New Ford S-MAX ST Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Ford S-MAX ST Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

so the new Ford s-max 2019 ST Line
it’s right here with me and I will review the interior exterior of this car
and I hope you will enjoy my my review and all the information that you will
get right now so here on the side you can also see the s deadline logo with
this nice design there in the paint in the body paint it’s look really good and
it tell you that this s max it is a different car a sporty one with nice
design down there on the air diffuser spoiler on the back big windows great
visibility from the interior one of the greatest future that forth has on all
his car these big windows are fantastic and I really really enjoy it also this
air diffuser up here look fantastic it has a nice nice designed with a brake
light up there also you can see the s max logo on the back on this chrome line
the nice LED light in the back also have a beautiful design fake exhaust with the
normal inside there also this black glossy diffuser here in the back look
fantastic I like also this this light reflection down here also everything is
in the coral light car color I mean the sensors are here on this air diffuser it
look really sporty really nice down here we have the button for open the trunk
and the camera back camera s-max logo here in this chrome as I tell you before
really nice I really like this car exterior looked fantastic looks for tear
so if you have a if you want to be big spacious car to carry people and you
have a big family this is the perfect car here on the side we don’t have any
plastic to protect the edge of the car it’s just the car paint also down here
we have this plastic down part but it is in the color of the car and you don’t
even notice that you have a plastic down there to protect the down part of the
car the lines on the car are beautiful also I like the way it’s look the handle
I really study and you and you can lock and unlock the car only with a key in
your pocket they look very stylish and they have a
nice aerodynamic also we have here the mirrors with blind spot technology the
car also have the newest technology on the market blinker on the side there on
this side also the esterline logo with this nice design to make the car look
much more sport here in the front we have this rims that also look nice on
this car 19-inch wheels come standard on this car and they look very nice day day
they passed with the car really put they look good on this car in my opinion they
are great also sensors in the front the same paint color on this plastic down
here down down down the same same color that
also make the car look much much prettier and also chrome design around
this fog light down here and black glossy plastic around there also down
here we have this air diffuser with black glossy plastic in the same like
the grille here also would come around a little bit of lines
up here the same same design same style also on the Ford Fiesta it’s also the
same from design but on this new s-max extra line to look much much better make
the car look fantastic with this chrome and black glossy in the world I see many
of course there we have the camera for Lane Assist for reading the speed limit
and all that technology here we have some information of the s max extent
line this car is 2-liter diesel the price fifty four thousand four hundred
it has also discount four thousand here in Switzerland and also you can see it’s
a very heavy heavy car two tones almost two tones and one hundred kilogram it’s
really heavy car but it’s really spacious really big and very nice also
only in the trunk here we have two ball flight for the numbers no LED there we
have automatic lift gate here here we have an LED in the interior that look
very nice also this protection for the trunk some
protection or people protection to don’t look in your car I love this plastic
here it’s made to protect the bumper of the car in the back it’s really great
also hooks here at the entrance plastic almost flat 2-centimeter almost flat
entrance in the trunk quite amazing also on the side here we have the sony system
sound right there if you need to to do something on it here we have the buttons
for the seats this button will leave the seats back so you don’t have to do it
let’s go automatic also LED light here we have a hook here quite useful a nice
design you can see another place here this car was made for seven-seat it’s
also a seven-seater you can see the cupholders there on the side one on this
particularly car but it has only five seats but you can see it can stick here
or you can stick in the car the seventh seat I’m not sure if you really can
change this car now to add some extra two seats there but I know this car it’s
made for 7c – here is the trunk protection can also take it out if you
don’t need it there very simple under the trunk normal floor trunk it’s
another 10 centimeter space and if you take this out something that I tried to
see but I don’t know where how can I take this out I don’t have any handle to
take this out to see what it’s under there anyway I guess you cannot open it
I don’t know why it’s really strange anyway that’s the trunk now I wanna lift
this sit down like this you will need the key with you when you do it it’s not
working so let’s leave it manually down so if you want to leave the seats
manually down it’s not from upper side it is from downward side you can see the
position of the seat from here you pull this down and you can see the seat are
the same like on the Honda I see this system on Honda it’s a great system I
don’t know who stole it Ford or Honda but you don’t have a flat
floor here as you can see it has a little lip there if you want to carry
long items you have to be careful how you do it also
have free seeds there so you can live only the middle seat or whatever you
