New Renault Talisman Grandtour Estate S Edition 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Renault Talisman Grandtour Estate S Edition 2019 Review Interior Exterior

so hello guys and welcome back to a new
video today I have right here with me the new Renault Talisman GrandTour
s edition 2019 and it is amazing actually it’s very beautiful it has all
the new technology in 2019 for example these LED lamps here full LED lamps you
can also see LED pure vision from Renault also the de LED light here that
come on the edge also we have the fog lamps off of LED lamps so it’s
everything on this car it’s LED even in the back we have sensors six parking
sensors in the front also beautiful chrome design here on the on the grill
let’s look fantastic with this grill it is chrome real also this logo here and
no logo it is glass because it’s in the back of this glass is the new rudder for
adaptive cruise control emergency brake and all that new tech that all the cars
or almost all the cars in 2019 calm also the sharp page on the hood here look
fantastic and make the car look much more support
here and great great great great looking here is the S Edition logo with a little
bit of Chrome on on the side so the cars manufactured these days start to make
tourer estate cars really beautiful so there are family cars but in the same
time sporty and beautiful 18-inch rims also very beautiful
they passed very good with the car they look fantastic in my opinion and I’m
really impressed with what all the cars company in these days do with these
tourer cars estate cars begin to look much better and much more attractive
also LED light down here under the mirror for the night to illuminate your
your your way to the car when you go inside also a nice chrome here on the
handle the handle look also very beautiful in my opinion pretty simple
and nice and also have a little bit of chrome on the upper side of it quite
great also the chrome here around the windows for control you have there the
logo to tell you that something special on this car also the chrome around the
windows look fantastic the tinted windows also nice and big and they are
really really really nice in my opinion also here on the roof we can add some
storage pretty great feature and again this sharp edge on the on the on the
roof of the car also here on the edge we don’t have plastic that make the car
look much better again you can see the edges it’s just the paint of the car so
no no plastic there also nice black glossy plastic here on the side for
better air or dynamic in the back of the car also the brake LED light up there
tinted windows in the back on the side you can see the car right here with LED
light in the back with sensors with this nice design of the light you can see
here every single line and the way they design this this lights in the back look
gorgeous The Talisman you can see talisman logo
in the back and a line of chrome down there also I like it very much in the
middle the way it look the Renault logo down here we have the sensors
back camera LED light light on the numbers plate here are the back sensors
also the fake exhaust pipes look also very nice and the real one are there
under so you cannot see it normally when you walk on the street so if you are in
Switzerland you can come here at courage garlic err in Sean boo close to bend and
you can see the car you can see they have a lot of Renault cars also Jeep and
also from Dacia so you can buy and test-drive what car
you like also they have great discount in great price here so you can check it
out also they have internet website so check on the Google and you will find
their price anyway let’s go in the trunk automatic lift gate here huge space in
the trunk you can see the trunk it’s very big and it’s look gorgeous
here we have some aluminum on the entrance we have some violet color
because this is the new car so they didn’t take the protection plastic there
12 volt port the the handle fort or for the seat also a yellow bulb light there
we have again light on the right side and also this handle for to seat here we
have a flat floor under here a spare tire pretty pretty useful down there so
also you can take it out if you need more space and put a repair kit and you
have much more space down there now as well you have this protection for the
trunk and you can even take it out and then you have much more space for to
carry long items you can see how simple you can live down that seats the
passenger seats second row all the way down it’s almost flat floor
there you can see for yourself so you can carry in this Renault tal this month
plant or a lot of stuff it is a lot of space here so it’s kind of amazing car
also great quality really impressed big entrance in the car here guys
you can see this it come all the way down and you don’t have here maybe don’t
have any lip there so maybe one centimeter also in the car we have LED
lights up there in the roof and here the trunk it’s it’s gigantic so it’s very
big you can put a lot of stuff here anyway put back the seats and the normal
position it’s very easy nothing complicated in the middle here we have a
center armrest with two cupholders and also you can you can take this up and
then you have a small place for your mobile phone or whatever you want to put
there here in the middle I guess you can take this down to carry long items I’m
