New Opel Corsa E 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Opel Corsa E 2019 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a new
video the new Opel Corsa E Electric 2019 full electric is right here and I will review
it for you I will show you the interior exterior and I try to give you as many
detail as possible about this car I know many of you electric cars and are
interested in this car and I’m really happy to review it actually today I see
also the new Volkswagen ID 3 full electric and the new Corsa a and they
are nice they are nice cars and I’m really happy to see it on the street you
can see here the clothes are a comb with full LED lamps you can see the signature
it also have a rudder in the front for adaptive cruise control and emergency
brake all that new future and Technology are on the car also this line in the
middle look beautiful I love the hood the line on the hood in the middle make
the car look much more angrier support here and nicer also the car come with
six parking sensors this is a big surprise for me it has a lot of sensors
around the car also here up here we have the camera for reading the traffic sign
and also the lane assist the car price start at twenty nine thousand nine
hundred euro so under thirty thousand euro the same light was like an idea
free also here are some information you can check it out if you want this car in
front of me the price is 36 thousand euro so as an information if you are if
you wanna if you want to know the price this is the price it’s a great great
price for an electric car in my opinion and also it’s not so heavy only 1,400
kilograms it has a 100 kilowatt power the engine is not so powerful but but
the price it’s great and also you will see the quality and for an electric car
it’s pretty pretty good you can see it as or LED light matrix LED light in the
front adaptive LED light also in the back beautiful rims 17-inch rims you can
see it right here they are the new one so those those rims are a special for
electric car for a better aerodynamic so here you can see 17-inch as well writing
there I love the mirrors for the first time whole thing to put the blinkers in
the mirror and not more on the body and that make the car look much more better
also we have blind spot in the mirror you can see it there in the corner a lot
of new technology for the car also keyless entrance in the car quite
impressive I love this chrome design around the
windows that also look very beautiful and this orange color it’s fantastic I
like it very much I like a lot of things about the car also big windows great
visibility also the roof there look nice in this color you can see here the a
logo from Corsa a so we know that it’s an electric car a special car big
windows in the front a lot of visibility as well on the door here we have kind of
a plastic with some combination of leather down here in the middle the
doors are not so super fancy but actually they are cool they are simple
and practical as I say like that also a nice button simple black buttons we will
go in the interior as well down here at the entrance on plastic we have manually
adjustable seats from the car and here we have the battery first part of the
battery it’s here under the front seat and in the in the back under the back
seats again we have the battery and in the trunk as well also those are the
seats we have size support no letter just combination of of leather with with
soft material stuff material and they are very nice the seats also here we
have leather armrest with a small space here the same as on the normal course I
you see my review on my chair you know that already it’s the same car
also here you can change the driving mode electric handbrake we have the same
stick as on a job for changing the gear but I will show you that later but for
now let’s stick with the door I show you and the door in a little better quality
here because someone interrupt my video so I have to take it again I’m not sure
if I already show you that but anyway I will show you really fast again we have
a vents down there also manually seats you already see it also side support on
the seats you already see before that here we have
the light button where you can adjust the light the same as a normal course ah
here we have a speaker this car it’s almost the same as the normal course I
have to tell you that only little difference here and there but it’s
almost the same LED light in the interior up here on the roof big mirror
good visibility also the dashboard is clean you have good visibility on the
windows even in the mirrors the steering wheel it’s also nice and good quality as
you touch it you can see it I like it very much also those button here on the
steering wheel they are simple and they feel nice as you touch it this new
digital screen there we have a cockpit digital cockpit it’s look almost the
same almost the same as on the Opel Ampera if you know it or Chevrolet bold
its it’s pretty cool I like it great colors great resolution we have all kind
of information they’re all kind of new technology we have to start stop button
we have the multimedia system here in the middle the screen is also nice we
have a matte screen there so you don’t see any fingers but it’s ponies position
in a little bit upper it’s not so responsive as I see on a human eye and
then you can buy multimedia system but it’s actually it’s actually ok
it’s okay not the best but yeah and do your job with it also the dashboard it’s
clean and nice also in the back you have great visibility there maybe a little
bit of blind spot in the back but the camera the car have a camera back camera
as well also there here you changed a different sports mode of driving sport
eco or medium normal here we have to stick the same like on a show so they
have the same gear shifter I love it I love this gear shifter I have to tell
you that I like it very much also on USB port 12 volt port LED light
down there the thematic system it’s it’s perfect and simple not not fancy nothing
