New Land Rover DEFENDER 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Land Rover DEFENDER 2019 Review Interior Exterior

hey guys and welcome back the brand-new
Land Rover Defender 2019 model premiere it’s right here with me I’m in Frankfurt
at the new International Auto Show and I mean I’m really really happy to present
this new defender to you I will try to review it interior exterior and I try to
show you every single detail about the car will be a little bit complicated
because there are a lot of people that want to see it but I will still try to
do that for you I want to show you the rims first time we have continental rims
tires here also I think they are 22 inch exactly 22 inch rims on this model also
you can see the design here the way they design the car it’s huge it’s really a
big car much bigger than the previous defender and it looked so good in my
opinion looked fantastic the car it’s it’s it has so much great quality and
nice taste the design give you the energy the energy like like you’ll feel
powerful it is a very powerful car and it has a lot of new technology as well
for example a lot of sense or 6n source parking sensors in the front in the back
full LED lamp adaptive cruise control and all that four-wheel drive and all
that stuff I don’t want to get into detail I just want to shoot interior
exterior of the car here we have the diesel engine on this car and also I had
blue there also the spare tire the glass look at the glass how beautiful is the
glass in the back how much style it has you can see the defender first edition
it’s this model right here in front of me the door in the back with the window
you can see now the way they design it look super nice I can’t wait to drive
with this car in two much more the trunk it’s huge look how
cool they make the trunk how big it is it has a loading directly loading there
at the air suspension buttons and all that stuff right there also you know
what are these for the hook so for example you push this button in the car
take out the hook automatic itself I think you see this already on the other
premium cars SUVs and not only parking sensors in the back also here you can
see the trunk you can see how cool they add this this glass on the roof guys
here like in the Train like in the expensive trains you find this it’s
super cool the way they put that glass out there it’s quite quite interesting a
lot of space under the floor here as well you can put some stuff there hooks
in the in the trunk here LED lights as well here in the trunk the way they
design free individual seats that you can fall down all the preceeds
without any problem depend how you want it but it’s so big this this car look
inside like a home like a house look at the roof look at this glass on the roof
it looks so nice you can even sleep in this car without any problem look at a
new LED light design and the way they designed the car look fabulous
I’d really like the car it’s a really beautiful beautiful car in my opinion
SUV now it start to be one of my favorite SUV cars I just want to show
you the door as well we have some leather up here on the door some
interesting design you can see the windows are also made from two parts so
you can fall down only one part of the ship the other won’t stay fixed there a
here leather also speakers we have two speakers the handle right there also
some face or a bottle and look at the
interior the interior it’s also great have handled all their leather seats
white leather seats they are super comfortable and also we have a
combination of Alcantara with leather they are great great and also a lot of
space on the legs look at here we don’t have nothing like an electric cars also
some USB ports down there I’m sure in the moment and also the back of the
front seats with some plastic and storage space there also the roof has
this beautiful glass roof up there that look nice in the middle here we have the
center console with two cupholders also the interior it’s looking very fancy
you have an SUV car that you can go wherever you want off-road with this car
and in the same time you have a super high-class car with a lot of great
technology and great comfort and also the quality material quality are great
here are USB and two 12 volt port events also heated seat in the back you can see
the buttons there in the middle and I want sure the space of my legs it’s
pretty good really good space on the on the knee there
as expected I didn’t expect something else from this car and also on the head
a lot of space you can see here it’s a huge car you can even sleep here you can
make this car to go and hold it into drive in this car also handle and a hook
but you also have to have two candy you also can carry a lot of mobile and big
stuff big items with this car and in the same time go off-road and make so many
things with a car and look at the dashboard look at the steering wheel
look at all these white great quality think about you can drive this car on
the street and you can go also on the meeting with this
car meetings and you can be a businessman and have this car in the
city it is a very safe car as I say you can also drive it on the normal street
it’s pretty cool I really like it really enjoy the car just go in the middle look
in the middle how much space I have on my legs I can stay with the legs
together and I have plenty of head space in the left in the right I have three
individual seats here and you have plenty of space plenty of space great
space inside I like the space in this car no complaining at all they did a
great great job with the interior and also with the exterior design it’s
pretty nice pretty good as well also it has some plastic around the edges of the
car to protect from scratches you see around the wheel there in the front big
window in the front great great quality on the door the buttons even on the
passengers we have the save save position for the electric seats so the
electric seat for the passengers the seats are fabulous you can see it
for yourself good quality very soft for long trips
even and for off-road as well great seat handle here in the front as well simple
vans but the dashboard is pretty cool look how many space I have on my legs
even down here a lot of space in the glove box and here we have a USB port
and plenty of space to put your stuff and even in the back of this multimedia
screen have some space there even down here a lot of space as you can see USB
port 12 volt port there and some USB csb and auxiliar
here is the sticks who changed it here much more fancy than before and simple
chromatic system the you multimedia system look fabulous nice
colors it is a touchscreen display that look fabulous it’s one of the best I
think in my opinion I cannot to show you nothing because it has just the custom
things that sure they’re also the new active display there in the front
digital display copied look fantastic guys it’s it’s the best the best of the
best also up here in space for the glasses
and I don’t know why I cannot close this really I don’t know anyway here we have
the buttons for the roof LED lights also the mirror it’s nice and fancy another
mirror up here I like this white roof very much I really like the white
interior in the cars you can adjust the steering wheel electric as well and yeah
here in the middle we have some space this is a refrigerated space you can
charge your phone two cupholders there it has pretty a lot of new technology
inside this car this new defender has plenty of new
technology also LED lights on the exterior in the front in the back here
are a lot of information of the off-road and this multimedia system is one of the
best from a Land Rover in 2019 not one of the best is the best and also the
dashboard it’s nice I’m I’m curious what you think about the dashboard guys
please send me your feedbacks and tell me also if you have question ask me
everything you want ask on the channel and I’ll be happy to respond we have 360
degrees camera around the car as you know just as an info LED full LED lamp
in the front adaptive LED that look gorgeous really gorgeous and look at
this front grille at the front of the car it’s look so angry it looks so good
and much more powerful you feel really powerful
driving this car on the street I’m I I enjoy the car I really like it much more
than the previous models it’s look a little bit like Safari in the back and
the design with this LED light but it is a gorgeous car and a safe car I will
totally drive this car in the city I don’t think any accident can make Kim
can harm you while you are inside this car anyway and
also own of Road I don’t think you have any problem driving this car off-road
anyway I like the LED lamp in the back look how cool they make two four four
squares there they looks very nice anyway I just want to show the engine
maybe some of you are curious here we have the electric handbrake and also we
can open there the hood and show you the engine let’s go right now
I’m just open it and I will go in the front also you can see the blind spot
technology there in the mirror in the front driver’s door it’s also quite
quite the same as on the passenger now let’s go in the front here look how
interesting they make this bike on the floor
this black designer that that make the car look much more colorful anyway let’s
open this strong this Franck here I don’t know where is this I don’t
remember how you open it why-why-why worse is wait a second I’m
just trying to open it for a moment and tent and where where where so hair is
dead okay I find it I find it good now here’s the engine guys I don’t know if
this part here tell you a lot of about the car but I just show you as an input
anyway I hope you enjoyed the review guys with a new defender I hope it was
helpful I tried to make it short to show you
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I guess look at this color another one here it has nice rims another color if
you’re curious about that anyway guys thank you for watching my videos also
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electric cars I will show you right now on the screen so check out the other
videos and see you soon so bye guys you

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  1. Inutility car…fake off road…chinese style…product in Slovakia…no eco friendly…no innovation…but expensive same a gold and diamond. Oooh sooo cooolll

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