New Peugeot 5008 GT Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Peugeot 5008 GT Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

so today I have a great new car right
here the Peugeot 5008 GT Line 2019 model and I was waiting for such a long
time to see this car and I’m really happy I have it right here with me to
review it and to present to you guys I hope you will enjoy this video will be a
short video with the interior exterior of the car and I will also try to speak
about all the things all the detail that this car can provide first thing I want
to say that the exterior here we have LED light lamps you also see it in my
other video on three hundred three thousand and eight the page of three
thousand and eight is the same design LED light on the back and also in the
front the back it’s a little bit bigger and it’s much more beautiful it’s look
much more powerful here we have this to fake exhaust pipe right here you can see
it it’s fake but they look also very beautiful very nice now
here on the side we have this plastic and some some sensors parking sensors is
plastic to protect the back of the car and also we have plastic on the edges
the car here to protect the paint of the car in time from stones from rust and on
the front there also the same same plastic really nice and they think very
good about this we have six sensors parking sensors in the back they are
very useful when you want to park such a big car and also the car have a back
camera here very useful very very useful in the city and when you want to park
the car also jet aligned here logo it’s right here in the back
pretty cool and pretty exciting now on the other side we have 5008 logo
and tinted window beautiful black glossy design here on the back also the petrol
logo look very nice on the upper side we have two brake light up here really cool
now again this glossy plastic for for this diffuser air diffuser up there look
very nice in my opinion make the car look fantastic on the side here we have
this nice chrome around the windows all over around the windows we have this
chrome the windows are tinted and they are very big and nice really big windows
you will see when I will go inside you have a great visibility from the
interior outside and the design it’s it’s it’s really beautiful it’s really
nice how they insert this chrome and we will have in the interior also chrome
you will see in a moment with these rims they look also very nice and you didn’t
even didn’t notice the plastic around the edges there now 18 inch rims you can
see there if you are interesting or what what is the size of the wheels we have
keyless entry in the car really great technology also the blind spots on the
mirror up there you can also see it nice mirrors with linker LED blinker again
the GT line logo here on the side of the car on the both side of the car again in
the front the same plastic to protect the paint of the car this will help the
car to last longer in time and not rust so easy and also when you scratch
accidents really quick anyway the chrome come all over the car up there to here
on the side and it’s looked fantastic really look great give the car a nice
nice nice premium feeling here’s some information about the car page of five
thousand 81.6 pure tech petrol engine you can see there the power price
forty eight thousand francs dollar if you are in Switzerland you can also come
here at lower garage here is the telephone numbers and also if you want
to see the address it’s in motion door so they are really great they have a lot
of cars from edge over here and they are really willing to help you they are very
friendly and they also have great discounts anyway there is the little
brother 3008 and you can see its look almost the same but it’s a little bit
more patient and more spacious and more big in the front I like the front grille
with a chrome design I like this down there the way it’s look this grey
plastic here we have the front rather for adaptive cruise control and
emergency brake also the front camera the car have camera in the front the
grill it’s classic from beige or beautiful here we have full LED light
even in the daylight it’s full LED so it’s the great new technology from they
show in 2019 also even these fog lamps are are LED it’s really impressive
really nice design in the front X well we have front sensors parking sensors
and a beautiful design down here in my opinion also this hood here look great
with these sharp edges the camera here we have front camera up
there for the lane assist and also traffic speed limit reading now going on
the other side of the car here to show you the doors and some futures in the
interior we also have this protection for the Sun really useful sometimes
really great only in premium cars you will find this big windows like I told
you is not split in two so it’s really great I like this windows I like I see
more more cars that make this design now with the windows they let the windows to
be big so the door it’s really nice it has a nice interesting design here you
see if you can see it with a chrome aligned and also we have the speaker
there the leather with white speeches here we have also the buttons for the
windows and nice nice as you touch it it’s very good material and also big big
place for a bottle or whatever you put there I didn’t see this big space in
other cars also another speaker something that I liked very much it’s
that you can go inside the car very easy and I love these seats are some of my
favorite this car it’s a seven seater and I will show you in the moment you
can adjust the seat the way you want it you can put it in front in the back and
live it down you can make whatever space you want to have in the car here you can
take this out and you also have a huge trunk there also you can see the seats
there in the back you can take this out and you will have seven seats or if you
can leave it down and you have a huge trunk something that I really really
like it’s that it’s really adjustable the two two back seats there the
just the bull you can take it out you can live it down the way you want it
it’s something amazing you have here also the seat bells and all you need for
the last two seats and also the light LED light it’s up here pretty great the
light is for both both both lines of seat back there so it’s really cool I
like here on the second row opposite it’s that the seat are individual you
can see here the mechanic behind this movement of the seats here we have great
seats leather with soft material fabric material they are really really nice and
really comfortable I sit on them you have side support and you can sit three
people without any problem here in the back it is really comfortable and as
expected in such a big car it’s really really good now here we have a nice
space where you can put your stuff what we want to do there also storage here
under the back seat we have 12 volt port the bends again you can adjust the power
of the VINs they’re pretty useful and simple nothing complicated down here I
love that we don’t have any step so it’s a flat floor here at the same like in
the electric cars you can see you can stay with your legs there without any
problem this is really really really great now here I want to show you that
we have a 230 volts there so you can charge your laptop for example it is a
really useful tip there going on the other side and I want to show you again
some stuff for example the way you can you can leave the seat down so I show
