New Hyundai Tucson Test Drive l Review 2019

New Hyundai Tucson Test Drive l Review 2019

hello guys today we have the new Hyundai
Tucson right here here’s this lissa the key here on pardesi automobile in
Switzerland they are the great with everything you can if you want to buy
this car you can contact them the car it’s around forty five thousand francs
around the same in dollar and look at this nice LED light and a nice design of
the new took soon here’s the rims here’s the back with the new LED design and the
car is fantastic let’s go inside and you can see here you have to have the key
with you and you can actually close the doors and then you don’t have to push
anything you just push this in the door it’s opened this is great you can see
here we have electric seat and let’s go inside guys the key only thing you have
to do is just leave it here in this place here you can charge your phone too
now let’s adjust this seat we have electric adjustment this is pretty great
you can choice the perfect position for you you have electric handbrake and all
kind of stuff and cup holders here here we have some space and let’s start the
car guys we have a start button right here and engine start so you have the navigation tool and also
the climatic system so let’s drive guys as you can see there you have the light
and now if you open the light you can also see but I will show you a little
bit later here its own and here it’s automatic so let’s go in drive mode and
let’s drive it guys let’s try out the new hue and I took Sun and we have here
different modes drive mode for example sport and this is a Comfort Sport and
comfort we have two modes and we will drive it in the comfort mode because we
want that the steering wheel to be pretty easy to use the first impression
is that the steering wheel it’s it’s not so easy like on like on the Skoda Kodiak but it’s pretty
easy to use and the position it’s comfortable you can sit really
comfortable in the car it’s quiet don’t make so much noise the handling we will see later the
suspension we will see a little bit later too and it’s quite nice the sound
it’s nice steering wheel it’s great it’s leather it’s very good quality big
mirrors here as you can see and the car it’s not so noisy let’s try to
accelerate it let’s put it in a sport mode we are at 100 so pretty interesting the
the engine make a little bit noise but it’s cool it’s normal the soundproofing
of the car it’s quite good you cannot hear so much noise from outside so I
really like that and the handling are pretty good for us such a big car and
it’s also easy to drive it’s easy to drive and it’s not so hard to drive here
we have different menus you can see for assistant and all kind of stuff so let’s
stop here for a little bit to see how to perform on this kind of roads here it’s
a little bit like off-roading so you can also see guys that here down here you
have they can read the road sign and you can see with how much speed you can
drive this car the cheering’s the shifter has changed
the gear the speed very smooth you don’t even have a problem with that they are
pretty nice and pretty cool so what I want to show you guys is the light
I will go down here to see the outside light and it’s just really easy to drive
really easy and the noise it’s it’s not the noise of the engine is not so strong
it’s actually really silent the suspension I was expected to be a little
bit better but they are ok I don’t complain and let’s go out a little bit outside let’s see the light guys I think
they are open right now and you can see in the middle a little bit and this is
the car it has a nice design LED light and you
can see the lighter they look pretty nice they’re great great light and I
like the front it has very nice design really great beautiful design
this car has a five year warranty so if you buy it from you and I you have five
years warranty and five years assistant on the road if the car will stop on the
road you can actually you can actually go to the service free
so this is a great thing so let’s go back now in Reverse we have a great
camera here the quality of the camera is not very well but you also can see here
in 3d perfectly how you can you don’t even need to use the mirrors because you
have here all the information look at this it’s so nice so great you can
actually drive only with the camera this is pretty great
the suspension they are good what I was expecting to be a little but a little
little better I was expecting but they are ok I don’t complain and handling I
also expect to be a little bit better but they are quite fine so acceleration it’s so-so and the
comfort that’s perfect from the converse side I have to say
that the car it’s fantastic and the quality of the materials very nice
design interior the nice sunroof here up here it’s pretty great and the car it’s
feeling good it’s tall it’s safe has five stars around cop safety rating so
you’re safe in this car and the car outside design it’s beautiful
interior it’s beautiful and very good quality you have LED light the last the
last technology on the light so the car it’s pretty perfect don’t even have to
worry about anything here you have nice navigation system and you can see the
speed limit and you can see everything it’s work perfect and the design and the
resolution quality of the screen it’s really very very well very good so it’s
you can see it’s good from here you have good visibility on the window and
I don’t think you need more than that you have two option here to move it in
the sport mode when the car is more responsive as you can see super responsive for
example now we go down and then Wow you can really feel a difference
between the sport and the comfort mode now if we decelerate and we try now the
college it’s not so not so responsive like in the sport mode so that’s it you
have different mode for example 3d view you have a lot of option easy to change
the gear and yeah now in the comfort the steering wheel it’s quite soft you can
take it easy and if you put it in I’m going to say if you put it now in the
sport mode the steering will will be a little bit harder a little bit harder to
take the for example to take now a corpse but it feel really fantastic in
the car it’s really feel good to drive and here on the suspension I was
expecting a little bit better but it’s really good I don’t complain about that and I like the fact that the engine it’s
really silent it’s really nice and the visibility it’s great is fantastic now
look at this we go back and you can also park the car really easy really easy
this car it’s good for a woman too it’s pretty pretty nice pretty great car you
also have there as you can see the parking sensors and you can see also
here what it’s in the back then you put it in a park and the car it’s park and
now the engine is start and you don’t even hear you don’t even hear the engine
from inside so quiet it’s so good the engine it’s really really good really
good isolation of the car and really they make a great job the hinder with
this car for this price it’s it’s perfect car guys the price it’s
fantastic and I think the car it’s really good
I Drive a lot of cars but for this price the quality of the material interior
it’s so beautiful and nice you have this beautiful screen here with great quality
and you have LED light outside and you have a lot of space here you have
leather seats look at this leather seat they are really really nice very good
quality you have this sunroof here that it’s huge and it’s look pretty nice and
I think the car it’s really beautiful in the price it’s very good for forty five
thousand you don’t buy SUV better than this I have to tell you this and the
engine now I close the engine as you’ve heard the consumption around forty liter
but the car was cold and outside it’s a little bit colder and that why the
consumption was a little bit higher but the engine it’s great it’s a great
engine and really quiet and really nice so if we look here it is 1.6 t GD e
all-wheel drive so that’s the engine price you can see here as around 177
horsepower and 260 5 Newton meter torque so that’s really cool here assistant a
lot of comfort to zones tempo Matt you have camera 305 years guarantee its
model year 2019 so guys I hope you enjoyed my review please subscribe to my
channel to see more videos like comment please feel free to comment to ask
question I will be happy to answer you to all the questions so thank you very
much for watching

