New Volkswagen Polo R Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Volkswagen Polo R Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back it was a
very long time ago when I review on balls wagon and today is the time to
review the new Volkswagen Polo R line this is also the Highline version and I
will I will review for you the interior exterior I will show you every single
detail on this car and I will also give you my impression and my ideas so first
time I want to show you the exterior of the car and I want to tell you I love
the new shapes of the car you can see here on the side the line of the shape
this sharp edges also I love the fact that they put this plastic down here to
protect the the paint of the car from stones and chips in time and the car
will be more protected and not rust in time also I like these lines that make
car more angry and more sporty a few change in the back as well as this LED
light look fantastic also this spoiler up here look fantastic
in my opinion I love the way they shape it and they do it also we have a brake
light there in the middle as usually and here it’s simple just a little bit of
sharp edge there and the sensors parking sensors in the back also LED light on
the numbers plate fake exhaust pipe here on the side make the car look look
really good also from the side first impression about the rims the rims are
usually normal from Volkswagen they didn’t changed in streams they are 60
inch wheels and they are not so beautiful in my opinion if there was a
bigger one the car looked much much better keyless entry in the car you can
see here this is a great feature on the car also the mirror look
it’s big it’s also have here the blind spot you can see technology a lot of new
technology on this was like an pono airline logo here on the side that tell
you this car it’s really special I really like the car I really love the
design I wish the rims was bigger with other
rims if you replace the rims with maybe 17 or 18 inch the car look gorgeous
also the air line in the front here behind the logo it’s the front rudder
for adaptive cruise control and also emergency brake
nice nice nice design on the grill there also for the air intakes we have down
here some plastic glasses that look nice also the faux clamps and also LED light
there for the fog lamps the front parking sensors the daylight LED full
LED we have here the daylight and also adaptive light there so it will help you
to not blind the other drivers while you’re driving
so it’s a fantastic technology I also test it on my car
I also have an both log and go GTE before and the light it’s fantastic also
you can see here information about the car 150 horsepower 3 cylinder gasoline 7
gear automatic price 33 thousand francs so if you are in Switzerland you can buy
it from our mark burn this car it’s it’s it’s right here and they have a lot of
cars that you can buy it all kind of both organs also new and secondhand
anyway now let’s go forward in the back we have beautiful design I like I like
the way it’s look this LED light in the back much much better than the previous
model also classic the way you open the trunk
like in the all bows on them in this class a triangle up there everything
it’s manually here the trunk the entrance with a little bit of plastic
and it’s really deep there you can see also 50 centimeter down there a lot of
space here on the side as well a lot of space in the left in the right side that
you can put something also a light normal bulb right there a yellow light
and under the floor we have a huge space for spare tire or repair kit but you can
put here a lot of stuff if you want also you can adjust this if you wanted to
have it a little bit more upper side you can adjust it and you have almost almost
a flat floor here if you need to carry big items you can put it a little bit
back you can take this out this trunk protection and you can leave the seats
down something that I will show you right now I want to show you the way it
is with a sit down it’s very easy you just pull it it will go down and it’s
almost not almost it’s a flat floor there so you can carry long items
something that I really like on this car it’s very practical and also the quality
of the materials are great look at this so now you have almost a flat floor
there so you can carry long items big items without any problem
it’s I am really impressed the fact that pollo pollo it’s almost like a golf
almost the same big as a whole dog and also when you want to buy a car in this
class it’s such a small difference in space in terms of space in terms of
design in terms of how beautiful they are that you don’t know what to choice
in 2019 the pause button both or just both of
them because the quality of the materials
inside the car it’s almost the same the doors the difference it’s on the doors
because of the water polo it’s more plastic here as you can see it it’s well
made the door are great but it’s more more more plastic on the doors otherwise
on the watering hole we have more quality on the doors as well as in the
interior and some other a few changes I will do another review it was a tango
with a new one and I will show you there and you can make a comparison between
the two cars also the seats on the Polo are great now they have side support
here in the front you have soft material on the front seat also two USB ports in
the back fantastic useful in 2019 also here we have a step the only downside
it’s this big step in the middle there but yeah on the on the was rotten wolf
and polo also it’s the same there in the middle I
want to put the front sit in normal position because it’s always on the back
many people stay in the driver seat and they put the seats way way in the back
so going in the back now and I want to I want to check out space in the back so
the seat are public material but they are very very comfortable as I sit here
they really can feel from the first second that you have a lot of space on
the legs for a small car look how much space I have here really impressive
really impressive I can stretch my legs under the front seat even on my head a
lot of space so why would you buy a call when you have such a space in the back
here I don’t know it’s a great great car also LED lamps up here on the roof great
quality on the roof soft material great visibility on the windows also if we go
here you can see I have a lot of space really
great comfort well done also I can make amazing comfortable
seats and they work on every detail even here in the back I have to say this is
the most comfortable car in this class I ever been in in the middle seats it’s
gorgeous a lot of space on my legs a lot of space
on my head and something that really impressed me it’s it’s really
comfortable for long trips I can stay here without any problem we can fit
three people in the back here but not for a long road only for short road will
stay lit but I like to the middle seat it’s amazing it has this this design