want to do if you want to carry long items you can live only the middle seat
and you have a lot of space now I want to show you how interesting is this
system that Conda have to own its SUVs you can see when you lift the seat down
the the downward part code much more down you see for more space and make
more more space in the car as you see here it’s go all the way flat and it’s
make a lot of space also you can leave the seat a little bit in the straight
position so you can carry more items in the trunk or you can leave it on the
back like there you can see more comfortable you are like in the sofa
very comfortable for long trips and stuff like that anyway let’s eat our
great great quality leather as you can see way design can also put
it in the front or in the back it’s really adjustable the same like the
front seat so you can pull it from here in the front or in the back the same
like Honda have the same system it’s really great system
I find it fantastic and all the SUV should have some system like that it’s
really great there in the middle a little lip it’s fantastic for staying in
the middle for the middle passenger I really love it really really love it
also ease of fix for your kids you can add it here now I like that the seats
are really separate and you can see in the middle its individual seats here we
have a speaker on the back quite interesting design I see it on the
fourth h2 the same speaker on the c-pillar there in the back also this
here this seat belt when you put it on the middle passenger maybe it’s a little
bit comfortable for the passenger in the
left because it come directly in his head anyway here on the window we have
this interesting solar protection pretty cool I find it really nice and fancy the
doors great great quality soft material leather nice chrome designed also the
speaker it’s really really great high quality the leather with these red
stitches make the car send the car in the premium level and I
feel like I’m in the premium car when I when I when I sleep in this when I sit
in this carbon when I see all that finishing and all that quality it’s
really great quality also here you can see it’s really better the doors are
great and they are plate protected form water or from rusting time because it
has that plastic down there here we also have this great feature when you can eat
or put your drink while you’re driving really cool also leather here no plastic
on the front seat great quality you can use this car like a shutter
maybe in the airport if it was it has another three seats
it was great car also you have some cooks here down here if you need to type
something really great even the carpet are nice with red stitches look at the
seat a great finishing really great comfort and I sit on them and they are
really really comfortable you feel really good in this car but also if you
don’t have a passenger in the middle you can take this seat belt out and then
will be in no problem for the other passengers going inside
the car you have a nice position total position in this car I like in an
industry SUV you have a lot of space on my legs on my knee I can stretch my legs
onto the front seat I feel feel great great with a lot of
space on my legs actually you can see for yourself it is a little bit tall
position but it is a great great position in a lot of space in my head as
well it’s really good really really great nice quality on the roof here as
well also this LED light lamps here look nice also a microphone here up if you
want to speak band everything’s quite simple with a little chrome in the
middle down here a little space for a key or something also a 230 volt 150
that right here you can charge your laptop 12-volt as well down there going
in the middle it’s very easy because you don’t have any step there you can stay
with your feet just like that and it’s perfect if you was cut a little bit like
this short this center console I can stay I can stay with my legs together
and I have much more space so next time they should cut a little bit from here
because the front driver they don’t need so much of the center console and then
there will be more more space on the legs in the middle but head space it’s
huge and I love this seat I have I have a lot of space for three people here
it’s huge space here and also I like that shit are individual you can see I
have my own seat in the middle so I don’t share with no one and I have space
for my legs that it’s really really great thing that I have my person
sit there in the middle and I also have side support great creative view on the
windows a big windows nice light coming a lot of light coming inside the cars
and that’s a great thing also the dashboard in the front look amazing in
my opinion it’s very beautiful and the finishing on the doors and on the center
console you will see it in a moment it’s fantastic great great job great job I
love I love I love this car and I love that it has a great great big entrance
in the back a big door you can open the door a lot so you can go inside very
easy a great job great great job fort with this
s max this car really surprised me it is a very beautiful car with nice future
and also sporty look you can see the design of the car it’s really beautiful
it’s really sporty the way to come all that lines in the back you don’t even
feel like you have so much space in the interior this this window here will be a
little problem for the blind spot of the driver when you when you drive will be a
little of the bank’s profit I think in time when you get used with it it will
be no problem in the phone same great quality Chrome on the side chrome
buttons around the buttons here I mean integrated in the speaker really great
also here leather on the doors red stitches very nice
down here as well some buttons here are the same with a little bit of Chrome on
the other models from 42 glossy black there
