New Renault CLIO 2019 Review Interior Exterior l Amazing price for the tech

New Renault CLIO 2019 Review Interior Exterior l Amazing price for the tech

hello guys and welcome back to a new
video today I have right here with me the new Renault Clio and I want to
review it for you interior/exterior I try to show you every single detail
about this new Renault Clio also here is the key it’s super nice key I think you
already see it on my other videos we have folding mirrors outside of the car
here the car have a lot of great technology for example keyless entrance
so you just have to have the key in your pocket and you can lock and unlock the
car only by pushing that button there on the handle also I have a very beautiful
car very beautiful color car right now here I like so much this blue on the
Clio also I’m in Switzerland at garage Gallacher you can see the address their
car planet punctured hash if you want to see more of this Renault or Dutch up
price anywhere in Switzerland just check it out also I like the design of the
blinkers and also on the back light there we have a camera right here in the
middle of the Renault logo we have Clio writing in the back there also six
parking sensors in the back this is something that really impressed me on
this small car to have six parking sensors in the back and also in the
front this is amazing you don’t find something like that on many small cars
in this category also the exhaust pipe it’s down here you can also see it on
the left side you cannot see it so well I like the back design of the car also I
like the chrome design the way they integrated here in the back also we have
LED lights on the number plate this is again an extra cool feature that you
don’t find it on many cars these days there you can open the trunk there is
the button also here we have a combination of LED light and a chrome
insertion writer in the middle that look quite nice in my opinion also we
have the signature if you can see it I think I can zoom it so LED light there
here we have the tank loaded pretty simple nothing fancy it’s not the newest
a smaller on the market I like those lines here that we find it
also on the woody course up here we have the spoiler pretty simple nothing fancy
nothing complicated it also have the brake light there up there on the roof
pretty nice also the side of the car and let’s go to the rims first time we have
the Bridgestone tires to run sir t zero zero five two those are the best summer
tires this year in 2019 the rims are also very beautiful
I like the rims very much there I think 16 inch rims I’m not sure yes I don’t
remember because I filmed this video and I rocked up the sound and now I don’t
really remember anyway we have the brake disc you can see in the back a little
bit different I think therefore we generated energy there not sure but in
the front we have the normal or brake disc you will see in a moment right now
so in the front we have the normal disc with a caliper but in the back they are
a little bit different I’m not sure about this technology I think they are
from recuperated energy anyway that the car from the side look pretty good with
a chrome design there in the middle the design is very beautiful for a small car
also the lines look pretty nice and all that shape around the car it’s look a
little bit like the new Renault Zoe but actually I like it I like it I like the
design I don’t like that you from the paint down here is not know
plastic nothing to protect the pain down there and maybe in time it will have
some problem but anyway it is a beautiful car with a great price with a
lot of new technology up here I also like the round shape as I told you a
little bit like Renault Zoe its look this new Clio
you don’t have a handle here on the panel actually the handle it’s up here
and it’s pretty simple to open the door and I like the quality of the doors
it’s pretty good also chrome design around the windows it look also nice is
chrome design around the windows everywhere there and the windows are big
and you have create a duplicate on the windows as well also nice lines here on
the side of the car and mirrors are simple and beautiful we have LED lights
right here on the mirror also the mirror it’s big big enough and you have good
visibility there also under the mirror we have a camera because this car have
360 degrees camera in the front again six parking sensors amazing as I told
you before it’s really impressive that they add six parking sensors on a small
car we have also the rudder it’s pretty awesome for adaptive cruise control
emergency brake and all that stuff also front camera again so we have six
parking sensors radar and camera this is freakin crazy to have all this
technology honed on renault clio I don’t know if any any car company do this on a
small car and the price it’s gorgeous even here some LED lighting we have LED
light on the fog lamps this is crazy and I’m really impressed with this I have to
really impressed well done Renault you did a great job and actually here also
have full LED light the daylight I think you can see it there on the camera it’s
not so we cannot see it so well but we have LED light and also who adoptive LED
light or the night something that’s really impressive
you will see it in the moment the price I will go inside and I’ll show you the
pricing in the information about the cards also beautiful front grille there
also the lines the shape of the car look beautiful
the grille it’s in Renault style with a little bit of chrome and black plastic
it look nice it’s look angry with those lines here on the hood make the car look
angrier and nicer at the same time so I pretty like it very much also going