you right now wait a second so front seat in the normal position but
that’s it the driver’s seat it’s way way in the back so you have I knew you have
a lot of space here in the back now you can see how easy is to leave this sit
down the second row of seats it’s really easy to leave it down and it’s really
easy to pull it back now I put it in normal position as you can see now and
you can see you have a lot of space on your legs and I go now inside the car
and I have a huge space I feel a little bit like in the electric car like in a
Tesla because the the floor it’s a little bit up but I have huge space on
my legs and I even can stretch a little bit my legs I cannot put it on the front
seat so much but it is still a lot of comfortable and in the in the big big
big cars like that you have a lot of space and you can adjust your body
position in the seat the way you want it a lot of space on my my head as well on
my legs huge space really really happy with the space in this car as you can
also see I have a lot of space and it is a really great usability on the windows
on these big windows I think this is the best windows I ever see in a back of the
car the most big side window I ever see and I feel a little bit happy when I see
that it’s possible to be something like this again inside the car huge space
really happy with his face really really great here you can also put something
longer if you want if you leave the back seats down you can add something longer
here you get carry longer items and you still have to person in the back up here
we have a beautiful glass roof really beautiful for the
second role of passenger they can watch there and it’s it’s beautiful
also the cockpit design it’s it’s fabulous almost the same like in the
little brother Peugeot 3008 the 5008 it is gorgeous gorgeous design and I like
what Peschel did in 2019 their cars are gorgeous in my opinion they are very
beautiful going in the front now guys keyless entry in the car you don’t need
to push any button to lock and unlock the car also electric folding mirrors I
want to tell this for the people that ask me soft material here I think it’s a
rubber upper part it’s soft here we have some fabric material with white and dark
chrome design line beautiful also the handle chrome also down here you have
some a little bit of plastic and then again here we have the leather with
beautiful stitches also the buttons here as you can see and huge storage space
down here for a bottle or whatever you want to put there it is a huge huge
storage and you can store your stuff there without any problem and with huge
space really cool really happy with that now going forward we have here on the
entrance Tapatio page your logo also electric full electric seat you can see
really cool to saving position memory great side support beautiful stitches
also you can adjust this front seats here really useful for many people also
side support there and fabric with leather combination
look gorgeous really awesome up there we have the last roof really
beautiful really great visibility in the back you can also see that huge windows
on the side and there in the back as well
yeah even the car have a back camera I still have a lot of space to to put your
stuff there and you have a lot of space to see what it’s in the back if you have
the camera and if you have many things in the back and you cannot see in the
windows you have the back camera here in the middle we have the armrest leather
beautiful stitches huge space there as you can see I have a lot of space there
under you can put your bottle and I even cannot touch the the the end of the hole
so we have a big big space down here really really useful useful space there
so two cupholders here again in the middle we have pedal aluminium pedal
that’s a really cool feature also a small place to put your stuff here we
have the buttons for different settings for example the opening the trunk the
vent quite beautiful nice design soft material all over the dashboard and also
beautiful designed the way they put the cockpit it’s fantastic you have a great
visibility while you’re driving you don’t have to take your eyes off the
road even a second so you don’t even need a head-up display in this car also
beautiful beautiful soft material on the dashboard you can see even the stitches
down here and the vents and this fabric material everything they do in this car
look fabulous they work on every detail they design every single line every
single detail the chrome on the side of the doors the way they integrate one and
another dashboard with the door and all lines all that shape sharp edges look
quite interesting and make the car feel like you are a really very very premium
car and expensive also the steering wheel it’s gorgeous
one of the best steering wheel one of the best in my opinion one of my
favorite in Asia it’s so small so beautiful so good quality so great grip
and you have everything here from quality buttons and it’s really
adjustable you can put it in every position you want a great great steering
wheel also down here we have the buttons for the different setting in the
infotainment system navigation system also the car information down here we
have another few buttons I’m not sure if you can see the heated seat and the
climatic system buttons now I try to zoom to see it better now I think you
see it so they are under the other buttons and it’s not so much light there
down here again we have one USB port one 12 volt port really useful and a space
for your phone right here also great and very practical start/stop button right
here look gorgeous in this grey color also the lock off road off-road mode the
way you want to drive with the car also the beautiful stick also really nice and
small with chrome and gorgeous I like it I really like also this electric parking
button look fabulous in my opinion this chrome these buttons
this all these lines right here in the middle everything look fantastic
now here we have soft material and the glovebox
it is like in the page oh I’m not sure if you can see it inside there because
it’s not light right now but it’s huge claw box is very long like all the page
you have long claw box here are the is the mirror really beautiful and you have
good visibility also two LED lights with a mirror there in the middle also great
the roof have great quality you have hooks here everything feels nice
also you can open and close the solar roof there you have also LED light up
here it’s not working right now because the car doesn’t have any battery left
great visibility from inside of the car no blind spot there in the back as I say
also I guess is not any blind spot beautiful beautiful view inside outside
great interior great great great I like it really like it really beautiful
integral so I guess that was my short review guys I will come in the next
week’s with another review with the cockpit and infotainment system from the
new pezzo 5008 jet airline or normal is the same infotainment system I will I
didn’t have so much time so I will come with a new video so subscribe to my
channel and in the next day next weeks I will come with infotainment system and I
will show you everything you need to know also I will show you the LED light
and everything more about this car maybe a test drive so thank you for watching
don’t forget to subscribe and stay safe and see you soon guys so you

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