NEW Peugeot 308 GT Line 2018 Interior Review

NEW Peugeot 308 GT Line 2018 Interior Review

so the new peugeot 308
it’s right here with us today and I want to explain you a little bit about the
interior exterior we will review together the car and then tell me what
do you think this this model here it’s a jetted line so it’s the new page of 308
jet a 2018 model and in my opinion look fantastic and also this nice LED light
here in the front look fantastic it has also parking sensors to type of
LED light down here for fog light and other also have a rather for Lane Assist
emergency brake and adaptive cruise control also the front grille look
amazing with this red writing here in the middle also the chrome design it’s
very beautiful and in my opinion this is the the most
beautiful car in the compact segment also these rims look fantastic they are
very very very beautiful in my opinion they are big and nice so also the logo
here for jet airline and yeah the car it’s pretty beautiful it has a very nice
design in this white but a color look very good on this car also the black
mirror with some rest plastic glossy plastic look very nice
and yeah also it has a chrome on the side here on the window that looks very
nice the windows are very big and you can see very well up there we have a
panoramic sunroof one of the best not not one of the best the best in this
class I will show you later and this lines of the car look fantastic also
here we have a plastic to protect the paint from Stone chips down here and the
door handle you can close and open it the door only with your finger you just
have to have the key in your pocket and the door will close and open automatic
so this is a great future that that it’s on the car also the big windows you have
a great fantastic visibility on the back that’s one of my favorite thing if you
have passenger on the back seat they will be very happy with this option also
the back blinds we have sensors in the back also a plastic down here to protect
the car paint fake exhaust on the both sides my opinion they look very nice
also these LED light on the back I will show you a little bit later
they look also fantastic also brake light it’s led up here and also it’s the
new engine over 60 with a great fuel consumption and they are much better
also if you are in Switzerland you can come here at Ulrich in solitude and you
can check out the car and you can receive a better price if you want you
can see here the website and check it out guys they have great cars here and
great price also they have secondhand cars that you can can buy and they are
well maintained so here it’s way where you can refuel
the car very simple and classic also I like is lying down there let’s give the
car a nice look pretty beautiful also going in the interior to check their
interior and we will see two car have a lot of space here also it’s kind of told
this trunk so he can stick a lot of stuff here in the Gulf you have a flat
floor but here it’s a little bit down but I preferred it like this because you
have much more space there in the trunk then in the Volkswagen off under here we
have a spare tire too and if you take it out for a repair kit you have more space
down there going in the back I will show later two doors in the interior it’s
fantastic great quality also leather here stitches and this this is great
quality and it’s filled premium it’s feel very good
it’s not like the previous models this one it’s it’s quite nice and it’s great
feeling of premium car also some plastic to protect the car here and the seats
are leather with Alcantara but let’s put it down to see how much space we have
here oh also I want to tell you that the seats are not going flat floor you have
a place there maybe for some of the people will be not ok but for me it’s ok
it’s not a problem it’s just a little down there so it’s okay it’s quite good
quite acceptable you also have to pull the seatbelt first time and then push
the let’s sit in the back not so here on the side it’s a little bit of lastly but
is normal and other cars company energy both is the same I love this Alcantara
on the seat with the red stitches this look fantastic and the car interior it’s
it’s premium its I class also here directly leather on the backseat give
you a premium feeling and very nice we have also add under between the seats we have their own USB port if you can
see it and a place for small things very useful in the middle center console we
have two cup holder and very useful place for long items for example for the
keys or something like that pretty pretty and useful and nice so I
like that very very much inside the car we also have a lot of space on the feet
and the front design fantastic and the seat in the front it’s actually in the
front so I still have a lot of space also I have two LED light here that look
fantastic they are very beautiful in my opinion also there and now you can see
this panoramic roof that’s look fantastic you feel in the car
so much like in the nature a lot of light and a lot of visibility
the windows are big and the comfort did high-class look at this in what car you
find this big panoramic roof I don’t think so you find it in the same class