forward we have a camera therefore Lane Assist and traffic sign breathing up
here on the windscreen that’s also very very helpful and going on the side
beautiful lines as you see before but I want to show you the interior of the car
now for pressing the button down here and then you have to take it out
manually the trunk the trunk it’s pretty pretty simple nothing fancy here but
it’s really it has a really big entrance here you can see now I want to show you
the information about the car because many people ask me about the price and
all that stuff so we have the Cleavon 1.3 intense so we have 131 horsepower as
you can see here this is a brand new car also the starting price of this Renault
Clio is 24,000 Frank around 20000 euro this is a starting price right here and
you can add some extra stuff for example parking sensors
cost 900 the total periodic parking sensors 900 yes if you want the new
sound system that will cost one thousand one hundred fifty francs around one
thousand euro if you have for example the repairs tire 150 and all that stuff
you can read it for yourself wireless charging for mobile and then
total price is twenty seven thousand francs dollars around twenty five
thousand euro for so much technology and for so much good quality it’s pretty
amazing if you’re in Switzerland you’d even have a one thousand three and you
have free winter tires Wow amazing they give you winter tires for free if you
are in Switzerland you can come at garage Gallacher they have great price
and also great discounts and you have so much technology on this car also hero
six and 1,300 kilograms big scar it’s pretty awesome I’m really impressed to
see so much technology with such a good price and also the design is nice LED
light and then we will go in the back now I want to show you also the trunk in
the interior we have the Bose sound system here pretty awesome and also the
trunk it’s pretty big to be honest I like the trunk a lot of space we have
some plastic at the entrance here and then we go like 50 centimeter deep in
the trunk the hand go there so you can it’s not huge but you can carry plenty
of stuff you can also take this out and then put a lot of things there under the
floor here another 10 centimeter under there so that’s also pretty cool to have
all that space here you can see maybe 25 centimeter here I’m not sure if you can
take out also the floor down there I think you cannot
take it is not a space where you can open it yeah I guess I guess you cannot
take it out but anyway plenty of space in the trunk here quite impressed also I
like the speakers at one super super cool that this car have is those
speakers and the price it’s kind of amazing 25,000 euro let’s fold down the
seats to see the space there and in the trunk if you fall down the seat
it is a button there behind the seat and we have almost a flat floor here kind of
cool oh pretty nice let’s let’s put the seat a little bit in the front because
it’s way in the back and I cannot see the space there I think now it’s in the
normal position I guess now it’s the good position right like that and then
we can see that here in the front we have we still have a little bit of space
down here where you can put your stuff maybe a rocks up or something like that
so that’s great that you can still have some space there in the front now here
let’s fold down the other seat as well and let’s see the space the total space
there and let’s see how many things we can carry there in the back so it’s
pretty cool it’s really big you can carry a lot of stuff here with
the car and I like the fact that and the trunk is also flat there this is a very
good thing I like that it’s not flat the entrance but after that it is flat there
so you can put plenty of stuff inside the trunk there very good great job
Renault I like that I really like it’s very practical it’s very practical trunk
there so let’s put down the seat let’s close the trunk again and let’s
let’s see the interior space now test the interior space and to see how much
space I have inside there but we will start with the door first time I like
the window it’s big I guess here we have some plastic in the back on the door on
the upper side of the door we have the speaker down there here we have leather
on the door in the middle part and also here soft leather pretty good in the
right place where it should be it is there the leather and when you touch the
door also the speaker and some storage space in the door the doors are pretty
simple and the quality is not bad also here we have some plastic at the
entrance and then we have those leather seats with white stitches in the middle
some fabric material very good quality as well here in the middle as you can
see it also I like it I like the side support and they are they have a nice
nice design here in the middle we don’t have any center armrest yeah this is a
little bit of – but not so big also in the middle we have a step there and also
no USB nothing here just space storage space there and behind behind the front
seats we have some some kind of rubber I like that and a little bit of storage
space here also note that the quality is not bad at all it’s pretty good the
entrance in the car it’s quite big you go inside very easy the seat sits a
little bit in the in the back here but that way I don’t see the space here
because this if it’s more like in a normal position so the knee space here I
have yeah five five fingers there
a lot of space also on my legs I can stretch my legs a little bit down there
without any problem so the space is it’s good not the best but pretty good for my
legs for me it’s no problem at all now the head space also very good five
fingers six fingers on my head without any problem at all