100 thoughts on “New Hyundai Tucson Test Drive l Review 2019

  1. i had previous model before facelift on hire from insurance fir three weeks and that was amazing and didnt want to hand it back. wish i could afford the new one.brilliant motor with very good warranty so why buy anything else

  2. Hi excellent intro! May I ask what do you mean by "expecting better suspension than this"? Is this Tucson too soft or too hard or what? Thanks!

  3. I took my drivers license in a Hyundai Tucson from 2016 6-speed manuel 115 hp diesel. I wasn't really impressed it had so much body roll that it started to become uncomfortable (dont know if that's a thing whit SUV's) it drives fine, the steering feels axle feels like it's connected with a spring, the gearbox feels like frozen butter unlike my parents VW Passat b6 variant from 2007 witch slides perfectly in to the gears and the steering axle feels connected and have a lot better cornering performance

  4. I bought one 3 weeks ago and cannot find a thing wrong, it is lovely to drive, very quiet and with all the kit that comes with it was a very good buy for a 2019 car even here in the UK…Thanks for the vid i really liked your views.

  5. nice sound in sportmode i test that car yesterday 1,6 crdi Diesel 136 hp , it was a great tour , plan to buy it next year , thanks for you video

  6. I need the dimensions of the car .. Length, width and height … as well as the electric car Kona .. I want to know the difference between them in dimensions … Height, width and height .. please.. thanks

  7. So which model of Tuscon is this? 2wd/4wd , what package. Not every Tuscon is sold with electric seating and keyless entry/ingotion

  8. Gefällt mir sehr gut! Gutes review. Ich hoffe nur das sich Hyundai mit den Preisen wie bei Santa Fe nicht ein Eigentor schiesst. Für über 60000.- chf kauf ich dan doch einen Benz oder Jaguar…

  9. were planning to buy car but i dont know what to choose HYUNDAI TUCSON 2019 OR MAZDA CX9 2018.? pleasee help me.. thanks guys 😇

  10. Mi-am luat chiar ieri un Tucson 2WD de 132hp. Merge foarte frumos si e super silentios.. Ce mi se pare, ca nu are un demaraj prea grozav si ma asteptam la asta iar consumul de benzina este māricel, cam 11l/100km in oras. Materialele sunt buna calitate iar displayul foarte responsively. Pentru un pret de 19740 € tva inclus, este un SUV perfect la un pret corect!

  11. So much gas with cold engine..?Just bought the Hyundai I30 but I want the Tucson… 🙁 what do you mean with the suspension..?not comfortable..?too soft or too hard..?

  12. I'm ordering this car in the next few weeks. God… it gives me so much pleasure to see this beauty rolling from the driver perspective

  13. Hei das soll hier nicht als fiese Kritik gelten aber dieses Review ist ziemlich langweilig eintönig und ich hätte dir viele Verbesserungsmöglichkeiten. Du könntest etwas Pep rein ringen und alles wenig auffrischen. Die Leute stehen bei Reviews auf Information, Klarheit, gute Bilder(nicht nur die ganze Zeit von deiner Sicht aus.. Evtl stativ). Natürlich ab und zu etwas lustig zu machen oder Witze kommen sehr gut an und bringen dir mehr Zuschauer.. Und an deinem Englisch musst du umbedingt arbeiten und nicht alles so viel wiederholen. Wie gesagt nimm das positiv und nicht negativ. Aber dieses Video würde ich nicht weiterempfehlen. Gruss

  14. I own the 2016 model 2 litre diesel with 185 bhp. And it does move quite quickly. Put it in sport mode and it can surprise quite a few people, but I'm looking to get this new model.

  15. Thanks but what kind of transmission is this particular car? Is it fully automatic or DCT. I want to buy the Tucson SE Premium but have read the DCT should be avoided

  16. Hey your video was exellent,so nice SUV, I love it ,greettings from 🇲🇽Cancún México🇲🇽 👍👍👍

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