crazy here also the start/stop button right here and multimedia system I will
make another review with all that stuff you can also connect your Android auto
apple carplay and all that stuff it’s pretty nice the visibility from the
driver point of view it’s very good it’s very simple it’s nothing luxurious
inside or fancy it’s everything practical and nice a few things are
luxurious they look nice for example steering wheel and the new cockpit looks
super nice and you look serious also I like the seats I end the exterior
the exterior look very good I have to tell you that even if the Opel keep the
grill they don’t make so many change to the car the car look like a normal
combustion engine car but it looked good rims look good everything looked good
here are also the charging port we have CCS charging fast super fast charging
pretty cool Opel train that you can charge the car pretty fast so like the
new technology on the market also the back of the car look gorgeous gorgeous
the space in the back it’s it’s big enough for a car in this class you can
see we have 20 centimeter here deep we have a normal bulb light and it’s quite
quite big big deep trunk I have plenty of space
here to put your stuff even under the floor you have some small space that you
can also take this out if you want to carry bigger items no problem at all you
can see the space in the trunk it’s same same as an Opel Corsa so no big change
from combustion engine and electric engine they make them the same car you
don’t even notice which car you drive you don’t even know it the doors in the
back also the same as in the front not nothing super fancy but the seats are
pretty cool pretty good leather which it’s soft material combination they make
great job and the seats are very comfortable in the middle as well as
normal course are no armrests the back of the front seat it’s with leather and
here we have nothing in the back just plastic I like the fact that there it’s
a little step so you have plenty of space on the leg space there it’s quite
quite good space here in the car when you fall down this shit in the back you
will see that you have a step there is not everything flat you have a little
step so maybe that will be an inconvenient for some people but yeah I
guess if you want a car to drive in the city you have more than enough space in
this car and sometimes you can go out from the city I think you can even
travel the long long long trips with this car a lot of space on my legs even
if the seat it’s way way in the back way too much in the back and I still have
plenty of space on my knees in my legs and also my head maybe four to four
three fingers around there but I can go a little bit in the front and then the
position is the position is not that it’s not the best it’s not like an SUV
or bigger car but it’s quite good I’m not complaining it’s quite good I
have to also here I cannot make a difference
because someone put the seeds way way in front there but I have still four
fingers up here in the middle and also enough space on my legs
maybe not for three people it’s not recommended but for four people without
any problem you can drive long trips in this car and you have plenty of space
there you can see the front again the cockpit it’s so clean and so nice in my
opinion it’s it’s pretty good they make a pretty good job it’s also look very
nice the dashboard I’m curious what do you think guys about this dashboard
check out on my channel the new Volkswagen ID 3 and then check out this
car so you can make a comparison they both they’re both electric and they
come on the market in in – 2020 so you can buy both cars I know these course
sites in the smaller category id3 it’s a gold category so anyway you
can make a comparison I think I do free look a little bit a little bit better
inside and has more space but here as I said it’s other category
maybe Opel Astra electric will be much much better anyway here is the rudder I
show you before the front grill the LED light full LED lights the lines the rims
everything outside this car look fabulous and I love it I love the car
I really like the design I don’t know what you think about it but personally I
like it very very much so I think this is my nail polish on them all in this
car course I the new Corsa a it’s my favourite car in this compact class if I
can say if I can name it like that it also have a back camera I can see here
in the back and also the fog lamps are down there even on the side we have some
six parking sensors also in the back and also some light reflector
the new LED light in the back look very nice with this signature you know the
Astra I have two lines here of course I have one line so they make this
signature pretty clear and nice anyway I love it I really love the car I’m
curious what do you think about the car guys send me your feedback write me tell
me your opinion I’m really happy to hear you out and answer to all your question
thank you very much for watching my video guys and I went to next time with
a new one also don’t forget to check out my other
videos and thank you very much for watching my videos here is the battery
the way it’s array so we have in the center console in the front one battery
we have a teen model module here so here it’s behind the front seat in
the middle in the back in the middle and then all that battery are in the trunk
pretty crazy why do you think about that guys in the
trunk or all that other battery and under the back seat right here
in the back seat we have all that module so in total are 18 anyway check out my
other videos thank you for watching subscribe to my channel and see you soon
guys stay safe you

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  1. Exterior and interior design is rather generic looking and somewhat dull…for example, the sculpturing on the side profile does nothing to make the car look lower and longer. Also, the 17 inch wheels look undersized. But I do like the pumpkin orange and black combo…very Halloween! The Peugeot e-208 is more dynamic looking

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