New Hyundai Tucson N LINE 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Hyundai Tucson N LINE 2019 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome to a new video
today I have right here the new Hyundai Tucson 2019 and model so this is the new
human IQ phone and model and I want to present you last time I present you the
black one and this time I want to present you the grey one because last
time I didn’t have the camera with me and quality of the video was not so good
but let’s let’s start guys so first of all I want to show you this key the key
of the car it’s quite simple like the other cars like the other hand I for
example Yanik or yeah and then you can also see
that the car doesn’t have folding mirrors but it has this great feature
here you can press the button we can lock the car or you just unlock the car
just with your key in your pocket so I don’t have to use the key right now I
just have to have it in the pocket and you can open everything for example you
can also hold this and the trunk will open it has automatic lift gate
that’s pretty cool and then I will show you everything around the car for
example it also has a button here to close the trunk pretty cool also it has
a back camera pretty helpful that you can see around the car very easy and
very cool so yeah the design it’s the same like the
previous it doesn’t have any end on the back just local Hyundai and here Tucson
and extract from the engine and also down here we have the exhaust pipe with
a nice design of this wind diffuser down there under the car so it’s pretty cool
also we have sensors on the sides sensors and this nice plastic to protect
the paint of the car from the rust it’s go all over down come all over down and
also we have here under the tire on the side it’s pretty cool that in time the
car will be protected from the rain from the rust and it will last longer also
here we have interesting lines on the side of the car and as you can see it
great lines here can also have nice lines on the side
to see this it’s quite interesting back here we have all black also this is also
black not like the normal model where we have chrome you can see there it’s
chrome on the side but on the end model Tucson and blind model we have black and
also those are black up there and here in the back this air spoiler nice design
it’s also black velocity we have there brake light and yes pretty cool so I
think the car it’s look now just have to unlock it to show you here your
interesting how it’s look where you fill the tank and also I want to show you the
rims of the car we have here sporty sport contact for the sport contact and
we have 19 that are looking very nice they are very pretty very pretty in my
opinion they look quite beautiful so this is the car guys
and also the mirror we have black glossy mirror as you can
see it’s also nice blind spot here on the side and line logo here on the paint
in the front we have the same plastic around the edges of the the car to
protect the the car so quite quite nice also here it’s go all the way down into
plastic and the front it is really beautiful in my opinion much much more
beautiful than the normal to song took so look at this look at the line there
really really nice and also we have led full LED light here the newest
technology from Hyundai look amazing we also have extra this this LED strip here
that look fantastic with the fog lights down there also sensors around here also
here is the front sensor for emergency brake and other stuff we have front
sensor another one here from the parking sensors also the car have front camera
back camera on it’s pretty cool and this real front wheel look amazing it is in
grey color I don’t know if you can see it very well
but it’s in grey and it’s look very nice also look at this nice chrome here on
the side that come all the way down directly there around so in my opinion is a very beautiful
front here we have some information about the
car for example the engine 1.6 deja de n
line four-wheel drive the price forty two thousand eight hundred dollars
francs and it’s great because it has an really big discount you can see nine
thousand francs discounsel if you are in Switzerland you can come here at policy
automobile in Guerra finger you can go on the internet to here is the website
and you can even come here or you can see it you can test drive it and you
even have a great great discount and it’s pretty cool I don’t think you will
find it cheaper here in Switzerland or around maybe if you are in in Germany or
something like that you can you can come here and see the car now going in the
trunk just have to push the button the lift gate is automatic as I show you
before you can load your stuff directly straight here that’s pretty cool thing
and you also have down here a lot of space where you can put your stuff or
the example repair kit is here also if you take this out completely out you
will have a huge space here that he can can put a lot of stuff there quite
interesting and also here you can put some stuff on the side really
interesting we have 12 volt port here also light also some hooks here down
here we have some oops for your stuff their hooks hooks on
the side they have a speaker here with the interesting I like that
also this trunk protection right here so the trunk it’s really huge is the
same like on the normal models so it’s nothing nothing different on here just
want to go inside the car wait I have to open it just want to show
you the doors they are huge and it’s a huge entrance in the car also here we
have soft materials on the upper side it’s soft a little bit of plastic here
on the side and here also plastic here it’s again soft material on this side
and also here soft and nice the Creole speaker here we also have this best
different cup holder nice buttons the heating button and this is the the
window button so quite quite simple and cool also the Tucson Tucson Tucson
depends how you wanna say it the logo here and here we have this plastic to
protect the paint of the car in time the car doesn’t rust so it’s it’s really
cool so also the seat are leather a great quality leather combination of
leather with Alcantara leather here on the middle so they are really really
good seat great quality also I like these red stitches with lines here on
the side they are also adjustable you can see
here the end line logo from Tucson also armrests in the middle with two
cupholders pretty awesome in my opinion it’s really cool now I just want to show
you something going in the front just have to have the keys right here
and if you start this so now I just wanna can I just wanna show you something guys
let’s put the seats a little bit in the front we have electric seats right here it’s really cool you can adjust the way
you want it so it’s really great to work fantastic and also the lumbar part you
can adjust it from there so now if you you have to touch the brake you have
