New double story house with best interior | Video tour

New double story house with best interior | Video tour

Watch our new double storey house for 25
lakhs with best interior this house constructed in five cent plot and this
house have three bedroom the two bedroom allocated in ground floor and one in the
first floor the total built-up area is 1500 square feet now we can see TV unit
area living and dining hall now we are in first bedroom in
ground-floor the second bedroom in ground floor now
we are getting in to the kitchen let us see the stair to first floor we are in first floor we can see a beautiful hanging light on
stair roof the first bedroom in first floor this is the only one bedroom in
first floor it is a excellent double-story home with
amazing interiors also it is budget-friendly home with three bedroom
and modern amenities if you looking for latest budget home you can prefer this

100 thoughts on “New double story house with best interior | Video tour

  1. Jitne bhi hai SB jhuthe or fraud h..public ko km bjat m alishan mkan dikhakr surf bewkuf bnate h…420 ka case file hona chahia in sbk khilaf

  2. Pls put Ur contact details….for other information…so we can call u to construct our house… without Ur contact details…how come we contact…

  3. Showing tv and medals,trophies as if it's an interior and as if we will get someone else earned achievements 😑

  4. Guys don't believe this channel.. It's completely fake they are just uploading videos for views and money… They say we build houses in India but if u mention any place or state in India they will simply answer "sorry our service is not available there" … Report this fake channel…

    Cheap way of earning money and worst thing is these guys are playing with dreams of a middle class people. ..

  5. In this time in this century this kind of house at least 2 coror doesn’t matter which part of this world 🌍 with 25 lacs you can’t get even the half of dry land 😆fucking fake uploader to just get some money from YouTube

  6. I am interested. If you are interested then confirm me here only. I will share my contact details withyou

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