not sure how can you do that I will look here in the back I think you can leave
this down but I’m not sure how can you do it is yeah anyway you can take it
down and you can carry also long items now automatically get in the back LED on
the number plate the design it’s really beautiful from outside let’s go to the
doors big windows up there beautiful design on the doors a lot of red
stitches and great quality materials soft materials up here again some
leather with chrome insertion here also red stitches in the leather
we have a speaker there and down here again some leather with red stitches so
the the cars the car doors look really premium and
they they work a lot of this of this design even the speaker have a little
bit of chrome up there some red reflection for the lights pretty useful
I didn’t see on many cars on the back back doors here we have some plastic
entrance on the side again something that I like very much is this that here
is not plastic so this seat come from side support it has side support and
great quality leather all the way on the side so you have a fantastic comfort in
the back really great comfort and the sheets look fabulous they are beautiful
full leather red stitches great great comfort also we have some holes in the
seat for the summer they are amazing they are great great job Reno with this
it I really like them now here in the back we have leather as you can see it and soft material in the middle here we
have two vents pretty useful and they feel as well as good quality two USB
ports and a 12 volt port there in 2019 that’s must-have because all the people
have smartphones and they want to charge it a small step there in the middle
because you see going inside the car and we have we have the seat almost in
normal position there maybe you can go with a seat a little bit in the front
and you can see I still have a lot of space on my legs I can even stretch my
legs a little bit under the front seat maybe all the way up you can also see it
here a lot of space on my legs on my head space also
out of space so I’m really comfortable here the suit are are very comfortable
and great great visibility on the windows also here we have an LED light
and the roof and also handle pretty useful hook there again and the quality
of the roof is very good I really like I really enjoyed the this
thing in the back here for long trips will be the perfect place to be now in
the middle I go very easy no problem at all a lot the space it’s enough for the
legs as well a lot of space for the legs on the head again I have a lot of
headroom there left right again a lot of space you can
see the the great great side support on the seat and even here in the middle I
feel comfortable and I can drive long long trips so this is a great great
great space great seats great comfort even this in the front this and armrests
it’s great quality leather the steering wheel the dashboard every single detail
look very nice and its feel good quality so very very good quite really impressed
with what Renault have done with this car we have keyless entry you can see
here you can enter in the car without key pretty great also big entrance in
the car here we have the door almost the same as in the back red great soft
materials the chrome insertion leather with red stitches down here again
leather with red stitches some lines here the buttons for the windows
and the mirror as you can see the door look very nice the Bose sound system so
the boss I think everybody know it’s a great great company that make sound
systems and they sound great great great great I really like these buttons here
the chrome the way they put it there in the seat look really beautiful
you can adjust your seat the way you want it it’s very responsive and it’s
work great also the leather seat with side support also they’re good quality
and they look very very nice even the head support there it’s adjustable and
look fantastic so you can also see for yourself now here we have aluminum
pedals something that’s an extra you can open the trunk from here and also
heating steering wheel we have LED ambient light in the car there you will
see in the moment it’s it looked nice and it’s changed the color soft material
on the dashboard nice fans in the front good quality as you touch it and you
move it we have a chrome design here in section again this stitches in the in
the leather there on the dashboard make the car feel premium the dashboard it’s
also soft material and nice we have a speaker big speaker in the middle and
everything else very flat for a better visibility on the road we have the four
control also here on the dashboard on the aluminium and here again this soft
material on the stitches even here we have soft material it’s really
amazing that here we have this ambient light LED lights there and down here
even these glow box it’s huge and it’s soft material so the globe oops it’s
it’s soft they’re usually the cars have plastic but this car it’s soft I love
the glow box it’s – two parts upper parts and down reports it’s a great job
the best glovebox I ever see in a tour car estate to accompany the way you want
to call it this is the best club box in a tour car that I ever see big and with
two – two parts there so really great also the dashboard the cockpit here we
have in the middle the digital cockpit and on the side some classic ones for
the gas and for the temperature the steering wheel it’s fantastic great