this thick beautiful stick in parking and then you press the button and the
engine will start so there you can see the new display it also has a Foley on
because it’s the brand new car I love the colors around there you can also
have a lot of technologies like Lane Assist like reading this the speed limit
there a lot of technologies that you also have it here blind spot and stuff
like that now you can open from this this beautiful just just like like that
okay great just like that and I just want to show you this
beautiful right I just want to show you this
beautiful Sun roof light and I want to make a little bit more light that you
can see better the interior of the car this is really really beautiful in my
opinion but let’s go in the back guys sorry for that I’m a little bit sick but
it will be ok in a few days sorry about my voice now let’s
continuing we were here and I want to show you how you how you let this down
the seat are going from here you just pull this and the seat did going down
down straight down and you have a really flat flat flat trunk here in the back
that’s really cool and you also have a lot of space here on the fit that you
can also put some stuff there on your legs so this is pretty pretty awesome
now going forward here it’s huge space like I told you you can you can even put
a lot of stuff here from the back from trunk you can live all the seat down and
it’s quite fantastic now if you want to go go up you have to pull it again and
the problem is you need two hands and you need one hand for pull it one hand
for for the handle so here you can see if you have more stuff to load in the
back you can even leave the seats like that the other one you can leave it on
the back and you have a better comfort for long trips or you can even leave it
like this if you have doesn’t have passenger and you can load more stuff in
the trunk anyway let’s put it all the way back and
let’s try to test the space in the car so you go in the car very easy it’s a
huge space huge door there now here you can see I have a lot of legs space
let’s close the door we have more quiet so huge space on my feet I can even
stretch my feet here under the car and you can see I have even a lot of space
my feet are also in the end so you don’t have any hole here like in the electric
cars now here in the middle we have USB port and the air vents here they are
really cool really simple nothing complicated
I like this step here it’s really small so you can go in the middle without any
problem you can see here huge space on my legs here also you can hold your legs
like that now the head space you can see it for yourself it’s kind of huge head
space because of the the roof and the glass roof also here on the side great
head space in my opinion and you have great comfort even if you close the door
great visibility nice comfort here in the back and also this set are amazing
our great quality is leather it’s fantastic up here we have a hook for
your things and handle we have LED light up here pretty great now you can feel
three people here without any problem now up here as you can see if you are a
passenger you have great visibility amazing glass roof it looks fantastic
it’s all over the car you can see it it’s all over the car and you have a lot
of light in the car and it’s really fantastic for the passenger in the back
so going in the front we have this beautiful leather here for the armrest
with these nice red stitches I like this combination I think it’s one of the most
beautiful combination in a car that you can do black with red
it’s really nice really really nice the dashboard you can see it it’s also
beautiful they did a great job with the dashboard it’s everything in the perfect
place and in my opinion it’s really really nice also we will go in the front
and you can see more from the front here also you have huge space we can also
take this out and you have a huge space here to put your stuff quite nice as you
know and also you can also I think you cannot adjust this but it’s really in
the front so your hand will stay without any problem now here you can see all the
technologies for example electric handbrake here you can change drive
modes out of old sensors camera around the car
oh the start/stop button and this is for four-wheel drive traction here we have
if you smoke if you don’t smoke we take it out cup holders here pretty cool and
this end and stick from nline stick in the new is the new one and it look
really beautiful in my opinion look fantastic it’s also leather with red
combination it’s quite beautiful and great quality in the same time now a
place for your keys there and in the front you can charge your phone in that
place it’s really helpful these days 12 volt port USB auxiliary and another one
there that’s that’s really helpful also we have the buttons here heated seats
heated steering wheel the climatic system the blinkers are there
quite simple the nice vent with this beautiful gray rounded glassy gray and
also the leather on the dashboard with the red stitches we have nice vents
there the dashboard and the navigation the new navigation system that you
already see it in my other videos if you didn’t see it until now check out my
other videos now let’s go in the front here we have some plastic on the back of
the seat and also you can see this is not more Chrome this handles from the
doors they are black and glossy they are really beautiful I like him let’s go in
the front the doors are closing pretty nice so no program with the doors
the front doors the same soft material on the upper side the same design
speaker soft soft a little bit of plastic here also Creole speaker and
also huge space down here pretty nice car and also in the front we have this
red light reflector that looked really nice and also here the buttons
the buttons here for the windows locking up and all kind of stuff simple stuff
that every almost every car have this down here we have this protection
plastic with a nice design and also the Tucson Tucson logo here really beautiful
like I told you electric seats here really nice you can adjust it the way
you want it even the lumbar position if you have
back pains you can adjust this part here up or down the way you want it also
beautiful seats and lines it nice red stitches around really nice really nice
they are really really beautiful and they are really comfortable this seat
and I like them I wish I had this sit on my car now the pedals we have aluminum
pedals pretty awesome I like that the buttons I show you
before also the vents like I say on the side we have this black kind of glossy
matte but kind of matte glossy and also we have it here the same on the doors
the same there on events also soft material all over the dashboard going
inside the car it’s very easy to go inside the car it’s not any problem soft
material everywhere we have the speaker up here quite beautiful design also
