New Mercedes E-Class Coupe AMG 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Mercedes E-Class Coupe AMG 2019 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back today I have
with me here the new Mercedes E Class Coupe 53 AMG Line and I will review
it for you I will show you the interior exterior try to show you as many as I
can and I try to give you more more information about this new e-class I am
gay event so here on the side we have the turbo for Mattox of this car it is
four-wheel-drive we will start with the information about the car so it’s the
a-class 53 I am game to back it has 435 horsepower the price one hundred eleven
thousand francs dollars the same it’s around $150,000 $105,000 euro anyway you
can post a video if you’re interested in that details here we have the new full
LED lamps in the front you can also see this is the new technology from my
service the front grille it’s also interesting it’s look a lot of the new
grille that you find it also on the air class here we have the michelin tires
with the rims we also have here I think 22 inches 20 inch rims those rims fit
perfectly on the car we have ventilated discs I am gay calipers brake there they
look fantastic on the car also the front of the car look super super nice we have
six parking sensors in the front also the front bumper looks fourth year and
really interesting with these shapes here you can also see we don’t have any
any air diffuser here on the side is just this design this angry design from
also have very very small ground clearance so you have to take care of
when you drive this car on the bumps and yeah
stuff like that in the front also the car had this beautiful grille front
camera behind this logo is the adaptive cruise control a radar for emergency
brake as well I am gay low VOC and here on the front grille also the would have
some interesting shapes that make the car look much more sporty and nicer I
like the front of the car very much also up here we have cameras for Lane Assist
and reading the traffic speed limit the cameras are right there behind at the
windshield here we have the mirror mirror simple LED light on the mirror we
also have a camera down here for 360 degrees so you can park the car without
any problem with those cameras around the car blind
spot in the mirror here in the corner down you can also see it there and also
I like the way they make the mirror with the glossy plastic there also they use
glossy plastic around the windows as well you can see here the way it’s
looking it’s all black the cards it’s almost all black the hand will have a
little bit of chrome you can see up here also it is keyless entrance in the car
so down here we have some plastic you can see this part here you can take it
out very easily to protect the down part of the car and
in the same time give it a little bit of shape for aerodynamic going in the back
we have the new LED lights here you can see like a crisp
you can see in the interior the choice to make this design that looks super
interesting like crystals or like little point of light anyway
six parking sensors in the back as well I think you can see it here very useful
great technology even this shape here make the car look sporty er they choice
to add this to exhaust pipe on every part that look gorgeous to make the car
look super super sport here even the down air diffuser look very
very nice you can see there are the way the air come in the back that helped the
car not stay on the road available to have a great grip great handlings also
here two LED lights on the number plate up here we have the logo where you can
open the trunk we have a spoiler up here it also look very nice you can see the
spoiler here in the back look great and it’s also very helpful at high speeds
I am the aligned logo also here in the back left down on the other part of the
car and show you this back of the car and super nice shape of the car it’s
gorgeous and what impressed me about this coupe a you will see it in the
moment when we go in the interior is that the car have a lot of space inside
let’s start with the trunk now with a mighty lift gate on the trunk you can
see the buttons there also LED light for the trunk you can see here the LED here
is the light reflector there when you open the trunk it’s very useful going
inside the trunk here we have huge huge space there look how big is the trunk
for a coupe a car here we have some plastic at the end
also you can see here I have like 50 centimeter space down there in the left
side medical kit and some stuff you can add it and also on the right side you
have some space there the hooks in every corner and also you can see how big is
the trunk quite big also up here we have this LED light pretty useful in the
night and under the floor we have some small storage space there
awake you put your stuff very practical but yeah it’s kind of big for a coop a
car the trunk it’s big it’s big enough also closing the trunk and let’s go
inside the car to show you the rest of the car so the handle I show you before
killing extend dreams are they in there it’s fabulous guys I have to tell you
that you will see in the moment we have the iron gay logo down here with LED
light in the night also the doors are gorgeous we will see big windows no
frame on the window great quality on the doors you can see the stitches the red
stitches with leather here we have the buttons for ventilated seat and also
heated seat we have two electric adjustable seats heared speakers and no
wood trim insertion there it’s gorgeous also the buttons in grey here they are
very very nice and also good quality also everywhere it’s soft material
leather and soft material on the door the door are very good made with good
quality as expected in universalist 2019 big big entrance door here also with all
this handled here and then the seat will go
automatic in the front you can see you don’t have to do nothing and make space
for you in the back philocan going back very easily also the back of the seat
have kind of rubber here no plastic just rubber good good quality
materials anyway I am gay even the the carpet down there is I’m giving a little
storage space here also you can look in the interior you see immediately this
seatbelt are gorgeous I like the cars that have the seatbelts in other colored
and interior so for example red or white or blue they look super nice also a
leather seat you can see in the back there are great comfort side support and fantastic comfort I go here to show you
for example here we have two cupholders we have side support here and you can
see how cool is and I have a lot of space on my seat really good space let’s
pull down on the seat from the front it will come to me automatic and you will
see where it will stop so right now it’s stopped and I still have a lot of space
on my knee I can put my legs under there a little bit so I have plenty of space
for my legs no problem at all also on the side here we have leather
great quality good visibility very good visibility much better than an other
coupe a horse that I pin so I love I loved space here I love the visibility I
