New Seat ATECA FR 2018 Interior Exterior Review

New Seat ATECA FR 2018 Interior Exterior Review

hello guys and welcome to a new video
today we have right here the new set austega
fr for Drive 190 horsepower 4-cylinder diesel dead sea air so I want to present
you the interior exterior of the car and we talked a little bit about details so
this is the the new Ithaca fr 2018 model and I wanna show you first and the front
with this amazing LED light then we go in the back and then we speak into
detail the car look fantastic I actually like very much this new sciatica FL it
has great design great LED light and my opinion is it’s beautiful look at this
these shapes in the back and it’s really practical to the car it’s practical you
can even add some luggage on the roof so in my opinion it’s pretty great car with
amazing amazing technology here are the mirrors in a black glossy with LED the
doors handle same like on the Volkswagen you can open it without the key only
with your hands if you have the key in your pocket here we have 19 inch wheels
rims that amazing in my opinion they look really
really nice look at this design set did a great job with this rim so Nautica
here it’s a plastic glossy to protect the pain upper side it’s spent but down
here it’s plastic and they did a great job because you can make the difference
between the plastic and the paint down here it’s two plastic to protect the pan
easy to change in case of accidental so many chips tone their sensors right here
on the sides we have two sensors we have the fog lights right there and
everything it’s glossy even if it’s plastic glossy look at this it’s give a
nice nice feeling of premium on this attica it also have camera front camera
here that you can also see in the front and also have the rudder behind this sad
logo so they integrate the technology very good on the front of the car and
this hat attica FR can be better than Tiguan or Skoda or Hyundai look at this
new set lighting this is LED light I will show you the day lights later when
they are owned they look really nice I’m really in love with the light on set the
all-new set light are great they look fantastic in my opinion here you can add
some extra luggage on the roof that’s a great practical practical car and
practic things on the cars when you can add some extra luggage on it here in the
back the same thing same plastic glossy to protect the paint and down here the
same also the sensor is there they integrate and they make this discourage
of they did a great job better than other
cars in my opinion better than is much better than you and I and Skoda as well
down here also you have plastic to protect and also it has a big ground
clearance the logo article from SATA tecala FL for motion that’s four-wheel
drive and this amazing back light LED you will see it later and here alike
also this black glossy the same icon the boss button for the I already know we
can give a nice feeling of sporty car and angry and this is the thing that I
like it now going in the back here we have
plastic but good quality plastic on the doors the handles look very nice speaker
there also here have soft materials with plastic a combination between these two
I think they did a good job with that also a lot of space for the bottle here
and the speaker inside we will talk about these seats because they also did
a good job with the sit here we have that that’s a plastic here on the side
sometimes it’s uncomfortable but the seats are really comfortable and really
great combination of he’ll have Alcantara leather with red stitches and
the combination with fabric very good fabric quality and the seats are very
comfortable I stay in this car a lot and they are really comfortable and they
they work on every detail and everything look perfect and nice in my opinion it
is a great great car and down here I like that it doesn’t have
stick on the back of the seat that help in case of an accident that protected
the passenger in the back when the front seat is softer with fabric a lot of
space on my feet you can see for yourself
a lot of space and also a lot of space on my head almost too and I can say
their visibility it’s great a lot of windows big window great comfort in the
back I’m Cohen I’m actually happy with that in the middle to a lot of space for
the feet a lot of space for the knee a lot of space for the head and I really
like this new sciatica 2018 model so it’s really great car really a lot of
space here look at my hand and sit three people here without problem great
visibility in the front big window and a nice design there on the dashboard you
will see later down here happened we have two USB port and some place to put
your phone or whatever you want to put it there it’s a great idea to do this
and I find it very interesting here in the front we have this leather armrest
and some place that put your stuff and also two cup holder in the front
I find it one it’s deeper and one it’s smaller then my favorite part on the car
is this nice black glossy with this chrome glossy on the metal console also
here change the electric brake and our auto hold
start/stop button and everything here it’s made so nice and they work so much
on these details they did a great great job it’s really beautiful
down there to USB charging your phone wireless charging also twelve volt port
and an LED light right there up if you can see it that lets impress me on this
detail that you can also have there an LED light this is really great they
think about this this is fantastic the climatic system it’s normal here we have
the button for the parking sensors another other tech that’s on the car
here like in Oh sad a lot of space in this compartment use the classic
multimedia and an LED light there that’s that’s pretty helpful pretty nice here
we have a place for the glasses really practical useful LED light in the front
two LED light the same like on the Volkswagens same design the same good
quality on this at the cow here we have the LED light up there with a mirror
great quality really helpful great roof quality here in the back we have two LED
light that’s also make a lot of light in the car and they are really great
so really impress with with this set Atika now we go in the front driver also
what impress mates this plastic here tree it’s look good and