really beautiful speaker and space for a battle down there so the door looked
fantastic really really good quality also here we have some plastic to
protect the entrance and stair line here it’s normally Chrome but it has a
protection right now because the car is new so it’s not a green one
it is Chrome also great great great buttons with chrome around they look
very nice these buttons with the chrome around them much much more better than
the other ones so red stitches fantastic seats on the front too you can see great
finishing good quality also we have little holes here for hitting your seat
also sites worth or fantastic that’s it it’s our real sporting really nice and
they also look good and they feel premium aluminum pedals also an extra
thing for this car here we have the fuse box here is the light that I can not
show you right now because I think the battery of the car it’s kind of empty or
this is what I’m thinking because they don’t want to open anyway I try a few
times and I see that it doesn’t have so much energy so anyway here are the
buttons really simple to use the vents also simple it a little bit chrome
around them also the dashboard it’s soft material and it’s simple and look good
and you have a great visibility from the driver point of view we have a speaker
there in the middle we have plastic here and in the right place we have the soft
material let go all the way there I like the way it’s designed and you
have a great visibility you have a lot of space from the driver to the end of
the dashboard it’s huge space for good safety reason
maybe so here another plastic like carbon fiber that look nice chrome
around the vents really really good finishing the glow box
it’s huge it’s huge you have a lot of space there to put your stuff and also
huge space for the passenger feet mine’s design on the door that come with
the events there you can see for yourself
I like it very much this is my opinion now the steering will also great create
quality on this as Max Estelle lined red stitches beautiful good grip and good
quality as you touch it so the staying had also a lot of buttons
and different function adaptive cruise control like here this it is buttons
here up here and down here got the volume for radio and tap now there are
really really cool also up here we have the chrome around this digital dashboard
that I really review it is the same like on the Ford Mondeo or Ford Age SUV
start/stop button really really nice up here we have a space for some things
that you can put whatever you want to put a small place here we have two
buttons blinker light and the buttons for the sound system there we have also
you can also add a CD there electric seats
on this car tempered to button and event they look nice with that chrome
integrated here we have soft material on the side like a rubber rubber soft same
like on the dashboard nice design chrome on the side also here
we have a space for the phone to charge it 12 volt or to us be a great great
practicality and it is 2 USB port also are very very useful in my opinion my
favorite a gear shifter from all car company is this this stick here in
chrome to look very beautiful it small it doesn’t take so much space also
electric handbrake here we have the buttons for parking sensors and cameras
chrome two cupholders down here pretty useful and nice nice integrated in this
black glossy the center console look fabulous and also great quality the
finishing are amazing now in the car I have great comfort huge space for my
head in the driver position on the seat also on my hand I have a huge space
great visibility in the mirrors there it’s a little bit of blind spot but I
guess it’s ok you can get used with it depend on where you drive if you drive a
lot in the city in the crowded city with a lot of traffic will be a little bit of
problem but if you drive on the highway a lot it will be no problem to bulb
light here up with a mirror quite great and also up here we have a small mirror
to to spy your kids in the back or if you want to see the passenger in the
back you can have a little mirror there a space for the glass
is pretty useful really cool so really interesting how the choice to this
mirror the but they’re quite interesting so also the navigation system I think
you already see it maybe I will I will show you a little glimpse on it but you
can check out my other videos with the other Ford car from 2019 they have the
same system same navigation system I will also do an extra video with this
navigation system from Fort 2019 and you can see it the cockpit as well there and
that was the interior of this s-max esterline 2019 it’s fabulous
I love the seats I love the space inside it I kind of like it everything on this
car it is really beautiful car really nice also the LED light you can see in
the back they look fantastic they have a nice design it’s a combination of LED
light and there we have the bulb light as well for reverse you can see that
little light there on the side also we have light on the mirrors also this is
the LED light daylight up there that’s really nice also and you can also see it
from the side if you go from the side so in my opinion it is a very beautiful car
with very beautiful features and nice designed it has some cool stuff in it it
is a premium car I can say I can put it in the premium level cars that it’s
really really nice a really great car I really like it so that was kind of my
review guys with the new Ford s-max Estella in 2019 I hope you enjoyed the
review if you have questions please ask me comment leave me your feedback tell
me what you think thank you for watching my videos and my channel subscribe to my
channel don’t forget to subscribe if you want to see the newest this video and
the newest this car that come on the market and like share and see you soon
guys I hope you you enjoy it so stay safe drive safe and take care bye guys
see you soon you