have a lot of space you can see for example it’s great space to be here in
the back Metellus did a great job it is a class Cooper anyway now the great
thing is that in the middle here you can open this middle part and you still have
huge huge space there guys look how much space you have you can carry even the
skis or even long items we will go back again the trunk to show you that so look
at this look how much space you have here in the back have a lot of space you
can fold down the seat it is a very very long space here I don’t know if you can
see it in the video but I have to tell you this could have a lot of space I’m
really impressed with the space here in the trunk
really big space great job materials this is a glass Cooper it is fantastic
so if you want to pay and coop a car with a lot of space and quality I think
this new Mercedes e-class it’s gorgeous gorgeous also the seats
and the quality in the interior you see it if water fantastic here we have to
rent the new vents 2019 they are very fantastic they look nice and also good
quality here we have USB port and a 12 volt water I think you can see it for
yourself very easily also a space where you can put your stuff or smoke I don’t
know whatever I like also the glass roof to classroom look very nice it is very
beautiful the visibility the speakers inside here look also very nice I like
it very much really cool really really nice anyway
falling down the city it’s very easy because it will go over too much in the
back in the position that you save it before in the driver position so you
don’t have to adjust it after all I&J already see it here the seats in the
front great quality leather red stitches love all and here in the middle and side
support here also you can see the holes for ventilated seats they are very
useful some soft material soft leather good good quality aluminium pedals as
well automatic electric hand brake also the buttons for the light and here come
too big or too cold in the greatest buttons those buttons in this center
console dashboard here the button for the lane assist for the sensors and all
that stuff the vents are also very nice look how cool they are this this is the
new those are the new ones that which is come on the market with also the
steering wheel also the new one we have the iron gear logo the great quality
leather the buttons are also phenomenal we have a little little black square
touchscreen there that you can control cockpit the digital cockpit and the
multimedia system it’s come to the next level what we have seen in this car
also this is clappers here are from metal so is no plastic just metal good
quality when you want to change the gear manually you can use it also the the
screen you already see the cockpit the digital cockpit it’s great great quality
great colors great resolution and its work fabulosity rails see here is the
stick for changing the gear man changing the gear automatic gearbox also the
dashboard head-up display we have a leather red stitches good quality they
integrate very nice the the cockpit there they integrate super nice also you
can see the vents all that stuff all this wood and the way
they integrate the vents in the wood it’s it’s something else is super nice I
have to tell you it’s it’s impressive it’s impressive the way they do it also
the start/stop engine I like that I like this dashboard very much and also the
visibility as a driver it’s very good here we have the buttons chrome buttons
for a climatic system also the shortcut buttons for the multimedia system the
watch for materials the classic watch that you find it in the c-class and the
new e-class also you can see have a big huge screen there on the multimedia you
cannot use it as a touchscreen you have to know that you have to use it with the
controls from the steering wheel or the controllers from here from the center
console it’s very easy to control it it’s much better than touchscreen while
you’re driving you can control it very very easily every single function it’s
simple you just have to learn it on one week
and then everything it’s simple as that here are the shortcut button I already
show you before I have to tell you this system it’s one of the best out there
it’s very responsive nice colors a lot of functions to the choice from and it
is good good very good system here we can see some settings about the car no
big deal anyway from here you control everything
now going forward the buttons for different city different mode of driving
we have air suspension as well here cameras 360 camera button and start/stop
button and look how cool they integrate all these in this wood design here super
nice really cool I don’t think it’s wood and
it’s kind of a plastic or something but it’s look like a wood and it’s very nice
here we have a space for your phone and an USB port two cup holders as well
inside there and even on the side here we have leather with red stitches I
think you can see it there very clearly here in the middle as well very soft
materials nice leather two USB port and SD card there a lot of space here in the
center armrest pretty good and very useful practical down here we have big
big glove box with an LED light it’s kind of big there for occupants it’s a
lot of space there up here we have the mirror up great visibility in the mirror
also we have the button for the solar roof we have the space for the glass
here and LED lights already know it the way they open and close so softly and
nice mirror LED also up here and also the microphone is up there on the roof
good quality on the roof as well as expected and also very nice glass here
on the roof I like that also the visibility in the back is very
good you can see there is non blind spot so you can also work the car without
without cameras but the car have a lot of camera and system working so no
worries about that anyway great great great the multimedia system
you already know it because you see it in my other videos so if you are
interested in you can check out my other views with Mercedes mbox multimedia
system check it on my channel and you can see it there I have plenty of videos
with materials and the newest test car and if you
didn’t do it until now please check out on my channel the other videos maybe
you’re interested in other new cars again thank you very much for watching
my channel guys and my videos it’s really really mean a lot for me I await
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my channel a lot of new premieres and yeah again thank you stay still to
receive and see you soon guys bye you

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  1. its not an amg line – it is an amg….inpsite of what the purists may claim!!. Calling something amg line as Mercedes do for their low powermahcines that get an amg facelift massviely underestimates the machine the e53 is. I think its a better sports luxury coupe cross over than the stiffer e63s (i know its not a coupe) or tail happy c63s or even s63 – which in uk we only get as two wheel drive so not 4matic+ – although if we did the s63 would be my favourite…..

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