NEW Peugeot 208 GT Line 2019 Interior Exterior Review

NEW Peugeot 208 GT Line 2019 Interior Exterior Review

hello guys and welcome to a new video
today we will talk about Peugeot 208 GT LINE 2019 model this car it’s brand
new and it will be sell in 2019 and I want
to talk a little bit about the car so here in the back we have also sensors in
the back the exhaust system also the car have a little bit different design also
this LED light that look fantastic in the night I will show you a little
bit later when I will open the light here we have some interesting rims this
rims are 60 inch rims and they look pretty pretty nice 17 sorry guys 17 inch
but the rims are very beautiful on this car kind of bigger if you buy this car
for economy I don’t recommend to take 17 inch wheels 50 inch are enough for this
car and for a great economy I also like this design here on the upper side it’s
a little bit different than before and it looks really really nice in my
opinion it look much much beautiful than previous model also the lines of this
car are made special for the fuel economy this is the most economical car
in the world if we don’t take into consideration the hybrid or electric
cars this car will be kind of the most economical in the world
also have light materials inside here you can see some information about the
car you can stop the video and check out for yourself this car without engine 1.2
diesel it will be the most economical also it has LED light in the front and 7
– I will show you later down here we have a normal book light for fog also we
have the sensors in the front this thing you don’t find on the other model and
also this front grille it’s different and very beautiful
I like this plastic with chrome around the car also the logo there with visual
with read the writing it’s very beautiful but all the lines on the car
are very very nice in my opinion the cards really beautiful outside and I
really like this new page or 208 jitter line also the the windows are very big
as you know from visual they have a bigger window on the side here we have
the back camera – pretty impressive for such a small car to have a back camera
and also the trunk is it’s very spacious I don’t know how they do this but it’s
really really spacious you also have almost at hand down there
you know lighting the trunk there we don’t have 12 volt port but it’s a lot
of space here also there it’s the kit repair kit and you can stick some stuff
there too so it’s kind of big trunk pretty impress with such a small car
with a big trunk I will talk a little bit about the interior and I will
explain why this I consume such a small few if you need
economic card this will be the perfect car for you also
the doors are very good quality it’s a plastic but this is the secret here on
visual also a leather and another glossy plastic the pleasure to use some amazing
delight plastic all the plastic in the car not all but 80% of the plastic in
the car are very light also this leather seats are amazing and great quality I I
think those are the most comfortable seats I ever sit in a car I don’t know
why but they do have this seat with fabric in the middle and this fabric is
such a such a good such a good quality and soft when you stay on it for a long
road it’s kind of perfect I don’t know she was in a big trunk
you know this air seats from the big trunk you feel the same in this cars
from ratio and this seat with public in the middle if you like in this air seats
from the people trunk so they are made for the driver to drive many kilometers
and I wish I have these seats on my car too really amazing
very good visual you did a great great job and these seats are also on the
previous model from – 208 and 2008 I will show you on the other cars tube in
my review it’s a problem with this seat belt because you have to pull it out and
then you push the seat down also it has a lot of space in the trunk
and can leave the seat down not flat but it’s kind of great for this car so now
going inside to see the space who might bid
so it’s enough space for my feet right here and also I like that it’s soft the
materials on the backseat and also the cities its back Oh feel a lot of back
and I still have placed and for my head space enough space here even if you feel
like you’re hitting with your head it’s it’s still a lot of space even if you
feel a little bit tight there you still have space also hook here or your things
and you can see they do this design here and they take from the upper side they
fill this here and this lines because we want to make the car more aerodynamic
and with more fuel economy efficient in that white the the car it’s so tight in
the back and it has to this design for aerodynamic that way the cars consume
such a less fuel and I’m really impressed with the car interior you feel
like in a premium car I know a lot of cars in other class that they don’t have
so much great quality in the interior as this car add actually they put here an
armrest there will be like them high premium car and also this amazing
dashboard it gives you a really really impression of premium expensive car and
all all the dashboards and all the things that are in the car are really
well pink and all the plastic in the car it’s really really light and the car
it’s super light super economical also it has 5 stars rating ethical crash test
so pretty impressive now on the door in the front you have leather here red
stitches and this nice plastic blessing on the doors look
really impressive here I don’t like this thing here but you don’t have a good
visibility I don’t know why they put that there maybe they can try to put the
mirror and other side or whatever but anyway the visibility is fantastic
also pleasure sign here we have heated seat is heated up my favorite hits it in
the world they are the most comfortable now here it’s the airbag on open but you
have here a lot of space in this look at this
almost like stretch my old enter and it’s kind of amazing how much space how
much they how can they do this to be summer space also this plastic is very
very light on this door you even can feel this that’s great for economy and
this it that’s like I tell you look at this it’s so soft
that’s so nice designed so well think and you stay so good and this look at