so protect the cars from from different stuff on the street so here we have soft
material nice and glossy black plastic and a nice LED light there on the doors
that in the night look fantastic really soft material combination with
with plastic and also great space here for bottles speaker they’re good quality
speaker and also this ever log order manually they sit on this Ithaca FL but
a sitar really great quality Alcantara with leather combination it’s amazing
and they are really comfortable and you sit very good in this seats without back
pain on the long roads here the sport pedals here you know already from before
models the light steering wheel it’s from other planet as well it’s it’s
letter combination with these little holes here and the buttons to control
the multimedia system and adaptive cruise control another option on the car
pretty useful F air logo here and dashboard all soft material really
impressed me with that soft everywhere it’s great quality on this set attica
ever great great quality they did a great job with this dashboard I like it
very much really
like this car really impressed me in this Chrome on the side here to
everything inside it’s great in my opinion good quality materials speaker
there in the front we also have here nice chrome on the side air vent
navigation system it’s also great with touch screen I will show you later and you also have here on the steering wheel
the pedals to change the gear manually and this is the stick for adaptive
cruise control speed limit and other other tech that’s on the car space in
the front also huge on the back it’s it’s great visibility good position like
I say before you sit really good in this it’s really comfortable and it’s great
great great great feeling the mirrors are big also have a blind spot there you
can see it has a lot of technology on this car in this price range let’s open
the navigation on this hat you can see logo there from this article so open the
navigation system we also have buttons on the sides for navigation and for
every single here you can connect to Android Auto app or call a mirror link
it’s great thing in the car in these days with all this smartphones it’s also
work really good it’s a matte screen on this car here you have some
about the car you can play in the menu I also make a video with menu I can I will
post it later on my youtube channel you can check my other videos and you will
see there the set I’d take a multimedia infotainment
system here it’s very simple to use you just press the buttons it worked
nice and fast you have cars information application traffic thematic system but
they all have to be started to access this also here in the setting changing
the language date and time and route to 10 a lot of other configuration that you
can make on the car it’s really simple really intuitive and in my opinion it’s
work really fast look at this I just press the button and it’s totally there
no lag no stop like on the whole I see on the Opel cars this day work its work
really really good it’s really good it’s a great car in my opinion it suits one
of the best car in the class of course it is also the other companies but on
this quality I don’t on this price quality sad maybe go over many cars
company out there so you have to check it out for yourself and you have to take
this SUV into consideration when you want to buy a big car because this new
said TECA FL it’s really great I’m really really well
surprised on this car also back camera there automatically lift gate and a lot
of space in the trunk you have a three-centimeter here
of LED light in the back a lot of space on the side to automatic this button I
think you know what is this button I will show you in a moment let’s see what
it’s under here a spare tire really big I didn’t expect
it so beyond this car you can take it out and let’s show you when you pull
this out then does this I don’t know I don’t remember the name come out you
just pull it up and it’s locked it’s freely simple even you can even
woman can open this it’s really easy so here you can lift this sit down pretty
easy for everybody the only problem is that it doesn’t go way flat but not all
the people need to go flat so it’s quite useful and really great option I’m
really pleasant surprise this say at Ithaca it’s a pleasant surprise for me
and it’s a nice car I really like it I like the design I like the quality
materials I like the rims I like everything on it and also I like
this LED light look at this light they are fantastic this is my favorite light
on set the news hat from 2018 2019 models they have great light one of the
most beautiful light I can say in real looks so so so good you have to see it
for yourself they are beautiful the light it’s
beautiful and in the front as well it has these lines on the side that look
pretty nice really really nice I think you like two guys
really happy to review this new I’d say Attica and here in the back you also
have two cupholders and also place for long items so it’s really really written
practical car so guys here are the technical details on this car you can
check it for yourself you can pause the video and see it in slow motion or
whatever you want so it was a pleasure to review this new say Attica FY 2018
model and I hope you enjoy it I hope it was helpful for you please feel free to
subscribe to my channel like comment and I wait you back for the next video guys
thank you very much for watching my videos I will live here on the end of
the video if you live in Switzerland the address where you can see and test these
cars they are great people here they will help you and they are really nice
and have great price and discounts so thank you very much for watching with
you next time guys bye

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  2. Bonjour
    Je cherche les prix seat nouveau modèle avec fiche technique
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  3. Standard specs have changed a lot since this video, if you want the gadgets these aren't available on the FR and you can't add them as an option in 2019, you have to go for the higher models. If you want a sporty FR, you cant have lane assist, rear camera, 360-degree camera, traffic sign reconition, blind spot detection, auto boot opening to name but a few, you have to go for the less sporty Excellence Lux.

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