with side support kind of hole in the middle and it has this side support that
that’s really really comfortable they really think about that and they find a
way and I already said the seat with side support are the best seats of all
the manufacturer should think about that and they should do this on the seat up
here we have to the glass roof really useful it let more light in the car and
you feel more close more more like an open space so it’s really really great
feature now here the the door are very nice in
the front also we have some black locks you know graveclothes the inception we
have the buttons for the lock unlock the door also we have a skinny skinny the
world here on the Volkswagen Golf we have a bigger one
maybe it’s a little bit more safe for cardboard on wall in case on an accident
it’s more safe also the buttons are nice with a little bit of chrome there we
have some soft material there and here some nice design here where is the
speaker also at the entrance here some new fog on the car
the entrance here we have the airline logo again with this chrome look nice
and manually sit adjustable you see it before when I did it and again the same
public material pass it with side support with the airline here stitches
in the middle also very nice they are very comfortable they look nice and not
so much to say about the seat now going forward we have aluminum pedals also the
classic light here when you open and close the light also going up we have
soft material all over the dashboard here also glossy glossy glossy plastic
on the dashboard the dashboard is nice the way they integrate the dashboard and
everything every single line everything in the car look now more premium more
close to the to the other other premium cars also we have a digital display full
digital display there in the front really quite really great resolution you
see it on my other videos you can check it out if you didn’t see it until now
LED lamps here with a mirror really really beautiful also glass place here
really practical and useful I love this I think all the cars should have this up
also LED lamps everywhere LED only in the trunk we don’t have LED light I
don’t know why but everywhere it’s led the dashboard is great soft material
great visibility on the windows also beautiful glossy plastic on the
dashboard the stem we are one of my favorite also with airline here it’s
great quality nice stitches you can see here great grip manually clappers here
on the side also Ivan did a great job the car this
bottom alllowed to really impressive it’s really really impressive the
materials the way they integrated everything perfect and also I love this
screen in the middle I will show you in a moment I love the way they integrate
everything it’s nice here and soft here we have the glove box we have also the
system with a CD player there up there in the glove box the Vans here in the
middle very practical the air come directly in the middle it’s perfect like
that not up just in the middle also we have ambient light LED light I don’t
know if you can see it now but all over the dashboard and here too we have
ambient LED lamps that look fantastic in the night also the buttons here are very
easy to use very very easy and very practical you can change different
settings on the infotainment system there on the cockpit digital cockpit
from the Boswell and also the chromatic system very simple to use
we have heated seat or swell there the button here big space for your phone and
an LED and two USB port the stick for changing the gear classic you have the
same on the core also the start/stop button and the
buttons around there four different settings parking sensors and all that
stuff I’m quite impressed I’m quite quite interested about this photo also
manually I don’t understand that manually handbrake why they put this
here because all the go of almost all the Volvo can go from 2010 until now no
I mean 2013 until now they have electric electronic handbrake and I don’t know
why they put this manually handbrake maybe because it’s airline I don’t know
maybe because you want to be a sport car I don’t know I don’t understand anyway
the blinker button right here I love the glossy screen I know many
people say the the Mac screen for infotainment it’s
better because don’t leave fingers but the the glossy screen it’s work much
much easier with the finger you can see all the smartphone today have a glossy
and all the tablet have a glossy screen because you can you can use it very very
easy and also it’s look better it’s look much better and inside the car anyway
you know the infotainment system you can check out my other videos I make a full
review with all the infotainment system with all the function here it’s very
very fast it works fantastically fast it’s very intuitive it’s easy to to
change everything you can learn it very fast here you have information about the
car you have the shortcuts button around there
and also for the driver point of view everything look gorgeous
I really love it I really like this polo I feel like in a Volkswagen Golf now
when I stay in this car before a few years ago Polo was was was like a big
difference between Earth and polo but now the difference between off and Polo
it’s much much smaller and yeah much more and much much you don’t know what
to buy when you want to buy something in this class there are difference but they
are not some so big difference and depends what you what you want from your
car now yeah I guess that anyway I love the car it’s beautiful it’s great two
things I will change about this car and then I will buy it 100%
the rims I want a bigger rims that’s no problem you can change it without any
problem and the manually handbrake if it was electric handbrake table that was a
perfect car for me because I don’t need a big car and it is more car and between
those woven and Polo I will take maybe four oh because it’s more cheap anyway
thanks for watching guys please subscribe to my channel check out my
other videos and I wait you soon so thank you for watching you

26 thoughts on “New Volkswagen Polo R Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

  1. Bonjour et merci pour cette super vidéo très bien expliqué de toute la voiture je la regarde souvent en attendant la mienne merci
    Bien a vous

  2. I just ordered one.

    I’m getting the 1.0 TSI 115HP DSG Deep Black Pearl Highline edition with the following specs

    Advance package
    R-line interior and exterior package
    Light and sight package
    Mirror package
    High end beats audio system
    App connect
    Xds differential
    8 “ Radio and composition media system
    Wireless charging
    Active info display
    Parking sensors
    Keyless entry and starting

    Can’ wait to drive this baby 😎😎😎!

  3. Très jolie voiture dans ça catégorie, c'est la meilleure, VW das auto, bravo Volkswagen Pour le travail fait sur cette 5eme génération polo, merci pour la vidéo

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