also the handle up here and also hook the good quality on the roof the
visibility is quite ok not the best but not the best we have a little bit of
blind spot here in the back but I guess it’s ok because the car have for 360
degrees camera so you don’t have to worry at all anyway let’s go in the
middle let’s see the space in the middle on my legs still there three fingers
four fingers here no problem for me maybe four very tall people will be a
problem but I don’t think so I still have two fingers up here on the roof
without any problem I can sit in the car without any problem anyway for three
people here in the back mmm very hard to say I don’t think so
maybe for short trips in the city you can sit fear free people but I
I definitely think two people for long trips it’s the way it should go yeah let’s go in the front now to show
you the door and on the part of the car alright the window it’s also big here it
has a little bit of good visibility I think also the impressive thing is that
the front doors are soft material so we have rubber here not like in the back in
this in the front we have rubber on the tours and leather
and just a little bit plasticky right here and a down part but otherwise here
it’s leather also the buttons are nice we have soft material on the upper side
the buttons are very nice I like the chrome insertion there on the buttons I
like also the storage space is big the speaker it’s big enough and I like it
great job with the doors in front also some plastic at the entrance pretty
clean and nice and simple down there are the pedals also here we have a storage
space a small storage space and then up again and so Quinn space there let’s go
to the seat sit are manually also you can manually adjust the Duster angle
from here you can also adjust seats from here manually without any problem also
side support head support there with leather white stitches pretty nice I
like them I like to sit very much with some fabric material there in the middle
so they are pretty good going forward inside here I can show you the buttons
right here for lane assist and blind spot I think no Lane Assist and those
are for the lights also the vents are simple and nice and with chrome design
around there and here and the dashboard is soft
we have rubber material all over the dashboard some bands I like I like the
quality is very good and also the way they design is dashboard it’s very nice
my opinion the Pens are integrated there in the middle and it looked nice also
the start engine starts engine their look also nice with chrome
design around it here we have soft material even here on the dashboard on
the downer part the middle part it’s soft material we have there an
interesting material then we go to the glove box we have on light there and the
glove box is pretty big look how big it is
well it’s quite impressive how big is this glow box for such a small car Wow
impressive I like the glove box it’s pretty big
and I like also the design the mirror up there it’s also pretty nice and you have
good visibility also up here you have LED lights on the roof as well as button
microphone there and also here’s the passenger airbag and all that info the
mirror as I told you have great visibility and it’s big enough and it’s
pretty nice yeah up here on the roof we have the microphone here the roof had
good quality and also an LED light on this mirror
well quite impressive I didn’t expect that
really Renault add some extra cool stuff we have the Bose speaker there that look
super nice some chrome insertion there and also the steering wheel good quality
I like the dashboard I like all that buttons they are in perfect position a
little bit like I wouldI if you see the Audi a3 have the same button the old one
so it’s kind of cool the quality it’s also the same good and yeah down there
we have also the climatic system and the buttons I’ve shown in the moment so just
like that start let’s start the engine for a
moment because I want to show you something
also the visibility on the windows it’s good in the mirrors it’s very good
outside and yeah I think I start the engine I want to start the engine
because I want to show you something guys just wait a second
alright I think now it’s good not sure yes
anyway all right so something that I want to show you after you start the
engine it’s 360 degrees cameras here so this car have like SUV usually have 360
degrees camera so you can see around the car where you are in what moment so this
is a very very good feature you can also see individual cameras and sensors we
have 612 parking sensors on the car it’s pretty amazing great job Renault it is I
love it I have to tell you I loved this car and I really recommend it in this
class if you want a cheap car with a lot of great technology also here you can
park automatic parking the car can do this as well
this is freaking cool I love that also the vents here are pretty nice so
you can adjust the vents the system is great the quality materials as you touch
those buttons is very good quality you can easily adjust the climatic system
and the power of the vents it’s very good I started now and the power it’s
it’s super good so great job renown also the climatic system is great the buttons
the way they array the the dashboard it’s fantastic also here are the buttons
for the entire I’m pretty impressed with this new Renault Clio
it has great stuff also the USB port 12 volt port right here
and also you can have an extra charging phone station here for extra 150 euros
this car already have it so I’m pretty impressed I like the I like the
technology I like the quality of the materials it’s not bad
here’s the stick for changing the gear pretty simple nothing fancy we have an