he’ll have leather with stitches I show you before here start/stop button quite
useful and great here we have some plastic on the down part of the car here
we have the glovebox it’s big but not huge and navigation system like you
already see it is the same like on the normal Tucson I love the fact that he
and I have this glass place here place for glass up here it’s fantastic
LED light up here here you can adjust here you see it before also the lights
here for reading and stuff like that now up here have a light for the mirror and
huge mirror I like that I really like that it has a huge mirror I think is the
hugest face mirror in a car I ever see and its really good because you can have
a very good visibility when you need to look in the mirror also the roof it’s
fantastic quality better than other other models from from Hyundai I mean II
28:30 in Santa Fe for example it’s also great
quality now that the steering wheel it’s the
best that you and I can do I think it’s it’s fantastic it’s also have these
stitches and this this holes here really beautiful the design is beautiful also
this grey mat here that also are on the vents or and all the doors
the buttons are simple classic on hue light simple to use and did the job
perfectly they are amazing now the dashboard you see it before I
will show you in a moment right now the first time look at this back of the car
you have huge huge windows and great visibility as well a little bit of blind
spot right there but this car have cameras around the car this is fantastic
I will show you great visibility from the driver and also a huge space for the
driver position you have huge space no problem at all
armrest it’s fantastic it’s everything great here in my opinion it’s all
perfect so now I want to show you this navigation system a little bit I already
made a video with it and you already see it but I want to show you a little bit
faster it is a de la C screen also now we have this folio on but it is
a glossy screen and it’s it’s great quality also you can see it very well
from the driver position now you are in driver position so you can decide for
yourself but I think it’s great great great
here is the home screen you have the time you have the menu you it’s work
fast you can see I touch it and it go directly there you have navigation you
have Android apple carplay you can also connect very easy your telephone your
phone you have navigation system but yeah this car doesn’t have the sim card
to it in because it’s brand-new car but you also can see my other videos I make
the review with it and it’s fantastic it’s work really fast and really good
and whether you can see the traffic you can see all kind of stuff yeah but now
it doesn’t have the it’s not connected to the Internet it doesn’t have any any
card SIM card in any way now if you I want to show you for second the the
dashboard you can see here in the middle we have digital display that’s pretty
cool you can see all the information the consumption and all other stuff for
example navigation you can see it in the middle you can see the sensors around
the car how it looked like you can see you can adjust the door and other stuff
you see also the consumption so it’s pretty simple you can adjust it from
here from this button you can change different stuff as you can see and with
this one also the consumption how many kilometer the car have drive and also
stuff like that so I just press here and then you go like that you can adjust
different settings but I’m not going to go into detail right now
now you already see this this is the the climatic system you have do automatic
system for the passenger – and it’s really cool really simple to use and
really nice so now down there as I told you the speed limit reader here if you
see we have nice beautiful light in the night this white light it’s fantastic
kind of white blue light also if we push this button here normally we have to see
the around the car now I’m not sure how this is work normally
when you press this view you can see around the car so maybe I guess I think
you have to just start the car let’s let’s see that if we start the car now
and then you press this button No so no I don’t know or maybe in maybe
when you are in in Reverse maybe yes in Reverse you can see you
have 3d cameras we have cameras under the mirror here and there and you can
see here around the car you can also press this button so you can see here
around the car the cameras around the car you can see everywhere around the
contest is pretty cool this is a pretty cool future and here
you can see where is the car and what you have around the car so this is a
pretty cool pretty cool thing about this car anyway
let’s stop the engine and let’s go to show you the the Franck and the light
oh yes first time I want to show you the light so let’s open the light I just
want to show you the light now guys this beautiful light on the back we have LED
light here like this you can see it I’m not sure if you can see it now because
it’s the daytime and also in the middle we have normal bulb light here but they
look very nice LED light here and up again the same in the front we have also
full LED design beautiful design here I think you can see it or not not sure
about that but it look very nice in the night they look fantastic in my
opinion it’s very beautiful really nice so this one to see if I can open all the
light that you can see the and what you have here anyway yeah that was the light case all
right that was the light now I want to show you the Franck then
see the Frog here and the engine and this is not automatic liftgate it’s also
manually liftgate the Franck and this is the de GTE engine it’s the same engine
like on the normal model the battery here and all the stuff maybe for the
most of you it’s not important but for some of you that like this to see the
engine anyway this was my review today with the new Hyundai Tucson in line 2019
model it’s a brand new model it come these days here and also in my opinion
the front of the car it’s very beautiful this is a plus for the car this is most
amazing thing also here the grill it’s open so it can cool down all the engine
from the front very beautiful and also here down here have this really nice
design the front it’s it’s quite quite beautiful really really nice and also I
like the rims too and the back of the the new Tucson online it’s almost the
same like the other Tucson it’s not so much different only the different is
this down here the exhaust and this like a wind diffuser here but I hope you
enjoy the review guys I hope you enjoy the review I hope I will show you I did
show you everything you need to know about the car please subscribe to my
channel check out my other videos subscribe like share with your friends
and I really wait you back next time with some new amazing cars and see some
guys thank you for watching