this is so soft it’s amazing for long road you feel like in the loop I feel
like in this car I can drive 2,000 kilometers without stopping it’s really
really comfortable and also nice design you have soft material on this side of
the dashboard in the front and over here we have plastic up there strong plastic
but this plastic is very like like I say before I don’t know I don’t know but you
have to see for yourself this car it’s pretty amazing to really impress me also
I like these big windows in the front and the door or the driver is the same
like on the passenger we have the same here this part here that obscure your
visibility times speaker also the buttons for the
window leather plastic and some space for your stuff also LED logo with facial
a heated seat for the drivers also and there we have the sports pedals they
look pretty nice and here we have the buttons for new techno
I like also this dashboard here it’s so and I like the fact that this black
glossy plastic go all around the cockpit that look amazing and I like the way
it’s positioning there in the front it’s cute so nice to be on this car on the
driver like you can you can also adjust this steering wheel so it doesn’t stay
in your way like the other people say they don’t stay in your way they don’t
fit don’t stain your way if you pull it a little bit down so the quality it’s
fantastic it’s more I like it it’s it’s all how it should be it’s perfect
it’s feel amazing its touch also great visibility in the mirrors but there it’s
a problem with this this part here you can see so good when you go the left or
right you can see right now in my position
it’s obscuring your view when you go left or right but I don’t think it’s
such a big problem here we have this adaptive cruise control stick where you
can set your speed and also on the key it’s very light very simple you don’t
have start/stop button in this car the dashboard here we have some handbrake
left look Santa stick with leather on it and chrome also
this stick with leather the place for two cup holders small cup holders and
USB port then 12 volt right there in the middle also six reports gearbox pretty
useful these days and with a great economy and it’s also easy to use it if
you see I try to use it and it’s kind of easy no problem to use it for everybody
also here we have the chromatic system also dashboard has a nice interesting
time with these two levels here here we also have a little bit of velocity that
gives the car a premium look we have light up here for reading and the normal
life now I want to start the engine to show you actually not start the engine
just put the contact and you will see here the microphone we have LED light up
here to look pretty great in 2018 LED and I love this mirror with two LED
lights on sites that look pretty nice also my favorite part in this car is
dashboard light and quality and resolution it’s fantastic the light on
it it’s look really really nice and it’s one of my favorite also the GPS here the
car can read the sign the speeds speed limit sign so that’s a great great
option and these days on the cars something that I love also the screen
it’s good resolution it’s not so responsive like in the both fog and
order our the over other new cars but it’s also great and
you can use it pretty easy I don’t complain about it but it’s kind of
simple and I don’t know it’s not on my style I prefer the Volkswagen one or the
new Mercedes or woody or I mean the new one model not the old model because here
we compare only the 2017 2018 model so not older than that older than that it’s
it’s already other thing because this system it’s better than older system
from Audi 3 for example anyway it’s a great great system but not the best on
the market this resolution and the visibility is also great
so now complain about that anyway now I want to go forward and show you here a
little bit the air lands pretty simple to use you have all kind of efficient
I don’t have to explain you too much about this yes here on the sides the
button for the passenger – you have two zones also the button for the light now
the visibility in the back it also not so good the car have back camera so this
is a great thing you can also look in camera and it’s much much better
so now let’s show you the light I want to show you the light and the LED light
understand all right I was preferring to have a LED light
also on the center we have led only up there on the sides for the daylight but
the xenon it’s also normal light it was very cool to have the LED light also
there and but in the back we also we have only
this LED light for the nightlight let’s look fantastic it’s a 3d model and
it’s one of the best with sad the new set have also created light on
the Ibiza it’s very beautiful car and also this special 2208 has a great light
on the back and with this combination of rims you look fantastic
this airline really really nice it’s really beautiful car so one of if you
want an economical car with great the interior like a premium car and you you
want a small car this is the perfect part for you so I totally recommend it a
lot of space great comfort I don’t find any Minos only maybe the visibility a
little bit but in rest you have a lot of space in the trunk – you have great
quality in the interior you have a best economy and actually this is the perfect
perfect car for a woman’s – in the city it’s fantastic so guys I hope you enjoy
the video please subscribe to my channel thank you for watching and I wait you
back with the newest car model on the market so thank you again for watching
guys see you

25 thoughts on “NEW Peugeot 208 GT Line 2019 Interior Exterior Review

  1. I have an old model here in Brazil, it's a shit car, everyone complains, they have lot's o problems. Never anymore. It's just pretty.

  2. They finally moved the fuse box then in the 2019 model? I'm looking to upgrade from 108 to this model and version… Thanks for the review mate, at least you actually went further into detail of the interior.

  3. J'ai voulu acheter une 208 mais c'est vraiment un danger dans les rond points ,j'ai failli ça bosser plusieurs fois car avec les angles morts on ne voit pas les voitures engagées

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