quality with red stitches the buttons look nice with a little bit of chrome
insertion there in here with this button you can change different settings on the
cockpit digital cockpit there also the chrome and everything the way they do
this steering wheel it is nice it is really great they did a great job with
the steering wheel in my opinion it looked fantastic again now the dashboard and the
visibility from the driver point of view it is very good the the roof we have the
mirror with a light there also LED lights up here and again this LED light
that illuminate in the night direction down here on the controls for the
infotainment system the mirror it’s nice and let’s go here we have this armrest
leather good quality as we open we have to support that you can take it out
again a big space here and you can also open this lid there so you have a secret
place there where you can put your bottle so you have a big holder you can
close it or you can push this button down and you can stick something there
pretty cool pretty interesting so I can stick my hand like a bottle you can put
it there pretty great nice nice nice nice I like it I really like that now
going up we have electric handbrake something that I love it
the cruise control buttons there again the different settings button and here’s
to control the infotainment system the same like on the Audi I see the same
system on Mazda it’s the best since system on the market if you don’t want
to use touchscreen so when you drive touchscreen it’s complicated but this
system with this wheel here in the middle it’s the best system ever that
you can use you can you can control so so easy every single menu and every
single step in the infotainment system this button here for example it’s for
changing the the modes of driving for example sport comfort eco now withdraw
or personalize so with the same like on the Audi you can change the different
settings and you can see on the screen the the setting is changing too and the
colours is changing even in the car on the ambient light you can see that the
light in the car it’s changing in the in the the mode you want to drive you will
see in the car as well so this is a really really cool feature it’s not like
Mercedes a-class than you want but it’s quite cool and you can see you can see
how beautiful look this LED light in the interior of the car also up here you see
this light that illuminate the center console it’s changing the color
so it is a really really cool feature that I like it very much
and even the infotainment system is fantastic
it’s great resolution great colors a great contrast and it’s very responsive
it’s one of the best in the market you can see it’s really really respond fast
to my touch so I I will say that it’s one of the best that I see on the cars
no I like it it’s very easy to use very responsive you have a big screen very
very big screen here in the front the net the map it’s the same like Google
map you have also all kind of options on this on this infotainment system from
Renault here you can you can see I just chose a point and I put to start and
it’s instant in instantaneous so it’s loading instantaneous you don’t need to
to wait any second when you choice your destination so the hardware behind it
it’s very fast and it’s the new generation then on the side we have the
shortcut button for example home and other the volume for the music here is
the home menu you can see you have media app application telephone cars
information about the car information about the seats as I say parking health
so help so I have here the different settings for the parking sensors and
cameras there we have the back camera as well you can see it here it’s great
resolution white white angle so you have a good visibility in the back no problem
at all for this car parking or going in Reverse driving echo here you can see
how you drive the consumption how can you do better to improve your
consumption some tips here about your card about when and well I
have to change the oil and other stuff going forward to the seat you wonder
what is this I tell East they are almost the best seat on the market I didn’t
expect to find this you have massage on your seat even for
the passenger you have in this Renault talisman grant or 2019 yes you have
massage on the seat so I started now and I start to feel how they how the seat
it’s moving so it’s fantastic to drive the car and back to work and the car
will massage your back maybe your wife will never do that or maybe you don’t
have a wife or maybe you are a wife so you need a massage so the car can do it
for you for free every day so you don’t have to pay heavy wrapped pages the
price of the car anyway I don’t think the massage is so good in the cars this
is my opinion I don’t know I’m not sure I never tried
maybe just for a short time anyway let’s go forward here all kind of information
about the car a board computer here is you can see here all the information how
did you drive with the car consumption kilometers and all that stuff also you
can you see me now I will use the screen has a touchscreen but you can also use
the controls down there so depend how you like it when the the car stay in the
parking lot it’s better use it as a touchscreen because it’s faster but when
you drive the wheels and the controllers from the middle console they are much
more better here information about media and videos you can see on the car you