44 thoughts on “New Hyundai Tucson N LINE 2019 Review Interior Exterior

  1. I'm a Subaru fan, but I have to admit Hyundai is doing so good in terms of image, products that they put out, and what you can clearly see they want to achieve.
    Bringing this N Line, and N models it's the best move I've seen from this brand.
    Wish this Tucson would have a better AWD system, for more off road use, then I'd probably consider this car to myself.

  2. Right on time for a nice morning Hyundai review
    10 o'clock right?
    The bells at 1:50 are awesome
    Excellent….as every Dan's review
    Keep it up Dan!

  3. Not enough engine power for the money, IFor that price, I rather buy a chevy blazer rs with 300hp

  4. It does have automatic mirrors. You just have to set the three position switch on the driver's door.

  5. Not a fan of the rear spoiler being a different color and your pieces that go around the rims of the tires outer edge the cheap to me if they kept the color of the car all the same body all the way around mirrors in around the tires in the back fin I think would make look more appropriate also not impressed at all with the LED LED light should go from the front of the vehicle all way to the back even if it's just a strip like that you see in the outer edges of the headlight text can be used as a turn signal or running light this would make it a lot safer specially for night driving

  6. Good review man! This car looks especially good in red with all the black wheels and trim. Do you know when it is released?

  7. I thought about getting the N line Tuscon but after doing some research, discovered that the Ultimate Tuscon package offers so much more. If i really want tinted windows and fancy rims i can get that added onto the Ultimate later… Thats basically all this N line has, fancy rims and tinted windows. Plus i cant even get N line in the color i want (Blue), so i dont see any point in settling for the N line, get the Ultimate.

  8. even the Tucson baseline model has folding mirrors, but for it to work, it must be set to "auto" from the drivers door switch 😉

  9. Ich bin voll Mercedes benz fan aber etz de gfallt mer mega mis nextes
    Auto wird das auto sie gset eifach geil

  10. On the Navigation, you said "the car is new thus has no SIMCARD" did you mean SD-CARD coz I drive a 2019 conventional Tuscon for navigation I use AndroidAuto n FORCED to use my phones data, why did Hyundai change the SD-CARD option??????

  11. This cant be the standard N line. I've just bought one and waiting for it to arrive. Ours doesnt come with the pano roof or heated rear seats?! These have to be paid extras surely and a bit misleading for a review as not standard

  12. i don't really see the added value of N line at the moment compared to the normal 2019 tucson, from what i can see there are only cosmetic changes that are not that relevant….i've read an article which said that N line will have 340HP engines, hopefully there will be more information once the romanian dealerships will add the model to their sites

  13. That is a beautiful N model it to bad its not available in North America, I have the 2019 Tucson Ultimate L2.4

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