course counter clockwise or anti-clockwise oh I can't unsee that now alright after that's it 0:10 literally unplayable right ok so a scoop cg certification is on the go this is gonna be our workshop and we'll place that in here speaking of placement we will have our brick wall there and there and we will have metal detectors we need metal detectors so it's gonna happen from the get-go earth are going in electrical cable straight down the middle like that although I don't actually know where this is the weather stuff's gonna go so we'll see about that one right so that's in there this is pretty much sorted we haven't yet had to look at our policy which we do need actually saw let me unlock that wise prison policy not unlocked food logistics to plan scheduler reform program scheduler override the daily schedule so where is it then prison policy whereas prison policy there it is right let's find them okay so we just got some research done which I believe was trolls with patrols not a bank loan bank loans done a patrols with a little while ago we do have deployment now we as you can see so we'll set this to two stuff for me like that that technically doesn't need to be staff only neither does that although you might as well do that because the the the visitors go through what they want anywhere so doesn't really matter right that's fine we're not going to set it to mints echo on you because we're not gonna have that we're not going to use the prisoner directions which I know some people do like to say but I'm not gonna use for the time being what we do want to use however is what utilize some flooring and it's gonna be concrete tiles where we are going to concrete up a lot of this area because it's something that we normally miss out and it's actually it can have a fairly big effect because of the the way that the walkways are so it's best having them in and it just increases the speed cuz you can see walk speed fast where is your standard dirt is walk speed slow so it's best having that the yard we will place some grass in there and it's walks Pete's a little bit outdoor only but it's not gonna cost us too much Johnny 700 so 1400 and so or 1400 in total there that's that's fine the checkered flooring I would like to place in the center in fact I'm very tempted to actually start placing some of the flooring and I don't I will say let's get the where is it visitation first this is not gonna be a visitation that's all closed off this is going to be the standard visitation area so sundered visits tables I'm just going to roughly plan off the size of this is it that size I think it is I think that's about right yeah that's alright so it's just a 3 by 2 so 3 by 2 3 by 2 and 3 by 2 and there's a weed gap let's try it the other way and what I do there's always gonna be a gap isn't there I'm just trying to minimize that so it looks a bit better than what it did that's ok like that don't mind that and perhaps like that not ideal then ones but we can place these ones in here and we can have the guards patrolling around the outside if we need to put other ones in then we can yeah okay so we'll do that for now the question is what our intuition wall that I'm guessing and because I used the wall planning rather than the item planning I'll have to get rid of it so that's fine right um so do we have a kennel you don't have a kennel dogs will unlock dogs so we need to unlock for trolls all right we need to set some patrols but I'm gonna place some concrete tiles around here first towels around their tails around there and while we're at it lodged yield or canned Gobert there and there and we might as well plus somewhere ventures in here like that we're gonna need to do eventually anywhere I haven't mentioned it but I think it should be quite obvious by now that we are not going to have graded cells you can have grid Dom trees it is a possibility if you go to logistics and room quality you can see that there it is out of three there so it's actually grade three but I think there's a grace minimum grading of about three or four I'll have to check it out if it's a problem where as you can see that it requires certain number of items per prisoner so it's actually says there one showerhead per for prisons and we could if we wanted to delete this section here where the shower is and I load them in let's just expand the Dom tree and that would increase the grading but I don't know whether it will allow them because I said there's a soft grace minimum where she says right well you know you are entitled to one but you're allowed in three or four something like that but you can't say you're entitled to a one but there's a ten I don't think it works up where it can go the other way around you can be entitled to attend and be put in anything below that but the other way it's a bit different anyway and still haven't done in here but I'll leave that for later to run I am actually not going to do any building in here now because what I want to do is change it so that all of this stuff has locked down because at the moment we don't have anywhere else to put them in and we'll see if anything happens like serious injury or murder we're not going to increase the sec I don't think it's gonna be I don't lose much point they're pro cut off we're gonna keep in there 33 percent I guess that's the ideal amount and for the timing we're going to do our usual stuff so one two three four five six and then we'll have a shower strata we're followed by an hour free time followed by two hours of eat followed by one two three four one two three four eat eat blocka blocka because I think it's just tend to help out and that should be about it with two I was a free time at the end there although it is works like free time I'm hoping that the majority of the prisoners in here will be working right and so I'm gonna do who's got a staff and go one two three four five and then I will sign some patrol routes or deployments and then guard patrol routes and we will set a route probably around she it's a bit difficult to go around they'll cancel that will go around here like that yeah and send a couple of one there and we do want one do we want one person in the Dom tree I don't think it's unreasonable to have one person in the Dom tree patrolling like that and the workshop is probably going to be the same thing but I don't know what's gonna happen there so I'll just assign them and that gets that grant completed back over the grants we've got visitation rights we're gonna pull mental security ratings that's dog handlers and armed guards we're not gonna have the latter prisoner acclimatization which is assigned them to work in the laundry kitchen and cleaning cupboard cleaning companies in laundry is not so we will go ahead and do that so laundry machine couple at the back there we do need an table which we'll put a table at either side ironing board will go one two three and then laundry baskets you know what the deal is if I nail probably years place as many as you want and they get shifted off anywhere so there we are and that should be the majority of that done let's go over to logistics prison labor we are going to assign everybody to these as much as we can now we got max Jobs 20 which does say there and there's our assignments and that's give us a bit more payment as well there's prison manufacturing facility which produces this is produced 30 license plates and I think we will leave it to they're very happy with our progress very happy indeed next episode I think we'll get prisoners quite frankly we've got the regime set up we've got most of the secure areas done we've got more guards we do need to hire a couple more staff and do a couple of tweaks and changes here and there but hopefully it will function the main problem is that we don't have a common room and we've seen firsthand in the last series what happens when you don't have a common room it kicks off very very quickly so I'm probably going to get some prisoners and build this dormitory here and make that a temporary common room until we can expand to one side and then we'll retrofit it and then make the common room here or whatever we decide to do but we'll see how we get on as always if you have enjoyed the video and the series of thus far thank you very much watching take care and generic partings

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