can connect Android auto apple carplay here you can see information about
the infotainment system changing the language the timed speaking with the
system and all that stuff I don’t go into detail because it will take so long
the video and you hit a video it’s very long so I will make it much more longer
if I go in every every single detail but I tell you the infotainment it’s great
its complex and great you have great controllers here they
look very beautiful with Chrome two cupholders great space again here we
have some chrome down here that look nice soft material even here on the side
usually it’s plastic and other parts but here it’s soft the stick it’s also nice
and small you can change the gear very easy and again a place here with two USB
ports and one 12 volt port again very useful and very nice you touch this
button and again you open a space for your mobile phone this center console is
very very nice you have a ventilated seat and heated seat you can see the
buttons there you don’t find ventilated seat in many cars massage ventilated
seat and heated seat those are the perfect seat
you cannot take more handsome car seats then what this Renault tile is one gran
to have on on it so anyway even the design is nice with the vents here the
cockpit it’s nice the quality of the materials is nice everything in this car
look fantastic the space it’s it’s great in the back also the comfort it’s great
the cockpit it’s nice with with digital cockpit visibility fantastic good
quality on the roof as well as well as steering wheel start/stop button here
when you start the car you can even see the camera that read the traffic sign
you have Lane system the car emergency brake and
adaptive cruise control all the new technology so this call is kind this car
it’s kind of full option full of technology all that 2019 can bring you
in a car this rental is monk grant to have on it also automatic gear and also
what you see until now it’s it’s great even the blind spot there in the mirror
the car have so you can see it in the left corner up it’s a great car really
it is a great car this is my opinion if the logo in the middle was mature this
BMW woody this car will be much more expensive writing but all this car can
do the other premium company can do too but they do it much more expensive than
this car this is my opinion now that we see the car we will see the price of the
car you can if you are in Switzerland and you come here you have a great great
rate at Gallagher out on Inchon boo you have their information about the car and
the price with a big discounts forty three thousand seven hundred so you have
five thousand discount here at in Switzerland at Gallacher in Sean boo you
can find this Renault talisman new at a great great price so in this price range
on other companies with all that full technology I tell you for sure you will
never never ever find it look at this full LED light now that they are open
until seven hundred meter they can illuminate the street something that
it’s very very impressive with these LED lights if you didn’t try it I really
recommend you to buy a car with this fool
laughs they are gorgeous you have much much more visibility than in the normal
lamps there are the camera as well for Lane Assist and I’m in love I’m in love
with the design of this food I really like them really like them there are so
many things I like about this car and if you ask me I totally recommend to you
this is my opinion you can see with your own eyes how the car look I present you
the way I see it nothing other so you can see for yourself is not edited the
video it’s raw directly from the the car I didn’t edit I didn’t try to make the
cars look better even the other cars you can check on my channel every car I
present in the the way it is and I don’t try to make it different so I tell you
the good stuff and the bad stuff I didn’t find so many bad stuff on this
window that is mine grand tour and yeah that was my review I hope you enjoyed
please subscribe to my channel don’t forget to subscribe and check out my
other videos and I wait you soon guys thank you again for watching my videos
and don’t forget if you are in switzerland garage car liquor in hanbok
so see you soon guys ciao you

16 thoughts on “New Renault Talisman Grandtour Estate S Edition 2019 Review Interior Exterior

  1. Talisman S-Edition isn't a racing car… this is only another styling… next is initiale paris… S-Edition …red stiches…another rimms… 1.8 tce is limited to 225 HP… came from Megane RS…

  2. It's a beautiful car , it's such a Shame they do not sell it in the UK. It's a great designed estate car that would sell well but Renault UK will not bring it to Britain.
    Compared to the Ford Mondeo and it wins hands down on looks quality space etc

  3. Keith Newton:- i agreed. I m German but i drive Renault since 1988 , my First was a R 5 GTE, i Loved IT. Today a Scenic 2 dci 1.5 ,12 yrs. old , still running fine. And yes: Mercedes, Audi, BMW much too expensive and for that price sometimes quality Problems ? Never with me. Talisman is a really fantastic driving experience. But Megane GT Grandtour with 4 Wheel Steering and 205 HP is very nice too.

  4. Had a Laguna for 10yrs, nice car but same old electrical issues. This Talisman … great look but centre console not so good, ugly even. Must do better

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