23 thoughts on “New Ford S-MAX ST Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

  1. Great video my friend, well done!
    I have owned 5 Ford S-max's over the years, 3 in the past and I currently own a 2006 1.8tdci Zetec and a 2016 2.0 tdci S-max Titanium Sport 180. In my opinion they are the best MPV/7 seater cars you can buy! The new ST-Line is almost identical to my 2016 Titanium Sport 180.
    After owning many of them, I have to disagree with your comments:
    "Due to the size and weight of the vehicle though, body roll is present when you turn into the corner with vigour.
    " and "There’s no denying that the S-MAX is a big car and it definitely feels it on the road, with the width of the vehicle making travelling down narrow roads a bit awkward."
    My 2016 Titanium sport has very little body roll in corners thanks to the sports suspension and handles better than some standard cars. Lower spec models do have a bit of body roll, but not as much as you would expect being such a tall 2 ton vehicle. Maybe the ST-Line does not have the same suspension set up as the sport? After driving one every day, you quickly get used to the size and surprisingly it feels no larger than any other medium/large car or MPV.
    I do agree that the steering is set up beautifully, not too light and not too heavy, with great feedback. The engines have plenty of power and I regularly get very good MPG figures.

    With the rear 2/5 of the rear seats folded away, the boot is HUGE, but with all 7 seats up, boot space is a lot smaller (obviously) but its still larger than almost all other 7 seaters in its range.
    I regularly carry 4 quite large adult passengers (5 including myself driving) comfortably. The rearmost seats are quite a bit smaller and were designed more with kids in mind. Leg room is the main issue as the floor is raised up due to the location of the fuel tank etc underneath. My teenagers use the 2 rearmost seats on a daily basis without too many issues.

    I have no complaints on any of my S-max's apart from the newest one.
    The auto start stop is a bit of a pain (it sometimes shuts the engine down just as I need to pull off) so I turn it off most of the time.
    If its raining, sometimes the keyless entry doesn't work straight away. You don't need to get the key out of your pocket to unlock/lock the doors as the doors lock/unlock when you touch the top/inside of the door handle, which is fantastic 99% of the time, but when its raining it sometimes doesn't work the first time and you have to touch the handle a second or third time.
    I have had a tiny issue with the upgraded Sony stereo system where the display hasn't turned on with the ignition. It only happened a hand full of times in 3 years and Ford couldn't find any faults. It just seemed to be a small software glitch.
    None of the small issues greatly affected the way the vehicle performed and certainly haven't put me off buying another one.
    In all fairness, these issues were not really a fault with the S-max only. As these same faults have been seen on other 2016 Ford models (Mondeo, C-max, etc) which use the same new equipment. They were the first vehicles to use the new technology, so I think that its safe to assume that they are just small bugs that Ford have ironed out since then with software updates on later models.
    My 2016 S-max will be 3 years old in October and I WILL be trading it in for a newer model S-max. I love them and I doubt that I will buy another car as long as they are still producing the S-max.
    Thanks for the great review SDA Dan Cars, I have liked and subscribed! Sorry my comment was so long! Keep up the good work!

  2. I used to have 2 ford cars.Maybe they were not beautiful than the cars made in Japan ,but they were really good. I think they are more safe and manoeuvrable than most of the Japanese cars

  3. Wowwww what.a nice Ford S.T.line.Compaq car my.dream car thanks for the review brother! Thank u for the review godbless u from.the philippines 😇😇😇👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏

  4. 1st shape looks nicer imo but 2011-2012 models. I have the 2008 2.2 Individual with sport bumper and love it.

  5. С таким обвесом эта пластиковая потешка с одноразовым мотором не мало денег высосет…

  6. I have never heard such a dreadful narrative, this guy doesn't speak english properly , his accent is so poor, get rid of him and have it overdubbed by someone who we can listen to

  7. Why do they put stupid armrests/ storage in the centre console? I bang my elbow in mine everytime i change gear, spoils the driving experience 🙄

  8. @SDA Dan Cars
    I stumble upon this review: "The 19-inch alloys, low-profile tyres and sports suspension certainly help cement the ST-Line’s sporting style but they ruin the car’s ride. It’s abrupt, overly firm and downright uncomfortable on anything that isn’t snooker-table smooth. For a family car it’s just not good enough and I wouldn’t be surprised if it prompted some unpleasant reactions from any travel-sick passengers." Is this too harsh or it really lacks comfort on average roads?

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