are the cars they don’t come from the factory with this so this car it’s
amazing the car will win a lot with this with
this roof they did a great job with it also leather here for the armrest I like
it to create quality and very big because until now in this class this is
my favorite car I have to tell you no offence for other companies but this one
it’s my favorite if I have to choice one car right now without looking at the
money and with technologies and with all this car have a choice this one also
blind sport a lady on the mirrors for the night it’s all unit in this car also
great quality here on the hand of leather but stitches quality plastic
it’s all unit simple and perfect so I’m really impressed with vigil they did a
really really great job with their cars also electric seats here you can adjust
the different position on the seat it’s not electric I mean I mean the back side
on the seat it’s you can adjust it so this is I didn’t find this on other cars
you can see for yourself what can you adjust on the car seat so the seats look
at the seats they are very very nice very beautiful really impressed with that great job
pleasure great job if the engine is it’s the same good as
the interior of this car I can say nothing about this it’s it’s fantastic I
love it also look at the dashboard guys look at these ditches on the dashboard
everything it’s soft at touch in high-class and really impress also the
pedals our medals here we have some tech on the car I think you know it already
going inside and I have to say you feel super nice and with great visibility
inside the car not like in 208 or 2008 visual where you have obstructed a
little bit of visibility here you have mirror with two LED light pretty great
pretty useful and one of my favorite here it’s the the center console I will
show you a little bit later this card’s automatic and look at the visibility
from the driver seat it’s really really great
have a great visibility also here is the start start/stop button if you push the
button I find out that the car it’s in the
economic mode and you push it and if you don’t push
the brake I cannot start the car because I’m inside the shop now and it’s not a
great idea to start the car inside here and if you push it the car will go in
standby mode really fast but the screen and dashboard has amazing quality and
very very good resolution and great visibility also have
electric hand brakes this is the key very light and cool also this stick for
automatic gear there we have a place USB 12 volt port also the Sydney heating are
there where can hit your seat and I love this look at this tape guys so nice so
beautiful it’s in my opinion it’s something so nice so beautiful it’s it’s
cool it’s cool I like it very much I also like this this centre armor it’s
pretty nice here we have some space where you can put your stuff too
it’s not so big but it’s useful and interesting so also I like this design
here and in the front where you can adjust different settings on the screen
here are buttons for and I also like that here the stitches it’s great great
great quality everywhere in the car it’s fantastic everything it’s in the place
where you should be here we have huge space like always in visual they make
huge space here and and I forget name for this Globox so the steering wheel
it’s also great quality also a glossy plastic which it a logo right here down
and also clappers for changing the gear manually if you want to make
engine break in the winter you can use this also adaptive cruise control right
there same like on LD it’s pretty cool and
yeah everything it’s in the place where it should be everything it’s it’s kind
of perfect inside here also here LED light like it should be really great
great visibility in the back too maybe there it’s a little bit problem but you
have a still a camera back camera on this car and it’s it’s not a big problem
also you have a touchscreen display here I will show in another video more detail
about this infotainment system from visual and I hope you enjoy guys this
car I have more visual new page on my channel we can check it out 208 2008 and
will come soon the new ratio 508 and three thousand eight five thousand eight
and all the newest special come on the channel the next week’s so the LED light
are right here in front of us and they look pretty nice this is the day time
light it has very interesting design simple and nice as a liner to go with
the design very well and also in the back they look fantastic
same like on the set the new said cars that have this LED lights look fantastic
I don’t know why the numbers plate light its normal form and not LED that’s
– but anyway they look nice they look fantastic I like the design of this car
it’s really great

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  1. Hi man. Beautiful car. I own it. Same color. Same version. Its not GT-line, those are 100-130hp. This is the GT version with 225hp. Greets and hope you will get it soon. You will not regret.

  2. Check out the exterior model type badges….like the other here have said it's a GT…more upscale features….. and price

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