LED light here you can see the blue ambient light that are that it’s
integrated in the center console pretty well otherwise everything it’s simple
nothing complicated the dashboard I like it very much here on the center console
they can work a little bit more I wish it was not on manually handbrake I wish
this car has an electric handbrake this is a minus for me also 2 cup holders and
storage space and something that it’s missing I wish it has armrest here
I don’t like cars that doesn’t have an armrest these two things I think they
are the biggest – on this car electric and brake and the armrest otherwise the
new digital cockpit it’s fantastic I like it the way you can customize it
great colors great resolution there I don’t know if you can see it so well in
this video but I love the resolution I love the colours and all that customized
things you can customize it the way you want it in many many ways this is a good
thing and I like it from here from the buttons on the steering wheel you can
change different settings you can also see the speed limit there because the
car have this camera that can read the speed limit on your street so it’s
pretty awesome and also you can have all kind of information right there on the
screen that you can change it very simple Ford from the steering wheel here
so I’m pretty impressed with what this car can do
and also from the left side you have the adaptive cruise control and yeah all
that other stuff there anyway yeah that’s the screen anyway guys this video
was not made so well because it was eventually my microphone was broke and I
find out when I get home that my sound it’s fucked up and it’s what it’s not
working anymore and I have to to remake it home and that
why the video and the sound and the way the information are not so complete and
not so good so sorry about this video guys I have two videos this one which
were no clear and the other one touch tester a new one that my sound was
fucked up and I cannot take it out I cannot take the sound but anyway this is
my favorite part on this car this new multimedia system from Renault I sigh I
see it on my on the other cars for for an authentic Renault Megane and also
talisman if you wanna check out my channel the other videos and they are
great and you will see all the information here you have all the
information all the safety systems just right here Lane Assist and emergency
brake and adaptive cruise control and speed limit reader and all that stuff
you can customize it very simple here you have my sense here where you can
change the different modes of driving for example Eco sport or normal you can
connect the car to the Internet also we have the weather and yeah all that other
stuff and I like the multimedia the new multimedia system it’s pretty good it
works so fast it’s smooth its responsive it has not so much of a lag you can see
it’s quite responsive and I like it where
much also the colors and the brightness the hardware software it’s very good
also you can see how fast it’s loading the destination when it choice a
destination on the navigation it’s almost instantaneous you can see also
the visibility from the driver point of view it is very good and I like it I
like it very much I like the way it’s it’s designed like a tablet and also
from here from driver point of view you can see it very well all the information
right there you can also customize it the way you want it and you have plenty
plenty of information there about the car you can see here you have the radio
navigation music application you can also connect you can see videos you can
see photo on this tablet also we have information about the car the the
parking sensors and the cameras and all that sensors around the car you can
change it from there the multi sensor already see it also for the driving
systems and yeah I guess you can change also the language the display and and
it’s so many things that you can change it and that you can customize it also
you can have the information about the car eco driving you have information the
way you drive here also the tires pressure and all that stuff it’s so
complex I have to tell you the new multimedia system it’s complex and it’s
nice and I love it you have to have it on your car it’s it’s one of the best I
think it’s one of in the first five cars on the market today I love the way they
design it also I like the the cockpit as I showed you before I’m really impressed
with Renault these days in 2019 they start to do great cars a lot of
technology and also good quality not bad the quality is pretty good
I know that we know have great consumption on their cars and yeah I
think this is a good car for buy a great price for the technology and for the
quality so that was my review guys sorry about the review I know it was not so
good made because of the sound problem from the first time but I hope you get
some ideas and some point about the cars about a new Clio and thank you for
watching check out my other videos subscribe to my channel if you want to
see more of the new videos if you have question ask me please and thank you
very much for watching my video guys check out my other videos on the channel
I will put it on the screen right now and you can check out some of the other
videos thank you very much again for watching don’t forget to subscribe and
see you next time with the next video so bye bye you

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  1. Love the color!
    Looks like the rear brakes are drums (??), not discs. Very surprising I thought they got rid of the rear drums. There is no energy recuperation in this model.

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